Super Indie Spotlight – Nikki and the Robots (Review)

Today’s game is a very cute puzzle platformer called Nikki and the Robots by Joyride Laboratories. In a fictional world of the future the infamous super villain Dr. Lacroix schemes to seize world supremacy with his army of robots. You take the role of Nikki and try to cross those evil plans on behalf of a secret organization. Your quest will take you to various locations: from futuristic metropolises to submarine facilities, floating islands, and even as far as orbital space. Plus, A CAT SUIT! Pay what you want for Nikki and the Robots: Get the awesome soundtrack! Follow Indie Statik on Twitter for TONS of indie news: Follow me on Twitter: Like my Facebook Page for exclusive videos: Join my Steam Group: Instagram: @JoshMattingly End Music by Hige Driver:

16 thoughts on “Super Indie Spotlight – Nikki and the Robots (Review)

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