Synergy Marketing Seminar – The Combining of Online and Offline Marketing

Synergy Marketing Seminar – The Combining of Online and Offline Marketing
Event on 2013-09-30 08:30:00

Success Pacific's Synergy Marketing Seminar!


Synergy Marketing – The combination of online and offline marketing to produce a total response greater than the sum of the individual campaigns alone. 

  • Not getting enough new customers or clients?
  • Unsure how to spend your marketing budget?
  • Want to use Facebook and Youtube for marketing?
  • What are the four (4) simple steps of starting and improving your internal sales machine?
  • What is the most successful internet pattern for marketing and how do you apply it?
  • What are the key actions to build a Community for your business?

Come to our one-day Synergy Marketing workshop where we'll teach you Success' unique approach to using online tools to bring people offline into your business!  You'll learn hands-on methods to effectively use email marketing, as well as the many free to low-cost online tools (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) that save you thousands of dollars while  improving your marketing results!

Cost:  0 which includes lunch.

Monday, September 30th

8:30am to 5:00pm

at the gorgeous Holy Names Heritage Center

      Success Stories from past attendees:    "I learned a ton. Really one of the most helpful     seminars I have attended. Great job! Workable     information I can apply to…create lots of     expansion." – A.P.
   "I learned more about Internet Marketing in one day    than I learned in the past 10 years!" – S.F. "Honestly, one of the most data-packed, huge exchange seminars I've been to. Fantastic tools, many familiar, many not – Great in that I now know how to put together into a whole strategy that can be DONE!" – R.W.
"Excellent seminar. Definitely feel revitalized in this area!" – S.C.

"This was awesome! I never thought I would gain the confidence I did to be able to DO what needs to be done! I DID! Thank you!" – F.L.

"What an incredibly informative weekend. Success Pacific provided so much information on marketing that I didn't know. Some were very subtle tips but once implemented provided massive impact on inflow results. I realized I had been working backwards: Sales – Marketing – PR (Public Relations). I need to start on PR then Marketing then Sales. No wonder my sales are down. I now feel I have an arsenal of tools to use to turn my business around and take it to where I want to go." – T.P.

"Wow, Finally someone who makes the fearful world of the internet so simple and easy to understand & apply. Great Value. Thanks!" – S.V.

"Really comprehensive seminar covering how to integrate many aspects of internet, PR, social media and off-line marketing that will make lots of PR, Sales and growth." – O.G.

"This was amazingly enlightening seminar that has totally opened my eyes to a world previously unknown to me: Internet Marketing. It was very informative and extremely easy to follow as he continuously provided examples of every aspect covered throughout the seminar. I did so many things with my computer that I had never done before!" – T.T.

"Even though I've attended quite a number of marketing seminars, this conference really put the jigsaw puzzle together for me." – Q.C.

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at Heritage Center
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