17 Replies to “Susan Boyle – Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 – Saturday 11th April | HD High Quality”

  1. You have a real obsession with weight, Patricia. It must be an issue for YOU. Either you are overweight or your mother was. There is no need to insult people here. You are no longer in the school yard. It’s hard to believe you are almost 59 years old! Is this how you taught your children to treat others???

  2. Back at it again, eh? samrobbins25 aka isabella9955 aka @BrianSmith46 on Twitter aka Mindy James on FB. Spreading your utter disdain for Susan, as usual. Did you even sleep or do you run on your negative energy 24/7? Hey, I thought you had a day job?? Either you don’t have a real job or you do this at work, which means you do do this 24/7, since you don’t sleep either. I hope everyone here checks out your Twitter page so they can see what you are truly all about.

  3. 7527 people know for a fact it’s easy to stand up there and lip synch to a record version. That’s why she broke down in the end because doing it live was a strain because of all the mistakes. Simon knew he was fucked because he thought she could handle it and gave her a record deal. But he’s done with her now, wait and see.

  4. Human nature is what is is. You can’t change human nature. Susan knows she’s fat and ugly but does she care? No she doesn’t. If she did she would have her looks changed and lose a ton a weight. Grow a backbone will you?

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