Syrian Expatriates Organization and UOSSM Announce the Urgent Need for Physician and Medical Personnel Recruitment to Serve Inside Syria.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) December 07, 2012

In attempt to destroy the medical infrastructure of Syria, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad has embarked on a campaign to target physicians and hospitals treating the victims of Assads war against the Syrian people. According to a report by Reuters*, Doctors in Syria war zones risk all to treat wounded, physicians who treat wounded civilians and pro-democracy activists are often arrested, beaten or killed by Assads forces. Hospitals treating the wounded are often targeted during Assads aerial campaigns resulting in no safe place for the sick and injured. SEO and UOSSM call on the international community to help address the issue of shortage of hospitals, physicians and medical supplies inside Syria. This necisitates the urgent delivery of medications, training of physicians and establishing humanitarian corridors so physicians can perform their professional duties without fear of reprisal.

SEO views that the Syrian humanitarian crisis has been exacerbated by Assads targeting of healthcare workers. According to many reports*, Syrians wounded by Assads army often have no access to physicians or hospitals to treat their wounds. SEO board member, Dr Nadim Al Sadat states: Physicians often face a dire choice; risk their own lives to treat the wounded or disavow their professional oaths. Many physicians have chosen the former and have paid the consequences. According to a Swiss newspaper*; hundreds of doctors have been imprisoned or killed for doing their job resulting in tens of thousands being deprived of treatment. In addition to those with acute injuries, those with chronic conditions such as cancer or renal failure are not getting their required chemotherapy and dialysis. Dr Al Sadat states: More must be done to address the shortage of physicians and medical supplies inside Syria. Currently, Assad is able to operate within his country with impunity. Any hospital, any physician, any medicine factory can be attacked by Assads bombs at any minute. This highlights the need for established humanitarian corridors and a no-fly zone. Syrias sick and injured need immediate help. SEO applauds the work by the many humanitarian organizations who have been working to provide medical training, supplies and staff to those inside Syria.


The Syrian Expatriates Organization is a leading nonprofit organization of Syrian Americans and Syrian Canadians. Its mission is to support the establishment of a free and democratic Syria. he SEO provides humanitarian relief to those in need and works to promote the social, political and economic development of Syria.

The UOSSM is a humanitarian, non-governmental, independent organization, created following the deadly events in Syria, to provide medical and humanitarian aid to Syrian. UOSSM was established by 14 medical and relief organizations, and includes hundreds of physicians of mainly Syrian origins distributed in the United States, Canada, in Europe and in different Arab countries.

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