STUDY: Android Gains 10 Points on Apple in Q1 2014 Mobile Traffic Market Share

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 06, 2014

Android phone devices saw gains over Apple in mobile traffic market share for the fifth consecutive quarter and now account for half of all mobile traffic, according to a new study from Walker Sands.

Walker Sands Digital, the digital marketing arm of Walker Sands Communications, a full-service marketing and public relations firm for technology companies, released the findings as a part of its Quarterly Mobile Traffic Report. The report also found traffic coming from mobile devices continues to increase year-over-year, up 31 percent since Q1 2013 and 133 percent since the same period in 2012. Traffic from Q4 to Q1 was flat for the second consecutive year.

Mobile Browsing by Device

The study breaks down findings by device, revealing Android has surpassed Apple in total mobile traffic market share across all devices.

Android lead smartphone traffic and continues to increase its share of Web traffic on tablets. The total number of Web visits from Android tablets is up 140 percent since the same time last year. However, iOS still leads in traffic coming from tablets, accounting for nearly three times as much as Android tablets.

While overall growth of mobile Web traffic is starting to slow, especially when it comes to tablets, were seeing a significant shift in the amount of market share held by the big players, said Daniel Laloggia, digital strategy manager at Walker Sands Digital.

Share of mobile traffic, segmented by device:

Mobile phones:

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