Success in the City #2 (Oshawa, ON)

Success in the City #2 (Oshawa, ON)
Event on 2016-09-17 11:00:00
Success in the City is a seminar-style forum that will feature experts in various areas essential to the urban woman’s lifestyle- beauty, sex/relationships, finance, careers, fashion, nutrition and fitness. Our mission is to educate, inspire and connect the new demographic of young, independent, ambitious women in our city; it is based on what we call the Foundations for Fabulousness. Event hash tags: #SICO #Successinthe CityOshawa #WomenBizOshawa Speakers include: Hosted by Sexy & Wealthy in Heels City Leader, Oshawa, Melanie Fry: Melanie Fry Melanie Fry is a motivational speaker, empowerment/life coach, business coach and supermom dedicated to encouraging people to know them-selves and follow their true dreams. Certified NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Melanie turned her life around after leaving the educational world and now lives and breathes freedom. She specializes in helping people create the life of their dreams, regardless of what they have experienced. Melanie is also a Certified Reiki Master, Energy Healing, DoTERRA Aroma Touch Technique Provider, and Entrepreneurette for Oshawa- Durham Region with Sexy and Wealthy in Heels. She is also the Co-Founder of Transcending Limits Coaching Centres INC (TLC). Jada Jones Jada started Love Jones Empowerment for women just like you. After working in the adult industry for over 10 years, Jada has learned a lot about how a healthy sex life can not only be “good dirty fun”, it can also strengthen relationships for life. With Love Jones Empowerment’s specialized “funshops”, Jada will help you break down the barriers that repress complete sexual fulfillment, and nourish the development of long-lasting, meaningful relationships. Kristen Owens Kristen Owens is a mom of three, TV Personality and Founder of The Confidently Courageous Movement. This Movement of women are shattering the limitations they set for themselves and truly stepping out of their way and stepping into the best version of themselves spirit, soul, body, socially and financially. Kristen is also the host of a local cable and online TV show called Confidently Courageous. Tamara Lisa Graham: Principle Interior Decorator of TLG Interiors, Colour Psychologist, TV Show Host, Author & Speaker Tamara is a successful Interior Decorator, owning her own company for the last four years in Toronto, under her own domain TLG Interiors. She graduated with honors in 2011 from Georgian College and since then has become a force to be reckoned in her industry, developing a personalized colour analysis to help clients justify what colours are right for their health and well-being within their space. She works with real estate agents, condo developers, businesses and home owners throughout the GTA and will be taken her company internationally this year. She also teaches that healing naturally can be beneficial to everyone who wants to live a more productive life by surrounding themselves with colour, meditation, eating healthy and positive thinking. Capturing these ideologies, she will be featuring these teachings in an upcoming television show called Living in Colour.  Trainer Jane She is the coauthor of Manifesting a New Life; Money, Love, Health and Everything In Between, as well as the coauthor of Conscious Creators; How to Use the Law of Attraction. Jane is the author of the highly anticipated book The 3 Minute Workout; How to Lose Your Muffin Top, Thunder Thighs and Other Jiggly Bits, which will be out later this year.  Amanda Willett Founder of Blissful Living Lounge™; Blissful Living Network™; Blissful Living Retreat™ and Creator of “The Sacred Self Love ~ SHINE Masterclass™” and program. Amanda is a self-love expert who mentors women globally on re-aligning themselves for true happiness and success. An acclaimed speaker and author; Amanda has supported, coached and spoken for women’s groups, corporations and non-profits around the globe. Barbara Josic Barbara Josic is a fab female entreprenette who is passionate about female empowerment. She is a social media marketing guru and she is the founder of Versatyles: Style Made Comfortable. Barbara is also the DivaGirl Colleges and Universities Franchisee where they strive to educate, inspire and connect female millennials. She is a strong believer that happiness comes from within and that how you feel internally projects on your external life as well. That being said, she is on a mission to empower women to look good and feel great! Marnie Kay:Aussie-born As a Best-Selling Author and entrepreneur In 2014, Marnie Kay Founded Meraki House Publishing. Meraki means ‘to do something with Soul, Creativity & Love’. This is how I work with my clients all over the globe to create a product and a platform they love with an unforgettable, soulful experience in publishing their books and building their brand. I love what I do." MK Autism Durham Region Autism Ontario – Durham Region is a regional chapter of Autism Ontario (formerly known as Autism Society Ontario), a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that every individual with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is provided the means to achieve quality of life as a respected member of society. Currently serving hundreds of families throughout Durham Region, Autism Ontario – Durham Region is comprised of parents and others who volunteer their time, talents, and energy to help improve the lives of children, teens and adults with autism. We rely on donations from individuals and members of the business community to fund our programs and services. Together with the collective efforts of Autism Ontario (formerly known as Autism Society Ontario), our mission is to provide information, support and friendship to families and community members dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in Durham Region; to assist in educating society about autism and the fact that it is a disability; and to help ensure that every individual with autism is given all the opportunities and resources needed to achieve his or her full potential in our community.

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