Announces the Availability of Premium Commercial Lending Assets: 1-800-Lending and

Brandon, MS (PRWEB) February 15, 2013, a premium domain brokerage firm out of the Jackson, MS area, presents a unique opportunity to acquire a rare collection of financial business assets in the brokerage and lending, mortgage banking and consumer and commercial lending service industries. The collection includes the ultra-premium generic keyword domain and the 1-800-LENDING business identity (which includes the matching domain name, the 1-800-LENDING phone word and all associate trademarks and existing business rights).

Ensuring that potential customers can remember how to contact you through your advertisements is a major component of any marketing campaign or serious branding effort. There have been numerous studies illustrating the effectiveness of simple generic keywords and their uses in traditional advertising. They are often many times more memorable and offer communication advantages by defining to the consumer exactly what services your company is offering. Even without debating the effectiveness of exact match domains in Google Search, many reports have shown that they hold serious advantages in online advertising simply because of the power of words.

In a recent study conducted by Root Orange it was concluded that ideal generic keyword domains in ads excel in the following four areas. 1) Delivers immediate recognition and understanding of the products and services the ad offers 2) Strengthens the brand and looks impressive in the eyes of the consumer 3) Offers and exclusive point of differentiation from competitors 4) Brings tangible and measurable results in terms of Click Through Rate (CTR),

Cost Per Click (CPC), Average Position and Average Quality Score. (more:

Another recent test conducted by Memorable Domains shows similar if not even more spectacular results. Yielding nearly 105% better results in their Google Ad campaigns simply by changing the branded web addresses out for generic keyword addresses. (more:

In addition, phone words (generic alphanumeric equivalents of a telephone number) can be as much as fourteen times more effective than 1-800 numeric numbers; boosting advertising effectiveness and increasing response rates by as much as 290%*.

Clear and precise generic financial terms are among the most valuable assets in the advertising industry. For an example you dont have to look too sold for $ 2,450,000 just recently. In fact, look at the top twenty public domain sales of all time – four of them are financial domains with a lending slant and this is THE lending domain says Calvin Seymour, President of Super Niche LLC. For a big volume mortgage brokerage that is looking to enhance their advertising campaign results or just a start-up loan company looking to maximize the impact of their all too important advertising dollar, it simply does not get any better than this.

The properties are available as separate purchases for $ 2.25 million for and $ 4.5 million for the 1-800-Lending package respectively or as a package for $ 6,000,000 USD. If you would like more details on this opportunity you may request a free brochure by contacting us at


Super Niche LLC is a professional domain brokerage firm that has been on the web since 2004. As a premier place to buy or sell a premium domain name, we specialize in the sale, consultation and acquisition of high quality aftermarket domain names. Super Niches mission is to match well-funded buyers with motivated sellers by utilizing the power of our Domain Investor’s Network (DIN) and the Name Factor Domain Analysis Newsletter to provide a flow of powerful keyword domains to domain investors, corporations and end users around the world.

*Source: Roy Morgan Research February 2006. People 14 54

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