Sunrise Reputation Announces New Reputation Management Services for Businesses in Bakersfield

(PRWEB) July 09, 2014

Sunrise Reputation has announced the availability of new reputation management services that are specifically designed for businesses in the Bakersfield area. The company is known throughout the reputation management industry for their thorough nature in every aspect of their business. This thorough nature has resulted in the creation of these highly specialized services that cater to the very specific needs of businesses in the area.

According to the company, it has become readily apparent that many businesses are experiencing a negative impact resulting from a poor online reputation. In many cases, the information that is posted to the Internet is either inaccurate or misleading, creating a false reputation that wreaks havoc on any companys profitability. It is very clear that a company needs to be very proactive in rectifying any issue that impacts their reputation, and the services that Sunrise Reputation offers are able to help businesses accomplish this.

We are very pleased to introduce our new services to the Bakersfield area, said Brandon Hopkins of Sunrise Reputation. It is vital that businesses stay out in front of any reputation issues, and the services that we have designed were created with expediency and effectiveness in mind.

Hopkins correctly noted that there is a great deal of danger for businesses that take no action with regard to a negative online reputation. Many companies will experience decreased profitability, and many will also find that their long-term viability will be impacted as well. Since the stakes are so high, it is imperative that businesses take action in order to combat any reputation issues.

The services that we are offering have been tested for effectiveness through a rigorous and thorough process, said Hopkins. Not only did we find that these services are effective, but they are also able to promote the businesses in a way that may actually help to generate profits.

This win-win scenario is obviously beneficial, as most businesses with a poor online reputation would be satisfied with the simple restoration of the companys profitability. With these specialized reputation management services, Sunrise Reputation is able to generate exceptional results that are both fast and effective.

Sunrise Reputation

Sunrise Reputation was founded with one goal in mind: helping businesses and individuals clean up and maintain a positive online reputation. Sunrise Reputation is an experienced reputation management company that specializes in public relations, marketing, media management, press releases, search engine optimization (SEO) and link building. For more information about Sunrise Reputation or how the company can help you with a reputation problem contact them by phone at 559-871-1613, email brandonchopkins(at)gmail(dot)com, or online at

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