Succeed Management Solutions, LLC Partners with Scott Addis to Educate Commercial Insurance Producers on How to be Effective Risk Advisors

Portland, OR (PRWEB) March 14, 2014

In todays increasingly competitive and commoditized commercial insurance marketplace, agency producers need to find new and effective methods to stand out and differentiate themselves. Winning new business, and securing the continued loyalty of existing clients, requires more than just providing the right insurance coverage at a competitive price. The broker must genuinely understand the needs and desires of the client the customers experience, perceptions, and expectations in order to deliver a level of service that generates tangible client loyalty.

Dare to be DifferentThe Customer Experience Journey, is a new seminar created by Scott Addis to help commercial insurance producers understand and fulfill the needs of their prospects and build a sustainable business practice. Succeed Management Solutions, the leader in web-based Enterprise Risk Management software solutions, is pleased to partner with The Addis Group to present this innovative approach to producers across the country in a series of webinar programs.

In Dare to be Different, producers will have the opportunity to analyze the customer experience journey with a keen eye on value proposition, customer loyalty, the lifetime value of the customer relationship, and logic vs. emotion in the consumer’s purchasing decision. The customer experience journey represents the sum of all experiences that the customer has with the broker, and the actions and results that make the customer feel important, understood, heard, and respected.

This workshop also highlights six essential steps for differentiating a producers brand. These are critical elements for building the optimal customer experience. Addis will also discuss how the Succeed Risk Management Center can assist producers in these efforts. In short, the Risk Management Center can help create more valuable, sustainable relationships with clients.

Scott Addis, recognized as one of the 25 Most Innovative Agents in America, began The Addis Group in 1990. The company quickly grew to be a very large and successful insurance company. Addis success can be attributed to his passion for risk management and risk mitigation. He realized that being a trusted risk advisor to the client is the key to making the sale. Producers who understand the importance of risk management can use that as an essential part of their sales strategy.

Curt Shaw, President and CEO of Succeed Management Solutions, LLC, started his career as a consultant and EHS manager for several Fortune 500 companies. He is a nationally recognized leader in risk management. Mr. Shaw started Succeed Management Solutions as a way to offer organizations enhanced risk management solutions, and created the Risk Management Center, a software platform that is proven to reduce the severity and frequency of incidents.

Shaw and Addis joined forces in 2008 and have partnered on projects ever since. They work together to help educate producers on how to un-commoditize the insurance policy and be able to advise their clients on the subject of risk management.

About Succeed Management Solutions

Succeed is the recognized leader in providing web-based Enterprise Risk Management solutions. Thousands of organizations use the Succeed Risk Management Center as a holistic solution to improve their risk management programs, implement web-accessible employee safety training programs, increase efficiencies, and lower the frequency and severity of claims and associated costs.

The Succeed Risk Management Center contains a suite of software applications that help manage claims and OSHA reporting (Incident Track), behavior-based safety programs (BBS Track ), hazard communication and Safety Data Sheets (SDS Track), Return to Work programs (Job Description Track), employee training (Training Track), and third party insurance compliance (COI Track

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