Switchfoot Yahoo LIVE NATION 2014

07-11-2014 Switchfoot Yahoo LIVE NATION 2014.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Switchfoot Yahoo LIVE NATION 2014

  1. Victoria Whitlock says:

    Jon looks so hot here I can’t breathe

  2. aniko247 says:

    this is amazing! i was there and it was the best concert and the first that i have ever been too! 

  3. Isaac chadwick says:

    I love it how chad isn’t dressed at all for a concert ;)

  4. Hanna Perdiz says:

    Thanks for uploading this vid. Can’t wait for their World tour this 2015!!! Switchfoot live in Manila! Yes. =)

  5. Josh L says:

    You can really hear the Led Zeppelin influence in Say It Like You Mean It 

  6. PrettyTiaF says:

    I admit, I was pretty emotional watching this. Especially towards the end. I love this band. THey have such a joy and peace about them that is so comforting, even when they express they don’t have all the answers. I really hope I can go to my first concert before time is up-all my attempts to see them have failed :( I LOVE Switchfoot!!!!!!!!! Muaaaahhh!!!!!!

  7. Michelle Woodcock says:


  8. David Sánchez says:

    Switchfoot Amazing ! *-* My favorite band, each Concert is better than the others, please come to Ecuador / Latin America 😀 there are many fans here 

  9. Esau Ato says:

    Switchfoot lo maximo…..

  10. oséias nogueira maciel says:


  11. Alex Hoteck says:

    Drew’s playing has gotten a lot more complex and musical in the last few years. I love it.

  12. Marissa Ross says:

    I really hope I can see them in August. :o

  13. LuckyLuke7895 says:

    Hell of a crowd… Said no one ever -_- I would have being goin nuts!

  14. pop130 says:

    I can’t thank you enough for posting this. I was present, and it was an amazing concert. What a treat to have it here available for my viewing anytime! Thank you kindly, you’re wonderful!!

  15. Luke J says:

    Awesome performance. The live version of Say Like You Mean It…. Led Zeppelin anyone?

  16. Loveisasong says:

    They are such an amazing group of men. I love their music and energy, I can’t get enough of them!

  17. GAF FROTA says:

    Muito legal essa banda.

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