Summer make up look

Summer make up look

Hello people! I hope you like the tutorial and if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments! Things I used: Pierre Rene – Smoothing Cashmere Face Primer: Garnier Cofein Roll-on: Fit Me concealer by Mabeline Nr. 15: Garnier BBC in Light/Clear: BarryM Cream Foundation in white: Fit me Compact Powder: Catrice Lipbalm Tube: Too faced shadow insurance in candlelight: Essence Ready for boarding eyeshadow palette: Essence eyeliner in cool breeze: Strobe Pigment in Barbie Girl: *this pigment is no longer avalible* =( Long and Swing Mascara by Mahattan: Lashes to Kill waterproof mascara by catrice: Haley Lahses: Essence Ready for Boarding lip and cheek cream in Nr 02: High Shine Lipgloss by Manhattan in 53L: the brushes are the “Make me up travel Kit” by sigma: Music by Wesley Avery – Midnight Love Story Remix 2012 – Get Yours Now! love you all Juri-San
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  1. Hi ­čÖé I thought you’re from Poland, not´╗┐ Austria O.o nevermind, what is that white thing you use to make your make-up lighter? I have the same problem, too pale skin, and it’s difficult to solve. ­čśÇ :

  2. No problem…and oh my goodness you actually responded:D I love you Juri-san, Please if you can find the time will you watch my videos and message me what you´╗┐ think? it would mean the world to me…I know there not great videos but they took some time to make.:)

  3. Not hating at all. I love´╗┐ Juri-San as you can tell by my user name but fit me 120 isn’t the lightest shade. the lightest shade is 110. im 115:P I’m really white:)

  4. than I would recommend the sedona lacce 12 piece professional brush set.. I think this is really great as a starter kit.. *and I think I got a still got a little couponcode for this website that I can give you if you want* you could of course I look up some sigma brushsets but I ever´╗┐ had some kind of a starter kit so I can’t really recommend you one..

  5. haha, I don’t think it would match my hole hair and stuff like that.. I actually got some withening soap and cream fot ger my arms lighter because´╗┐ they are much tanner than the rest of my body.. xD

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