Supposed Egyptian Pyramids Found in Internet Search; Marketing Agency Cleveland Allows Local Businesses to be Found As Well

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) August 15, 2012

Marketing agency Cleveland RCBryan and Associates points out the connection between a Google Earth discovery and the discovery of Cleveland businesses on the internet. According to a Fox News report, blogger Angela Micol believes she has found ancient pyramids when using Google Earth to search the Egyptian deserts. An archaeological geology professor at University of Toledo disputes the claim, insisting that the find is merely a picture of buttesmounds of sediment that have layers that are not yet eroded. Whether Micol has found real ancient pyramid sites or not, the importance of tools such as Google Earth in order to learn about what our planet has to offer is undeniable.

The connection that this discovery, whether real or not, makes to searching the internet is obvious to say the least. The use of Google Earth by Angela Micol to find what she believes to be pyramids directly parallels the use of search engines by people in order to find companies that provide the goods/services they are looking for. In fact, the connection has already been mademany large brands are even making the leap to use Google Earth to advertisesuch as the large image of Colonel Sanders seen off the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada.

The use of internet searches has played an important role in marketing campaigns for a long timeand there are many tips that marketing agencies have to offer companies looking to increase traffic to their website. Instead of waiting to be found, like the buttes or supposed pyramids discovered by Micol, companies can instead be proactive and make sure that consumers are able to gain access to their website. Through internet marketing services such as pay per click advertising or search engine optimization, there are endless opportunities to increase traffic to a companys website and therefore increase profits.

In Cleveland, marketing firm RCBryan and Associates looks to help companies be discovered by their ideal clients. As President of RCBryan and Associates Roger Bryan is himself an entrepreneur, he is able to relate to the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs alike, and provide them with the assistance they need to grow their companies. In order to highlight the importance of search engine results in the eyes of the consumer, RCBryan and Associates is providing free consultation calls to companies who may have questions in regards to their internet marketing efforts. For more information on these free consultations, visit or call 888-722-7926.

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