Superhumans, nanotechnology,robotics, Breivik etc.

A friend who wrote a book called `a madness shared by two` on a pair of twins jumping on a highway in the U.K., they jumped in front of a truck,were hit but …
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  1. xXXdimixx says:

    K well thnx 2 I’ll look it up it’s just a small scar but I read that nano is working on these similar creams here’s a link **Plastic surgeons’ dream? Scar-free surgery with nanotechnology sealant** first that comes out /which are more effective but I guess they aren’t out yet

  2. backtoindia1 says:

    hey thanks!i am sorry you have a scar,I wouldn´t go for nano healing….perhaps stamcell therapy is an option if you can afford it to recover the skin..i think in Indonesia they have a stemcelday in the first week of march…..

  3. xXXdimixx says:

    Subscribed ur very smart I am on the search for a nanotechnology scar face healing to recover a scar i got like 1 year ago if u know any would be really appreciated

  4. angidebo777 says:

    Hehe now that would be a fun tour! I love horses :) Not hm yet /sigh can’t get my car fixed til Tues. & still waiting on my cpap equip :( it’s been 8d now & I feel like I could just collapse from exhaustion. Ugh

  5. backtoindia1 says:

    we need horses, a lasso and than just start our tour around the word,lol

  6. backtoindia1 says:


  7. backtoindia1 says:

    hihi hope you are safe home by now !

  8. backtoindia1 says:

    ah, but you didn’t know i am really the daughter of mata hari lol

  9. angidebo777 says:

    You can actually Google my Naketaa & find my characters lol

  10. angidebo777 says:

    The only thing Nikita & I have in common is blonde hair LOL. But that series was pretty cryptic & I always wondered if some of it was based on true events lol? There was a lot of nwo/satanic symbolism in it too. I just wanted to be able to kick butt like her hahaha!

  11. angidebo777 says:

    Lol my X was a Musician & was German he named my characters lol. It was the only online game I ever played & it was the best fun ever lol. I met ppls from all over the world in that game it was so cool hehe

  12. angidebo777 says:

    LOL! You are correct & she was the only one with a soul hahahah! I loved that series lol. But my Naketaa was a bounty hunter on the Star Wars game hahah! And my Elder Master Jedi’s name was Unna :) now she was a real bad azz LOL. But in real life Im a putzz lol :/ waaa

  13. backtoindia1 says:

    hsha, well nakeeta is a tv series and she was a spy,lol!!take care and another tip if you want to treat lyme, go to a homeopath and get the works on me …

  14. angidebo777 says:

    Lol Im at my sons house an hr away with a broke down pos (piece of shite) car! Hahaha being a spy sounds like a lot more fun tho! Hoping the car part comes in today so I can get outta here lol

  15. backtoindia1 says:

    where are you???????are you alone?i have the answer, you are really a spy lol, and had to meet with the buddies hahaha

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