SUPER Chunk It Division — a Better Way to Divide

Chunk It Division except for multiple-digit divisors. The preferred algorithm of MOVE IT Math, but not taught to mastery. Only Chunk It is taught to mastery. Calculators are advocated for division problems with multiple-digit divisors. Go to MOVE IT Math™ on the web @ for teaching aids and alternative methods for division. Thesite is full of great basic math lessons that are effective with ALL children, including those who don’t know what they ought to know by now and those who need enrichment. Please give us a chance to help you boost grades, increase test scores, and improve attitudes. EVERYONE can learn and like math. We are new to the web but have been making that happen for more than 35 years!

2 thoughts on “SUPER Chunk It Division — a Better Way to Divide

  1. I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find a real explanation of the “long division” algorithm. I can of course use this algorithm (I learned it looooong ago in elementary school) but what I’m asking you is to “re-invent” this algorithm. I find it very confusing to know that it works but not know why, and i’ll bet you don’t know either;)

  2. …? Standard multiplication. That chart on the side is extra. And why don’t people just think of 25 as a quarter or 25 cents? Speeds it up a lot. And simple mastery of multiplication tables frees up your thinking to flow through it much more easily.

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