SureSkills Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Overview

A brief explanation of the SureSkills Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Division offering both custom accredited public diploma’s and tailored digital marketing training to some our Ireland’s and the worlds leading brands. SureSkills, has the Digital & Social Media Marketing expertise to help you design, develop, deploy and manage even the most complex and challenging online brand situations. We have designed and fostered a dynamic Learning & Development methodology RAPid which enables us to adapt to your needs. Ready to work in partnership with you on your Digital & Social Media strategy. and your most complex brand and reputation issues – we have the capability inhouse to provide world class education and learning in: • Search • Social • Measurement • Lead Generation • Brand Reputation • Digital Marketing Strategy And it’s all integrated and aligned into you corporate strategy and L&D plans – using our unique RAPid methodology. SureSkills has worked for almost 20 years with some of the world’s leading companies. Call SureSkills now and chat with our experts about your organisation’s Digital & Social Media plans.
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