Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

How do we love thee, Mario? Let us count the ways.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

  1. buffwolf14 says:

    A perfect example of platforming over repetitive shooting

  2. Vyz3r says:

    A great example of gameplay over graphics.

  3. fawfulmark2 says:

    Super Mario Universe. do want

  4. StarWarsUnited123 says:

    i would prefer something new, with open world like super mario 64^^

  5. reece798able says:

    cool, ^^

  6. Chaoswave92 says:

    Now confirmed at £350 max, £250 minimum.

  7. ZlatkoTheGod says:

    My god this is the first 10 I’ve ever seen!

  8. ZlatkoTheGod says:

    Yeah, it’s highly underrated. But to be honest I think they can do more with the Galaxy setting, but three mainstream Mario games featuring the same setting in a row could be potentially “boring” I think they could go back to Sunshine and give it another go. the first game was amazing and I seriously doubt that the geniuses at Nintendo won’t be capable of making another amazing game.

  9. Umneriko says:

    i hated the bee suit.. its kinda boring

  10. Umneriko says:

    no more going into space please… please

  11. JuankyKong says:

    I’m glad i just got this game :)! can’t wait for exams to finish to start playing it! unfortunately i missed the first one :O I think last mario game i’ve played was mario sunshine and that was a real blast! so thumbs UP for Super Mario SUNSHINE 2 !!!!

  12. delliboi1 says:

    Eh dude i don’t think its any fun either. I try to enjoy it because of the good reviews but something inside just tells me to stop playing because i’m soo bored out of my mind.

  13. eviletcetera says:

    yes, of course, one person having an opinion on a game ruins your entire week, and must kill themselves for it. It’s my opinion, I doubt its going to bother nintendo if one anonymous person dislikes galaxy 2. It’s just my opinion.

  14. sykes13ify says:

    Dear god I hope you are trolling cos if not you already ruined my week and it’s only Monday… And if you aren’t. Just please, kill yourself.

  15. eviletcetera says:

    COPYPASTECOPYPASTECOPYPASTECOPYPASTECOPYPASTECOPYPASTE Imo, this game is a sad, revolting, cash-in disgrace to it’s an incredible original.

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