Submit Your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Make sure your site is being indexed by Google by submitting your sitemap to Google’s Webmaster Tools. Not only will you ensure you’re being index, you’ll also gan access to the Webmaster Tools entire toolkit, which will help you keep your site in top form.

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12 Responses to Submit Your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

  1. anis chity says:

    how can i submit a sitemap to a blogspot blog hosted on a custom domain

  2. amr mostafa says:

    if you really want to learn more than 5000$ step by step come here /watch?feature=player_embedded­­&v=qcCYScWFoYc

  3. busyListner says:

    No u can’t

  4. vivalautub says:

    @qvplnot Found a method thats raking in $1400 a day and climbing. The trick is to find a hot niche ready to buy. Trust me your gonna like this course, have a look here >>

  5. affan majid says:

    can we get adsense for free website like 000webhost if our site is good at ranking and good listed website???

  6. WhatifIramble says:

    Thanks works perfect

  7. Shony Cyriac says:

    Thanks man u are gr8…..i am forced to subscribe…:D

  8. TheVictorywriter41 says:

    Thanks, this video was very helpful. That’s exactly what I needed.Thanks for being detailed oriented and going through things step by step.

  9. brovin10 says:

    Good, Clean, Clear, Direct Video. Thanks. Can I ask one question. What is with the .gz if I have a wordpress blog. Should I create the sitemap.xml in worpress before I upload it. I will go off an check it out but maybe you can send me the answer anyways. Cheers keep up the good work.

  10. sukhi598 says:

    Hi I did what you showed but each time i submit a sitemap the status has a big red cross. can you help

  11. MrHardLad says:

    Thank you!

  12. maccdonjo says:

    Thanks, it helped me. I thought I was sup-post to individually submit the pages that I didn’t know if they were indexed. Thanks! :)

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