Tabla Beat Science – Biotech

Tabla Beat Science - Biotech

Indian Beat Fusion – Percussion Masters =) Enjoi
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  1. ust to have this albumn… loved it allllloooooooootttt!!!! gnarley living tree root severing ecominic slavery and defeating tribal invasion by “sovciety and culture”

  2. Xdyingfetusx69 You sent me this VID on June 22. It is saved on a little place I keep my fave’s handy to replay. : -)Another “sharer” sent me a vid on how this instrument is played and the bol-ing or phrasing (??I get different opinions on that subject-: -) It makes this even more magnificent “Indian Beat Fusion-Percussion Masters Piece” and its melodious beat more Divine. THANKS AGAIN!!! Namaste and Peace and LOVE.

  3. OMG this is fantastic, Now I have a whole genre of the tabla–that my friend for sharing. I could not pull myself away from listening to others on this site. I have just been introduced to this genre and it is one of my fave’s. I love all different styles and ethnic music. What a delight to hear such talent.

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