Tabla Beat Science – Biotech

Tabla Beat Science - Biotech

Indian Beat Fusion – Percussion Masters =) Enjoi
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Tabla Beat Science – Biotech

  1. Jacob Marks says:

    i wanna hear bone thugs n harmony spittin raps on this

  2. splinadero says:

    I know it might be too boring for Zakir, but I’d like to hear them play psytrance :)

  3. Nature1400 says:

    Why Not Enough Views?

  4. Nature1400 says:

    I was like Woah really man you just showed me a Freakin Awesome “Music” That does Exists

  5. bebras02 says:

    brothers and sisters,i like to.stop smoking?no!

  6. primalcurrent says:

    by society

  7. primalcurrent says:

    ust to have this albumn… loved it allllloooooooootttt!!!! gnarley living tree root severing ecominic slavery and defeating tribal invasion by “sovciety and culture”

  8. ladyindira says:

    oh wow @_@

  9. Fadly Fowler says:

    This tune reminds me of “Punch Drunk Love” starring Adam Sandler

  10. you3day18002275000 says:

    i love it love it love it love it thanks uploder.

  11. fefeloved1 says:

    this would be great to fuck to.

  12. keenansblue says:

    Thanks for adding this song!! I love it and I’ve been looking for it on here.

  13. schuman7 says:


  14. nancyl2 says:

    Xdyingfetusx69 You sent me this VID on June 22. It is saved on a little place I keep my fave’s handy to replay. : -)Another “sharer” sent me a vid on how this instrument is played and the bol-ing or phrasing (??I get different opinions on that subject-: -) It makes this even more magnificent “Indian Beat Fusion-Percussion Masters Piece” and its melodious beat more Divine. THANKS AGAIN!!! Namaste and Peace and LOVE.

  15. songbirdshethe1 says:


  16. nancyl2 says:

    OMG this is fantastic, Now I have a whole genre of the tabla–that my friend for sharing. I could not pull myself away from listening to others on this site. I have just been introduced to this genre and it is one of my fave’s. I love all different styles and ethnic music. What a delight to hear such talent.

  17. fuckblackmetal says:

    that’s cool !!

  18. bodomcovers09 says:

    liked it XD

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