Sydney Business Month 2013

Sydney Business Month 2013
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Sydney Business Month 2013


Sydney Business Month May 2013 has 50 amazing workshops for Sydney business owners and their staff to learn, engage and grow.


We have secured a fabulous venue at Level 7, 14 Martin Place for 2 workshops per day of 90 minutes: 12:30pm for 1pm to 2:30pm and 3:30pm for 4pm to 5:30pm. We will continue the 4 themed weeks with Business GorillaBranded GorillaSocial Gorilla and Cashed Up Gorilla.

 We will also host two evening workshops per week featuring the  Pitch Your Business Series on Tuesday evenings and Pecha Kucha Series on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm.


Tickets are per person to attend a workshop or on the door. The venue seats 50 people only, so review and purchase your tickets today so you don’t miss out.


What they said in 2013:

“The promotion leading up to the event was first class, the social media support amazing and the whole month was a fantastic support for business owners in Sydney.” Kim McGuinness

“The Sydney Business Month presentations … were very informative and the presenters were great…  I found all of the presentations that I attended really worthwhile and thank them for the time invested in organising this great month of presentations.” Karen Hillen

“Their initiative deserves real credit, and the professionalism and enthusiasm with which they took this on was fantastic. [they]… pulled off a great month jam-packed with excellent speakers on a wide range of topics of genuine interest to SMEs, ranging from branding strategies to technical innovation. The choice was impressive and my business certainly benefited. Great work Kate and Sean!” Allison Heller


Kate and Sean plan to be back bigger and better in 2013, with two months now on the cards for business owners to engage a fantastic line up of speakers. They are still working on the exact details, but they plan to use the experience and feedback gathered (thanks to Tribe Research) to put on another dynamic series of workshops.


Sydney Business Month MAY 2013 Workshop Series


Tickets are per person to attend a workshop or on the door. The venue seats 50 people only, so review and purchase your tickets today so you don’t miss out.

Week One: Business Strategy

Mon 6th at 12:30pm: Is your mind sabotaging your own business success? By Nikki White

Come along and discover what sub-conscious beliefs really are and why they are controlling your business. You will learn how to identify what your subconscious is thinking and explore for yourself what belief patterns you may be holding that are sabotaging your success in business.

Mon 6th at 3:30pm: ‘Sustaining yourself and your bottom line!’ by Krista Hoffs

Between phone, email, and your brain running on high speed you’ve hardly got time to get your breakfast in let alone be creative about where your business is heading next… You want to keep growing your business but at this rate you’ll be burned out before the end of the year! The focus always seems to be getting things done and the joy and success in business in the future.


Tues 7th at 12;30pm: Get your new business off to a flying start by Nick Willis

Whether you’re still exploring your options, standing on the edge getting ready to make the leap or you’ve recently made the jump into self-employment or small business our goal is to help improve the success rate of small businesses by helping them get things right from the get go.

Tues 7th at 3:30pm: The 3 most under-utilised strategies for growing business rapidly by Paul Lange

Paul J. Lange is the founder and Chairman of CleverX Blue Ocean Business Incubators a new type of business incubator focused on collaborative hubspace and venture entrepreneurship offering incubation programs for virtual incubation, incubation readiness, and physical location based business incubation.

Wed 8th at 12:30pm: 12 Keys to Driving your People’s Performance by Sally Foley-Lewis

This is a workshop, so be prepared to participate, as you pick up your 12 keys to driving your people’s performance. You will leave this workshop with insight and inspiration for ensuring your staff get the best of you as their manager and you get the best of them as your team.

Wed 8th at 3:30pm: A Consulting Career – is it for you by John Groarke

This informative, interactive and flexible workshop covers the initial essentials for embarking upon a career as a consultant.  Content will be flexed according to the backgrounds and needs of the participants.

Thur 9th at 12:30pm: Protecting you and your businessn by Dylan Chan

In this session you’ll learn some traps and pitfalls to not having a business risk plan in place, and learn some simple and cost effective strategies that you can implement to secure the long-term safety and security of your business and family.


Thur 9th at 3:30pm: Developing the skills and capability of your organisation ( and accessing Federal/State grants to assist you) by Graham Raspass

Developing the skills and capabilities of your business   is now essential not just to be successful, it goes to the core of ensuring the business will survive.  It is about changing individuals so that they produce results they care about; accomplishing things that are important to them. 


Fri 10th at 12:30pm: How to Have a Great Day at Work by Lisa Phillips

Do you dread going into the office or stress out about all the tasks you need to complete? Do you have staff issues or conflict in the workplace?

 If so, join us for this fun and inspirational workshop on how to make sure you have a great day at work – every day!

Fri 10th at 3:30pm: How to keep your Cool – 10 Tips for Staying Calm under Pressure by Julie McDonald

If we don’t manage our stresses, anger and impatience can wear us out.  Julie Mac is an expert in Staying Calm and she with inspire you with her easy to follow and practical techniques that you can start using now to make your life easier, happier and of course – to stay calm.


Week Two: Marketing & Branding

Mon 13 at 12:30: Marketing Roadmap to Success – Marketing Planning Made Simple by Basic Banana’s

In this engaging workshop you will learn how to create a marketing plan for your business without all the fluff, focusing only on what’s needed to attract more business.

The dynamic duo Franziska and Christo Iseli-Hall, will give you a success formula to plan your marketing. Who would have thought marketing planning can be a lot of fun!

Mon 13th at 3:30pm: The Future is Predatory Marketing by Adam Long

Predatory marketing is the competitive edge in marketing that makes sure the dollars are coming to you – strike at the weakness that arises out of your competitor’s greatest strength. It’s how Skins gained an edge on Nike, Weetbix trumped Nutrigrain and Apple put Microsoft out to pasture.

Tues 14th at 12:30pm: Tips on how to become a thought leader and truly differentiate your brand by Craig Badings

The nature of selling has changed irreversibly. Consumers have become ‘contsumers’ – consuming content about your product or service long before they come into contact with your brand. As a result you had better be sure you are playing the content game well.

Enter thought leadership. Thought leadership done properly will give your content a turbo charge. It will truly set you apart from the competitors and position you as a trusted brand or advisor


Tues 14th at 3:30pm: How to Build Your Brand by Stella Gianotto

You will be taken through the process of applying a brand, creating a brand’s communication or voice, and how to manage that brand overall.

And, we will finished our workshop with the real application of your brand, this will include how you can use your brand to build business, what marketing activities to do, how to create differentiations, how to remain competitive, which message vs which audience, and the effectiveness of your brand.

Wed 15th at 12:30pm: Speak to Sell by Angela Raspass

Speaking is a powerful tool to add to your marketing mix, allowing you to gain credibility, inspire, entertain and transform interested prospects into clients who are ready to invest and work with you. But it is also a marketing tool that daunts many small business owners and entrepreneurs! 

Wed 15th at 15:30pm: Marketing like a Pro in Only 2 Hours a Week by Fab Capodicasa

The session will cover: basic marketing concepts, creating a marketing plan, rolling out manageable marketing campaigns, using marketing tools (email, CRM, marketing automation) and best practices for lead generation for small businesses with minimal budget.


Thurs 16th from 12:30pm to 5:30pm: EDGE by 10X Team (3hr Workshop)

 This event is about the X-Factor of Business Growth – how to drive your brand, lead generation, marketing, increasing sales, leveraging customer service, systems and delivery to maximize customer delight and longevity of your business and your leadership.

Fri 17th at 12:30pm: Effective Marketing for Small Businesses by Rashid Kotwal

Over 90 minutes we'll cover fundamental marketing strategies that you will be able to put into place immediately to generate more business. This is a practical, hands on workshop – we ask for active participation from the audience and use real live examples from the floor. 

Fri 17th at 3:30pm: Building your empire: Becoming an Internationally viable commodity by Kanchi Williams

Learn the steps it takes to give an edge to your business, and make what is that you do stand out.

 Our guest expert Kanchi Williams has racked up a number of highly successful years in the marketing industry (she has built a global fashion brand & currently runs an internationally sought after digital magazine); has tailor made a workshop to suit the needs of micro and small businesses wanting some insight into creating, not only a marketable product, but a sustainable business with a long-term vision.

Week Three: Social Media Strategy

Mon 20th at 12:30pm: Choosing the perfect social media platform for your business! By Leonie Smith

Not every social media platform is the right platform for every business. How do you know if Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest might be the killer app for getting great leads and making great customer connections.

By the end of this talk, each attendee should have a better idea where to spend their time and dollars online, and which social media platforms to keep an eye on in the future.

Mon 20th at 3:30pm: Building a Social Business with Social Media by Hasnain Zaheer

Business is going social and small and medium businesses can socialise their business, especially its customer relationships with a cloud CRM that is fully integrated with the business’ as well as their customers’ social media.

This course will introduce you to social business and the role of online technologies in enabling you to conduct social business in a practical, easy-to-understand way..

Tues 21st at 12:30pm: Your Template to build a digital strategy for small business by Fi Bendall

Fi will guide the audience through a workshop to show how to build a digital strategy and how to make it work. No techy Gobbly Gook, straightforward advice on how to get your business online, promoting itself and selling online.

Every small business is time poor, this workshop will show you the easiest most cost and time efficient way to use digital media to improve your business opportunities.


Tues 21nd at 3:30pm: Leveraging Business With LinkedIn by Lee Usher

LinkedIn success isn't just about the number of connections, testimonials or groups! For the first time Lee Ussher will share publicly the case studies & strategies she uses to turn her clients’ LinkedIn presences into online personal branding magnets.

Wed 22rd at 12:30pm: TBC


Wed 22rd at 3:30pm: Stand Up, Stand Out or Stand Aside… The New Rules of Business by Steve Brossman

How to use Videos and Digital Marketing to stand out in a crowded market, keep prices high and attract a flood of loyal clients.

 It has never been more crucial yet more easy to start using the power of videos and digital publishing to survive in today’s business world. While everyone else can be embroiled in a price war you can rise above as the trusted leader.

 In this dynamic and interactive presentation Steve will show you how you can use the most powerful medium available (videos) and get started in just 5 minutes even if you don’t own a camera.

Thurs 23th at 12:30pm; Generating UNLIMITED Leads using Facebook by Anfernee & Poy

In this 90 mins seminar, we will be educating you how to take our ,000 strategies that businesses have already paid to us and you can use that to generate more leads for yourself! We will be presenting techniques, strategies that you would never ever thought of and how easy it is to implement them to improve your own business


Thurs 23th at 3:30pm: Driving Traffic, Stalking People and Making Sales With Pay Per Click by Samuel Junghenn

This event will cover why Pay Per Click are still so important and how you can use them to drive new sales in the door quickly and easily.

Fri 24th at 12:30pm: TBC


Fri 24th at 3:30pm: Small Business Person’s Productivity Toolkit by David Cruwys

7 Productivity Tools That Can Maximize Your Business Efficiency. The workshop will show business owners 7 tools that will increase their productivity by leveraging off the shelf cloud tools


Week Four: Sales and Networking


Mon 27th at 12:30pm: Unlocking the secret to new business (or sales) success by Kristin Austin

Have you ever felt frustrated by how long it takes to ‘convert’ a prospect to being your client? Or wondered what you’re doing wrong?

This hands-on workshop, will have you brainstorming your way to creating the beginnings of your own multi-touchpoint sales process to turn your prospects into your customers.

Mon 27th at 3:30pm: Business Networking & Maximum Selling: The Top 7 Strategies by Edward Zia

Edward Zia (The Crazy Persian) as a Small Business Marketing and Business Networking Expert is going to spend 90 minutes giving pure content and Top 7 Proven strategies from his role as Regional Leader for 4Networking Australia.


Tues 28th at 12:30pm: How to be a R.E.A.L Success by Ivan Ang

We will cover the importance of Relating to others better by understanding relationship rules; the need to Equip others with the proper skill sets; improving your Attitude through daily practices; and learn to Lead others successfully to where you need them to go and beyond!


Tues 28th at 3:30pm: How to generate leads on a budget for small business success by Amanda Bracks

Let business growth expert Amanda Bracks, author of Customer Acquisition; 465 ways to gain and retain customers step you through a series of low and no cost marketing promotions and acquisition activities that will help grow your business.

Wed 29th at 12:30pm: Apps & Online Marketing Essentials by Clodagh Higgins

In order to be top of mind with existing and future customers you need to have an app and a online marketing strategy for your business – I will show you how to create a new revenue stream for you business, be an expert in your industry and grow your audience.

Wed 29th 3:30pm: Don’t let cowboys chase your customers out of town by Yvonne Hilsz

Are cowboys chasing your customers out of town?

Recognize whether you have cowboys in your business and how to build a team of rockstars. Business as usual is the biggest enemy in business today and to become the leader in your industry having a high performing team of rockstars will separate you from the rest.


Thurs 30th at 12:30pm: Cashflow Positive Marketing by Kylee The Publishing Queen

Learn how to publish a book to profile you as an expert in your field all the while getting paid upfront for your efforts. Publish a book in 2013 to increase your credibility with no set up and ongoing costs.

 Turn marketing your business from an expense to a profit generating exercise.


Thurs 30th at 3:30pm: Mansion Networking Results on an Apartment Budget by Ruth Thirtle

We all know we need to meet people to grow our business and we are often advised to get out there and be networking. Yet in small business you are on a budget and need to ensure a great return for all of the time and money that you invest.

In this presentation, Ruth will be sharing 5 Key Strategies for you to implement IMMEDIATELY to ensure your networking actions bring you great results.

Fri 31st at 12:30pm: Cash Flow is King by Red Redinbaugh

Attendees at this workshop will go away with several very cost effective and easy to implement strategies they can immediately introduce in their business as well as a step by step guide to what they need to do to ensure that their cashflow is something to be proud of … not scared of.


Fri 31st at 3:30pm: 21st Century Sales… Stop Closing … Start Opening by by Red Redinbaugh

Sales are the life blood of every businesses, and with the right resources, support and strategies in place any salesperson in any industry – be they a telemarketer, customer service consultant, Face to Face sales, B2B sales, a major accounts specialist, sales manager or sales director – can improve their results. The question is not ‘Can they?’ the question is ‘Will they?

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