Stupid Police Chase – PPC

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16 Responses to Stupid Police Chase – PPC

  1. Hing Wong says:

    What’s in the name? oh, wrong use?

  2. JORGE69NASSEJAR says:

    ALL FOR A dip a riot

  3. mrmontyjnr says:

    American Police cars are far too big. Particularly those Crown Vics. They’re like land yachts!

  4. Mag Mg says:


  5. TheUser3105 says:


  6. Vincent MacKenzie says:

    Hello Jail

  7. Mansiotey says:

    Tried to troll for a random Chevy vs Ford debate… i failed.

  8. Blind Freddy says:

    huh? ur Cdn

  9. Blind Freddy says:


  10. Blind Freddy says:

    pursuit need canons or universal immobilisers

  11. gun123456zak says:

    CJ is that you?

  12. fredriknet95 says:

    No doubt he is on drugs…

  13. Reflixez says:

    0:44 he should have switched cars there =D

  14. Mansiotey says:

    For the first hour he was in a Ford… the last 1:17 he was in a Chevy.

  15. AndyE8D says:

    fuck off. whats wrong with you

  16. Patricio Valdes says:

    Soooo stupid

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