SuperstarK6 – MICA 미카 performed Seo Taiji’s 난 알아요 (I Know)

SuperstarK6 – MICA 미카 performed Seo Taiji’s 난 알아요 (I Know) 2014.10.24 3rd Live Show (Seo Taiji Songs Mission/Challenge) MICA’s scores given by the judges for this performance…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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29 Responses to SuperstarK6 – MICA 미카 performed Seo Taiji’s 난 알아요 (I Know)

  1. smple amity says:

    Kahit hindi ko maintidihan ung rap nila, at un ang dahilan kung bakit cla natangal, gusto ko parin pakinggan ng paulit ulit ito song nato, maganda kac ung pagkakaaraange nila ng song.

  2. etrnlygr8tful says:

    MICA did amazing despite the language barrier. No need for blaming judges scoring…the girls did their best & gave it their all. At least now if there are any agencies willing to take them in, they can start focusing on learning the language wich is the greatest hurrdle for them in this competition. If MICA don’t go home after their elimination…then there is hope that they have been given a chance to live their dreams in Korea. It sure is such a same if they can’t show what they can really do on a bigger stage outside of voting & judges scores. Anyway…good job MICA!!

  3. smple amity says:

    hahaha si YJS lag ata ang nagenjoy, pero kung tutuusin, sobrang galing ng MICA nakabot sa final 8, ilang buwan palang cla sa Korea nakakanta na cla korean song, sa tingin ko ang problem nila hindi nila masyado gamay ang korean singing industry ang alam lang nila mga 2ne1 at snsd, ung mga latest kpop group. Kung alam nila yang Seo Taiji na yan eh di sana naideliver nila ng maayos ung lyrics performance nila….. Masyadong madugo ang laban para sa kanila, pero sana may magabsorb na korean company, sayang lang talent nila kung babalik cla sa PInas.

  4. Marvin Gepollo says:

    I hope a wild card will happen soon…. And for those who doesn’t know what a wild card is… It’s like a special raffle kind of portion where some judges would pick an eliminated contestant to comeback in the competition. If that happens I hope MICA would return. #FightingMica!

  5. Riama Van Essa says:

    Ang cute ng kinding kinding ni Celina.. wah! (.!__!.)

  6. AM95564 says:

    Maganda, unique talaga ang grupo nila, ANG DAMING VERSATILITY!! Halos lahat na kaya haha!! Kaso nga lang talagang medyo delekado yung rapping, buti na lang English at hindi Korean or else….. Boom panes tayo dyan >__<.

  7. serenerhapsody says:

    So did they get eliminated or not!?

  8. Pio Ciriaco Abella Vito says:

    Where they able to make it to the next round? 

  9. hannon fernanz says:

    Ang ganda ng perfomance nato – rap with dance. An taray. Pero may nahalata lang ako. Bakit parang may Park Boom look-a-like sa perfomance nato? Hair style at costume is the same.

  10. SifiroGuy says:

    Are the Koreans happy now that they are eliminated? Hahaha..

  11. smple amity says:

    Sana may magpost ng comment ng mga judges, gusto ko talga malamn kung ano comment nila, para makamoveon nako!, hahahaha PLEASE TO ANYBODY WHAT ARE THE COMMENTS OF THE JUDGES ABOUT MICA. JUST WRITE IT IN THE COMMENT, THANKS.

  12. Kim Allen Galliguez says:

    What the result?? Sure na ba na eliminated sila?? Or may chance pa sila na next round ?

  13. Ced Carlos says:

    MICA is already a superstar for me. They gave justice to the song, take risk and sang it in Seo Taiji’s way Hangul, Rap, Dance, and Sing.. what more? The show’s title is Superstar K6 not SuperBallad K6. coughs to playsafe constestants, coughs.

  14. jinsung lee says:

    They should have sang ROBOT, it wouldve worked with harmonies. MICA got lucky with picking Ailee’s Heaven VS Double T.O.V, and with “Maria” from 200 Lbs Beauty. Last week they were just pitied, now they suffered their lack of authentic knowledge of Korean culture. They don’t know any real Korean song, only Kpop. Listen to their performance without visuals, its really NG, you would not recognize this as the classic song “I Know,” and MICA only has their high notes as their trump card, and people will get tired of that. They turn the entire song into a climax so they can use high notes, but its really NG. If they’re really good, why are they not superstars in the Philippines? I have read that they have been singers a long time now, and they won many international awards for amateurs. Well, Lee Haena was from Kiss&Cry, does MICA have albums in the Philippines?

  15. Leah Acovera says:

    Are they not allowed to sing english song? I want their version of titanium Gollayan Sisters- Titanium

  16. zgnel2007 says:

    medyo dimaganda sa tenga yung start ng 1:59 hanggang 2:02 yung rap sa umpisa medyo sablay ng konti.. pero overall entertaining yyung performance pati ok dun yung rap dun sa huli :)

  17. SuperMissingu says:

    As much as I know, Seo Taiji is a hiphop artist. Then why does only Mica do his genre? Tsk. Only mica take the risk and others play it safe. I guess that’s how they define SUPERSTAR. Singing ballads all throughout the competition. Anyway, congrats MICA for going this far. FIGHTING!

  18. Tabunior Tj Montana says:

    THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WITH BAEK JI YEONG, Don’t she think that MICA is the only Girls in the Competition? Harsshhh, wla lang -_- I don’t expeCt na mananalo sila, pero pegdating sa suporta, Likas nang PANALO ANG MICA :) GOD BLESS!! 

  19. Kitkat Nan says:

    They really are good! They can sing, dance, rap, what else could you look for? (: even though they got eliminated, getting in the top 8 is still pretty good. Goodluck MICA!!! I’ll always support you guys (:

  20. Kramseyer says:

    To be honest, after watching this performance.. i do believe that they will get signed by a company after this.. they can sing and dance! and they learn Korean language so fast.. haha.. i know that Koreans are a very nationalistic country and believes on their peoples talent but i have seen some foreigners that makes it big in Korea… it is just a matter of having the right company and having the song that will make them well known in Korea.. because not only will MICA have Korean fans but also.. international fans because they can sing really well in English.. so i do believe they have a much bigger range when it comes to fan base.. Hopefully they will be famous in Korea!!! =) BTW!!! they look soooooo great in this performance!!! i love all their outfits!!!

  21. amazing MICA 미카 Hearts says:
  22. Kim Natsuko says:

    Si Celina ang bagay sa Pag rap <3 

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