Sunday F words!!!

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22 Responses to Sunday F words!!!

  1. ViridisVir says:

    Baptised, check repent, Check Amen to that

  2. realbeautywithin01 says:

    Yeah it happened like 13 years ago! I don’t know why everyone is harping on it now! Like give the guy a break!! :(

  3. iohanianel says:

    rayvens won

  4. Kaitlyn94Marie says:

    “Right OJ Simpson” lmao good one Shay!

  5. jkseiden says:

    Shay: do you wear tutus? Sontard: -__- What do u think?

  6. DEMCOinc says:

    my name is casey

  7. Deninjaaa says:

    Wow, princesstard is strong for her age ! Never take her out!!

  8. ticotico9000 says:

    haha i can imagine shay’s and casey’s kid as teen smoking weed after school LOL

  9. Nathan Ford says:

    I didn’t know he was involved with a murder case

  10. strawberrymargharita says:

    ravens yaayy!!

  11. SevenFurtasticBunLuv says:

    7:00 ~ 7:10 That was exactly 10 seconds LOL

  12. babyinblack says:

    haha I liked what Shay said to Babytard. “I’m doing nothing” when he was obviously tickling her and doing something just like she was doing.~

  13. Vanessa Manzo says:

    Your videos r always long

  14. msleepingcutie Hernandez says:

    those wont takis they were turbos

  15. TheLindsaylife says:

    49 ERS ROCK! LOVE YOULL 2:16



  17. rachael elliott says:


  18. DallasJaros says:

    busted you smoking weed. cant wait to see that vlog in a few years

  19. IMxAmazingx says:

    omg I died laughing when sontard said “WHAT DO YOU THINK?!” to shay 😀 :D 😀

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