Summer make up look

Summer make up look

Hello people! I hope you like the tutorial and if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments! Things I used: Pierre Rene – Smoothing Cashmere Face Primer: Garnier Cofein Roll-on: Fit Me concealer by Mabeline Nr. 15: Garnier BBC in Light/Clear: BarryM Cream Foundation in white: Fit me Compact Powder: Catrice Lipbalm Tube: Too faced shadow insurance in candlelight: Essence Ready for boarding eyeshadow palette: Essence eyeliner in cool breeze: Strobe Pigment in Barbie Girl: *this pigment is no longer avalible* =( Long and Swing Mascara by Mahattan: Lashes to Kill waterproof mascara by catrice: Haley Lahses: Essence Ready for Boarding lip and cheek cream in Nr 02: High Shine Lipgloss by Manhattan in 53L: the brushes are the “Make me up travel Kit” by sigma: Music by Wesley Avery – Midnight Love Story Remix 2012 – Get Yours Now! love you all Juri-San
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21 thoughts on “Summer make up look

  1. Hi 🙂 I thought you’re from Poland, not Austria O.o nevermind, what is that white thing you use to make your make-up lighter? I have the same problem, too pale skin, and it’s difficult to solve. 😀 :

  2. No problem…and oh my goodness you actually responded:D I love you Juri-san, Please if you can find the time will you watch my videos and message me what you think? it would mean the world to me…I know there not great videos but they took some time to make.:)

  3. Not hating at all. I love Juri-San as you can tell by my user name but fit me 120 isn’t the lightest shade. the lightest shade is 110. im 115:P I’m really white:)

  4. than I would recommend the sedona lacce 12 piece professional brush set.. I think this is really great as a starter kit.. *and I think I got a still got a little couponcode for this website that I can give you if you want* you could of course I look up some sigma brushsets but I ever had some kind of a starter kit so I can’t really recommend you one..

  5. haha, I don’t think it would match my hole hair and stuff like that.. I actually got some withening soap and cream fot ger my arms lighter because they are much tanner than the rest of my body.. xD

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