Sunset over Lower Manhattan, New York City

Sunset over Lower Manhattan, New York City

Image by andrew c mace
I was outside on Hanover Square when I looked up and noticed a really nice glow coming off 1 New York Plaza, so I grabbed my gear and went to the roof. But I wasn’t fast enough. I ended up waiting a few minutes for this wide angle sunset. This is also the first time I corrected for keystoning in Photoshop. Thoughts? Here’s the image sooc and uncorrected.

Single exposure / 14mm (21mm=) / 1/40s / f/8 / ISO 200

Huge 2000ish-pixel-wide version.

19 thoughts on “Sunset over Lower Manhattan, New York City

  1. Can’t help you with anything photoshop. But, I think the glow is great and I am happy you hit the roof. That Tokina is sharp. That special time of day is so fleeting. I guess that’s why it’s so special.

  2. rchmj Oh, I didn’t even know CNX had a perspective tool to fix keystoning. I only found a lens distortion option, which only corrects for barrel distortion. I’ll have to poke around more.

  3. I love the corrected photo! My only observation is it looks a bit plastic, compared to the uncorrected version, which looks very real. Do you know what I mean? But I still love it. It seems magical.

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