SupportStore announces permanent move to new website domain name

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) March 30, 2013

The online store well known as SupportStore now has a domain name to match.

Ron Reimann, Supportstore’s President, says “Our customers know us as SupportStore, but we have had the domain name since we acquired the business in 2009. The focus of the business evolved over the years, but the original domain name didn’t. As of the past week, we made the switch. All links and visitors to the old site domain or the new site all end up at"

Website owners know that changing a domain name carries some risks, as it can interrupt traffic and break existing links to your site. Recently, however, the major search engines like Google and Bing have gotten smarter about handling domain name switches. Both have a “change of address” tool know so they can assign the most or all of the credibility they carried for the old domain to the new.

Reimann continues “Changing domains is still a big undertaking, there are embedded links everywhere, all your integration partners have to update, your blog links change, email systems may need updates too. The #1 important thing to never miss is to place what are called 301 redirects, which specifically redirect any old links to the matching new link.

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