Survey Revealed Windows Phone Struggles, Windows 8 Tablets Have Much Potential

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) August 15, 2012

A new survey has revealed that the future of Windows Phone appears even more uncertain, due to waning developer interest in the platform. However, there’s good news as well Mobile enterprise application developers are encouraged by the potential of Windows 8 tablet devices, and believe that it could even supplant android is the second most popular mobile OS for enterprises.

The survey, from, generally painted a bleak picture for the Windows Phone. According to, only 6% of developers survey believe that the phone will come out on top in enterprise, compared to 7% stated that belief last year. The survey shows that the 53% of developers believe Apple’s iOS platform will come out on top, while 37% believe Android will win.

From there on in, things get even worse for the Windows Phone, as reported sales continue to be poor, especially with regard to Nokia phones, which are chief flagship for the Windows 8 mobile OS.

However, revealed that there is good news for the potential of Windows 8 tablets, although much will depend on future sales. The company said that Windows 8 tablets could help Windows to overhaul Android in mobile enterprise, and possibly even iOS, although a pointed out that if sales are disappointment then interest among developers in the platform could quickly wane.

Dan Lim, editor of, explained the importance of Windows 8 tablets success for Microsoft:

We believe that the success of the new generation of Windows 8 tablets even more important to Microsoft than the success of Windows 8 full on regular PCs. Microsoft pretty much as enterprise sewn up on desktops, and even if enterprise doesn’t embrace Windows 8 which is highly unlikely the company would still dominate the enterprise market through its earlier versions of Windows.

Windows8-release.nets survey showed that Microsoft has much to do however; currently, the enterprise mobile market is dominated by OIS, and Android to a lesser extent.

The report concluded that Microsoft needs to grab a substantial share of the mobile enterprise market, especially in light of fears that enterprises might eventually begin looking to replace Windows PCs with Apple Mac computers.

In light of this, says that the success of Windows 8 can be gauged purely on laptop and desktop sales – tablets sales are far more important. If Microsoft fails to sell its Windows 8 tablets, the company could well be in trouble particularly in light of the Windows Phone struggles.

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