Supreme Skin Launches New Deal in Asheville, NC to Raise Awareness of Natural Skin Care Treatment

Asheville, NC (PRWEB) February 07, 2013

Supreme Skin located in the Biltmore Forest area of Asheville, NC is raising awareness of a technology that is noninvasive and claims to give anti-aging results. They use microcurrent, a low level current that stimulates the muscles at the cellular level to tone, lift, tighten and balance the skin.

Its a natural skin care treatment. There are those who dont like the idea of injections or the ingredients and going under the knife for most can be a scary thought. However, there is still a desire to look younger and so these procedures are still quite popular.

Carole Gardner, owner of Supreme Skin explains I want people to know that they dont have to experience pain, go through downtime or be exposed to the risks of some these popular procedures. I like to maintain my skin and enjoy helping others to look and feel their best too and the best part is that it is a natural skin care treatment that I want to make affordable. Shes launching a new deal for new clients at 82% off to come try it out.

Microcurrent technology is a natural skin a care treatment that is used in high end spas for similar anti-aging results as higher priced, riskier methods to tone and lift the skin, diminish lines and wrinkles and more. It is the only treatment that does this by re-educating the muscle. It is a gentle re-education process, stimulating the muscle with a specific amount of energy that mimics the bodys own natural energy and works together with the bodys own natural system.

Gentle impulses work at the cellular level via a chemical reaction which increases the effectiveness of how our bodies use something called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is a protein and often referred to as the energy of life. Microcurrent aids in strengthening the muscles, toning them and re-establishing muscle memory in a natural way.

In order for muscles to contract they need to use energy. That energy comes from the ATP. By increasing the supply of ATP to the muscle fibers collagen and elastin production are encouraged thus making the skin appear younger and healthier.

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