Sydney SEO Services Reveals Strategy on How To Increase Targeted Website Traffic

(PRWEB) February 28, 2013

Website traffic is an important issue facing many small businesses. Many small business owners believe that if you build a website, website traffic will come straight away.

However, as SEO company, Sydney SEO Services states, the issue goes one step further. CEO of Sydney SEO Services and Sydney search engine optimisation consultant, Ilana Wechsler states, effective search engine optimisation is all about getting the right visitors to our clients websites. That is, website visitors who are most likely to turn into customers for our clients and not just leave the website soon after arriving. This is also referred to as targeted website traffic and in a recent blog post, Sydney SEO Services reveal their strategy of how to increase website traffic.

Sydney SEO Services has dealt with this issue with many of their clients and state that one of their strategies for increasing their clients targeted website traffic is through long tail link building. Long tail link building is all about ranking for keywords which are more specific, often related to a specific issue someone is facing and therefore searching for. Whilst these keywords may have less search volume than others, they often lead to customers as their needs are addressed specifically.

Wechsler also states once we start our long tail link building campaign, over time we can rank for hundreds of longer keywords. This has a threefold effect: it help builds the authority of our clients website, increases our clients conversion rate and also protects the clients website from future algorithm updates.

Having an understanding of a clients business is crucial to effective SEO and getting the best results. In their blog post, Sydney SEO Services outline their strategy with a specific example of their long tail link building strategy.

About Sydney SEO Services, a Sydney-based company, is a full service search engine optimisation (SEO) consultancy.

The company provides an extensive range of SEO services in Sydney including, on and off-page search engine optimization Sydney (SEO), keyword research, article marketing, Google Places optimization, press release writing, email marketing, and also one-on-one consulting. Visit their website or call 0435 938 837.

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