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18 Responses to SUPER MARIO IN *REAL LIFE* : ASK SHANE #14

  1. Nikki Hollister says:

    U should be a TELLATUBY. I used to think there was one under my bed

  2. ozdenurlovesuforever says:

    Why do u make fun of people when you know what it feels like to be made fun of ?

  3. lalacrazify says:

    Why do u have that poster

  4. Chloe Carroll says:

    Shane. I am begging you to please dress up like Sailor Moon 😀

  5. Rosa Villada says:


  6. Jose Jimenez says:


  7. branden smith says:

    Do you like Hollywood undead Shane?

  8. Karissa Miller says:

    2:00-2:30 The reason I love you Shane.

  9. ellie falagitis says:

    Your my friend shane <3

  10. Hannah Bingham says:

    The JB thing he did was LOLA

  11. altbren1944tx says:


  12. austinpickle08 says:

    You should be peeta of the hunger games and why are u ubsessed with sluts

  13. Danielle marylynn says:

    Next time can be Niall from one direction

  14. katolandis says:

    Awh you guys raging are so pathetic..

  15. lsturtivant08 says:

    100% stupid give me 100£ because it is stupid

  16. lsturtivant08 says:

    Stupid and you don’t look like mario. Stupid

  17. purpleclouds883 says:

    You look like a fuckin gay ass dude wit no mustache

  18. raemon dawes says:

    0:01 hey soul sister??

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