T.A.L.K. Social New York

T.A.L.K. Social New York
Event on 2015-05-01 08:30:00


The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) recently released its landmark study, The Return on Word of Mouth, revealing that word of mouth (WOM) is responsible for trillion in annual consumer spending and that one WOM recommendation is up to 100+ times more valuable than a paid media impression. As a result of these findings, it has become abundantly clear that positive word of mouth, both online and offline, is a marketer’s most valuable resource—and that is something worth talking about!

WOMMA’s T.A.L.K. Social Tour is taking this revolutionary study’s key findings in a live format around the country to generate invaluable conversation and get industry leaders and insiders talking about the implications and impact of the Return on WOM study. 

At this high-energy, interactive conference, participants and speakers will discuss how leading brands, research firms, universities and agencies are witnessing the study’s findings firsthand and how they can also better advocate for, and implement, effective word of mouth and social media marketing strategies. Additional focus of each event will be on shared conversations and an exchange of ideas around ethics, research and best practices, as well as the latest insights and successes in word of mouth and social media marketing.

By “T.A.L.K.ing it out” with your peers and industry leaders, you’ll walk away from the Tour with actionable insights, new resources and valuable connections to help you hit the ground running. And ultimately, you’ll be able to better:

  • Think: about and discuss, in a clear, collaborative environment, your goals, strategies and measurement methods to understand if you’re doing everything possible to ensure you’re maximizing your marketing efforts.
  • Advocate: for WOM being a significant element in your company’s marketing mix to ensure your customers are better advocates of your brand.
  • Lead: your organization to greater heights in your industry and be confident you are armed with the necessary knowledge and resources to do so.
  • Know: the facts about WOM, the vital importance of word of mouth and social media marketing in your category, how to successfully sell it in to upper management, implement it and how it will impact your department, your customers and your business’ success.

The T.A.L.K. Social Tour is a can’t-miss event if you are serious about understanding the optimal role of online and offline word of mouth marketing in your business, discussing with the leading minds in marketing on how to best implement and measure it, and want to ensure your company is set up for success today, tomorrow and years to come.

We hope you’ll join the conversation!

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