Synthetic Jellyfish

Hank tells us of a fascinating new experiment in synthetic biology – scientists have created a jellyfish out of silicone and rat heart cells. Like SciShow on Facebook: Follow SciShow on Twitter: References scishow, science, biology, jellyfish, immortal, jellies, news, medusoid, harvard, caltech, tissue engineering, synthetic biology, moon jelly, silicone, rat, heart, cell, muscle tissue, genetics, medicine, test, reverse engineering, animal, colossal squid, nature biotechnology, biotechnology
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22 Replies to “Synthetic Jellyfish”

  1. Think about it how could a rats heart have anything to do with the habits developed by an entirely differemt species?! “lahdeda, here i am in a jar, floting around…wait a sec, how did i get here, what am i? Well im sorta shaped lik a jellyfish therefore i am? Makes sense to me! Well i better start getting some food…hmmm i wonder why i feel so much like having some cheese?” Junk science. Daddy was a rat heart and mom was leftovers from a breast implant. Roflmmfao

  2. Its not at all remarkable. When salt is applyed to recently dead muscle tissue a series of movements and contortions will occur, but it doesnt mean life has been created, it is simply a biochemical reaction. This can be seen if you pour soy sauce on a japanese dish of octopus. Plus im sure they put the muscle cells on only one side of the silicone knowing full well the contractions would occur. If they put cells on both sides it would not have moved anything like a jellyfish.

  3. “in fact it’s genetically a rat” lol i laughed pretty hard at the mental image of that. seeing all the rodent species on a chart, and then that horribly designed creature with them.

  4. Because we are gods now, this creation must pray to us and follow our guidelines or we will have no choice but to kill it and send it to hell destroying, punishing and making it feel bad too. If it does follow our rules (which we will send down to it in the form of a book with holey words we make a special prophet jellyfish write) then we should electronically store its memories on a heavenly usb stick where it will feel nice for eternity. 🙂

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