Surprising Secrets About Google – BBC Documentary

Google Inside Story Video of National Geographic Sharing everything about Google Thank you for taking the time to watch this! If you enjoy this video and thi…

19 thoughts on “Surprising Secrets About Google – BBC Documentary

  1. I actually think Schmidt is the most underestimated madman of our time. Someone as super intelligent as he must be shure comes off sounding very dumb and naive…. Google will tell you “what job to get” And then you share more than enough informations with every major goverment in the world, manipulate your rankings, clearly filtering. Not just by hits but nr links to other prominent sites, you just copy the negatives of the free market system and make them again. How sad.

  2. What a HOAX!!!! wow. Make information usefull for who?????????????????????????????????????????????????? I mean when they helped the chinese governments…everyone should have known, but actually when someone proposes making information “usefull”…wow. ” we make air available”…it’s more like a veiled threat to me. But of course coming from someone who has pubicly stated “no one understands the internet” this is no big step. Mysticism always makes the insane seem sane.

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  4. I have an Idea for the google play store, one that I feel should have been there from the start: archiving the apks for each revision of the apps on the store, and the ability for the user to revert to an old version from the play store

  5. Writely’s founder: My experience is like being a kid, folding a little paper boat in a stream somewhere and its very fun then there comes the daddy war bucks saying kid this is great! Heres a pile of quarter inch think plate steel and a army of ark welders; go build me a battalion ship/shit Lol. Highlight joke of the show eh? 😛

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