Sunggyu imitate Sungjong Wink [ INFINITE Ranking King]

please.. do not re-upload this anywhere ^^ Follow me on tumblr: Twitter: this vid is own by i just cut it..Sunggyu is so funny XD
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to Sunggyu imitate Sungjong Wink [ INFINITE Ranking King]

  1. Charli Liu says:


  2. 96300 says:

    sungjong so pretty when 0:06 wink @@ ….

  3. bbgglover85 says:

    I wish~ 

  4. Inspirite0609 says:


  5. Kim Jae says:

    ranking king infinite^^

  6. nylar1999 says:

    What show is this

  7. fabulousaliveshia says:

    gyujong forever

  8. SuperNoir YangYoForever says:

    Omooo! hoya!!! :”)

  9. YoYo Dil says:

    Hoya’s Korean OMG always brings me back to this video haha.

  10. pdarlin95 says:


  11. runningpigg says:

    KEKE grandpa gyu ish so cuteeee ♥♥

  12. JambalayaItspeanuts says:

    @happyman omg i know right he’s so freaking good looking now O.O

  13. abamhoho says:

    hoya really hates aegyo LOL

  14. bbgglover85 says:

    Admitted Infinite! You like Sungjong’s wink!

  15. friendlygal1447 says:

    That was just plain creepy Gyu. I love you HAHAHA

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