SXSW: Experience Design for Hostile Environments

SXSW: Experience Design for Hostile Environments
Event on 2013-03-10 17:30:00

As User Experience professionals continue to tackle the challenges of designing for mobile solutions, the environment of use becomes increasingly important.

What do you do when you encounter obstacles to designing an effective touchscreen user experience, such as gloved hands, filthy environments, rain or snow, turbulence, or bright sun?

Often design considerations must be revisited. For instance, limiting the design to simpler actions – single taps versus more complex gestural interactions like swiping, touch-and-hold or pinching to zoom.

Conducting research where the designer can see first hand the challenges that await designing for these situations become very important.

We will be looking at things to consider when designing touch applications intended for hostile environments that are far removed from the sterile, white, clean environments portrayed in advertisements for mobile devices from Apple and Android. Location: Room 615AB

at Hilton 406
500 E 4th St
Austin, United States

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