Sumeet is never off duty

Sumeet is never off duty
The Internet show that the actor hosts, the immensely popular Jay Hind!, completes five years this August and has 400 episodes. The format has been extended to a live stand-up act twice in Mumbai and Sumeet hopes to do more shows. “We are set to upload …
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With Heartbleed as a wake up, what is a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack?
With the Heartbleed bug, as much as 66 percent of internet sites were affected, including many of the most popular 10,000 sites (Yahoo, Flickr, Pinterest and more). This bug makes MITM attacks far more dangerous. An attacker can chain a MITM attack …
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Chrome users can now only install plug-ins coming from the Web Store
"Over the last few quarters, we've been encouraged to see an overall 12.9% drop in per-user instantiations of NPAPI plug-ins and declining usage of the most popular NPAPI plug-ins," reported Google software engineer and plug-in retirement planner …
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