Sydney “Get on the Bridge” Workshop

Sydney “Get on the Bridge” Workshop
Event on 2014-10-11 13:00:00

You give your company your all – believing your “career success” is the key to the happiness you long for.
But you’re working way too many hours.
You don’t have time for friends and family.
And you don’t even like what you’re doing anymore.
You want to feel fulfilled and valued again.
You want to enjoy your work again – get excited for life again.
You want more in life than just work. You want more free time –
Free time to spend with people you love, eat healthy, exercise, and work on personal projects.
You’re ready for a change. But you don’t know what that change is.

 Welcome to the “Get on the Bridge” Workshop.

You were born looking through the “Opportunity Lens” – it is your natural perspective – where you see the abundant opportunities all around you to make money doing what you enjoy.
But then – life happened. Society happened.
You’ve been building walls and raising blinders to block your lens – without even knowing it.
It’s time to unblock your Opportunity Lens so the change you’re looking for – your next step – comes into focus.

You don’t need to take any “big scary leap” – just a first step onto a bridge – your bridge – to the life you long for.


You don’t need a brilliant business idea or online marketing skills.

And you don’t need to know your “calling” to enjoy work.
In fact – when you enjoy your work, you’ll start to discover your “calling”.
There are opportunities to make high hourly wages (and create more free time) all around you.
You just have to look at the world a little differently. Through your Opportunity Lens.


“Working with Joe has simply changed my life. I still remember the first time I heard him talk about his bridge, and it just brought tears to my eyes to have encountered someone with whom I could identify so much… I didn’t know you didn’t have to have your passion figured out from the moment you were born!
The support I received, the profound commitment, the patience, and the continuous feedback and life lessons alone have made this trip worthwhile. Joe has so much to share, and he has got the biggest heart, which means he holds nothing back. Today, I look back and almost can’t believe how much my life has changed. How much I have changed. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t because I listened to his message.”

–Catalina Lopera


First step onto her bridge:
1. Started event planning business.
2. Earning (and rocking) interviews for jobs in new fields not “qualified” for. (using her new confidence and resume/cover letter/interview skills).


 The details:


1. You’ll leave the workshop with a new way to look at the world – one with abundant opportunities to make money while enjoying work – and creating more free time.
2. You’ll leave with several ideas for a first step onto your “bridge” – several ideas that excite you.
3. You’ll leave with the mindset, confidence, ideas, and tools necessary to take action on your first step.
4. You’ll leave with new friends – people just like you. Other people who get it. Who get you.
(You’ll be able to continue to connect with and support each other on your journeys.)



Come with an open heart and open mind.
1. We’re going to explore what brought you into your current situation.
2. And we’ll look at what’s keeping you there – the blinders blocking your Opportunity Lens.
3. Then, we’ll unblock your Opportunity Lens and create a new mindset, one of abundant opportunity (not limitation).
4. Finally, we’ll come up with several ideas for a first step onto your bridge – that excite you.
Some examples of first steps others have taken:

  • Asking to work from home.
  • Asking to work less hours.
  • Switching departments.
  • Asking for a raise.
  • Change locations.
  • Switch to consulting.
  • Volunteer.
  • Attend meetups/events.

at University of Sydney Herbert Smith Freehills Law Library – Building F10 Room 017
Sydney Law School, Eastern Ave
Sydney, Australia

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