SquadTalk: How To Build A Powerful Online Lead Generation Campaign

SquadTalk: How To Build A Powerful Online Lead Generation Campaign
Event on 2016-09-21 11:30:00
You know you need to create better content offers that appeal to your target audience, but how well are you using promotion tools to make your campaigns work better and longer for you? During this SquadTalk, Joel Gerdis will look at lead generation campaigns and show you how to grow your leads through the process of building a powerful campaign around a great content offer. Discover how to utilize free and paid tools, such as: CTAs (Call to Actions) Blogs Landing Pages Search Engine Optimization PPC/Adwords Targeted Social Ads Remarketing This is a casual atmosphere with tickets at only . Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to use various tools and campaigns to grow your lead generation.

at Wesleyan University
1500 Alliant Ave
Louisville, United States

Is a local SEO campaign like a sitcom?

Is a local SEO campaign like a sitcom?
In some ways, running a local SEO campaign is a lot like writing a sitcom episode. Each follows a formula for repeated success, and when you strip both of them down to their cores, their components are very similar. The Venn diagram below outlines the …
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Why You Need to Take Another Look at Your Site's SEO Right Away
Like the Internet itself, the SEO realm is one that's ever-changing and evolving. What might be considered cutting edge today could easily be deemed as antiquated in just a few months from now. As a result, this trend means that digital marketers must …
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#AskAnSEO: Jenny Halasz Answers Your Questions on #SEO Measurement, Metrics
Want to ask Jenny an SEO question? Fill out our form or use #AskAnSEO on social media. This week's Ask an SEO column is centered around metrics and measurement. In general, I like to think about what makes sense for measurement, and it comes down …
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Finding Influencers for Your Local SEO Campaign

Finding Influencers for Your Local SEO Campaign
The value of local influencers to your SEO campaign is also significant. If influencers spread your brand through sharing, natural links, an d even more traditional methods, you will earn reviews, natural links, etc., so that you become more of a …
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3 Simple Do It Yourself SEO Tips
Though search engine optimization (SEO) can be very competitive depending on the industry, there are five things every business owner can check to ensure their website has at least a base level of optimization. Below are a couple of easy audit steps …
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Free SEO Workshop: Set-up, Monitor And Maintain A Successful Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Free SEO Workshop: Set-up, Monitor And Maintain A Successful Search Engine Optimization Campaign
Event on 2016-04-09 09:00:00
Our search engine optimization training course will give you the knowledge necessary to set up, monitor and maintain a successful search engine optimization campaign and obtain better web site search engine positioning on the world's most popular search engines and directories.

During this course, we'll show you how to make your page crawlable, and how to set it up so that the search engines find exactly what they are looking for to give your site the high rank that will translate into the traffic you're looking for.

You'll begin with a good introduction to SEO that includes examples of how search engines view SEO and what they are looking for. Once the basics are covered, you'll begin learning a detailed action plan that is designed to help you get a brand new site fully optimized and rising in the ranks as quickly as possible.

By the end of this course you'll not only understand how search engines rank traffic, you'll be able to put this knowledge to practical use. This course will help you keep your webpages relevant in a competitive market.

• Marketing executives entrusted with the responsibility of promoting their company's or clients' web sites.
• Webmasters wanting to increase traffic to their web sites via search engines.
• Small business owners wanting to learn how to promote their web sites on the search engines.
• Web site designers wanting to offer search engine marketing services to their clients.
• Persons wanting to learn how to optimize web sites for search engines in preparation for starting their own search engine optimization business or applying for a job as an SEO or SEM.

DURATION: 8 Hours (9am – 4PM)
Venue: Crownedge Hotels Hotel
13, Afolabi Aina Street Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja – Lagos State

18, Afolabi Aina Street Off Allen Avenue,
bye Alade Market, Ikeja-Lagos State.
01-2932375, 08038182292, 09038809800, 08107922921

at Sheraton Hotel
Keller, United States

How to fake a US presidential campaign

How to fake a US presidential campaign
An Italian novelist who's been leading a double life as a US presidential candidate is coming out, admitting he's a fake – but he says he'll keep his bogus campaign website and Twitter feed going because he's got so many American fans. For the past …
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AT&T will start selling you cable TV over the Internet
AT&T says it will solve problems that beguile viewers, like the requirement to log in to web sites and apps to access a cable subscription. … Another big shift: AT&T says "these services will not require annual contracts, satellite dishes or set-top …
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Apple and FBI Take Their iPhone Hacking Fight to Congress
Today, after weeks of making its arguments in posts on its website and comments to the press, Apple presented its case for maintaining the strength of its encryption to an audience that may ultimately have the final say: Congress. But as the five hour …
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Inbound Institute: HubSpot Training Workshop | Build a Full Funnel Marketing Campaign in Two Days

Inbound Institute: HubSpot Training Workshop | Build a Full Funnel Marketing Campaign in Two Days
Event on 2016-01-26 08:30:00
Build a Full Funnel Campaign That Gets Results Using HubSpot Inbound Core Training: Build a Full Funnel Campaign is a two-day experience created for professional marketers who are looking to kickstart their success with the HubSpot tool or maximize the effectivenees of an existing HubSpot implementation. This interactive training will give you the knowledge and skillset you need to create and execute inbound marketing campaigns that generate actual revenue. Plus, you'll leave with an actual full funnel campaign workign your your HubSpot portal! You’ll spend two full days learning with like-minded individuals and working with a HubSpot Accredited Trainer to build an inbound marketing engine inside your HubSpot portal, and fill that engine with actual content. Who Should Attend: New HubSpot Customers looking to kickstart their inbound success. Existing HubSpot Customers looking to reignite their inbound success or break through a plateau. Existing HubSpot Customers looking to kick their inbound programs into high gear. Prospective HubSpot Customers who want to invest their time into learning the methodology and the tools that professional marketers are using in 2016. Day 1 8:30am – 9:30am: Light Breakfast/Meet & Greet: Get to know your HubSpot Accredited Trainer and the other members of your small group workshop 9:30am – 10:20am: Inbound Foundations, Part I: A Winning Strategy, The Why and How of Inbound, Buyer Personas, Goal Setting 10:20am – 10:30am: Coffee/Water Break 9:30am – 12:00pm: Inbound Foundations, Part II: The Inbound Marketing Engine Framework, Content Creation 12:00pm – 1:00pm: Lunch 1:00pm – 2:20pm: Building the Engine Framework in HubSpot: Calls-to-Action, Landing Pages, Thank You Pages, Smart Lists and Follow-up Emails 2:20pm – 2:30pm: Coffee/Water Break 2:30pm – 4:30pm: Building the Conversion Process: Calls-to-Action, Landing Pages, Thank You Pages, and Follow-up Emails Day 2 8:30am – 9:00am: Light Breakfast Reflect on the previous day and gear up for an awesome Day 2 9:00am – 10:20am: Managing Contacts and Segmentation Custom Contact Properties and Smart Lists 10:20am – 10:30am: Coffee/Water Break 10:30am – 12:00pm: Sending Effective Emails Email Marketing Best Practices and Techniques 12:00pm – 1:00pm: Lunch 1:00pm – 2:50pm: Optimizing Your Content SEO and Blogging Best Practices and Strategy 2:50pm – 3:00pm: Coffee/Water Break 3:00pm – 4:00pm: Sharing Your Content Social Media Monitoring and Publishing 4:00pm – 4:30pm: Reporting on Your Success Metric Tools and Strategy   Do I need to do anything to prepare? We will ask you to complete a brief survey prior to the workshop. The survey will help you gather the materials you need to make the most of your time during the workshop. What will I walk away with? As you leave the workshop, you will have a fully working inbound campaign in your HubSpot portal. This includes: Offers addressing each stage of the Buyer’s Journey Accompanying SEO optimized content promotion strategy Calls-to-action Lead nurturing emails for each stage of the Buyer’s Journey. How will we know our campaign is successful? Great question! The two day experience is just the beginning. Your day-to-day optimization of the campaign you build in the workshop and all the campaigns you build based on the knowledge you learn here will be assisted by access to online training during the campaign period. Additionally, you have the included option to schedule a one-hour campaign assessment with your HubSpot Accredited Trainer and your executive team to help you review the results of the campaign and help you identify areas of opportunities to pivot based on reviewing the data. Do I need to bring anything? Please bring the following items: Laptop (with charger) You Smile What is a HubSpot Accredited Trainer? Our live HubSpot training is taught by a HubSpot Accredited Trainer. HubSpot Accredited Trainers are the top inbound trainers in the world, who have been hand selected by HubSpot Academy to complete a rigorous accreditation program. This program ensures that each trainer will be able to teach the inbound fundamentals.

at IDEA Works FW
600 E Rosedale St
Fort Worth, United States

5 Ways To Completely Revamp Your Digital Marketing Campaign

5 Ways To Completely Revamp Your Digital Marketing Campaign
The digital marketing campaigns are becoming sophisticated with each passing day. Every business, irrespective of being small or big, wants to implement the most modern and apparently the greatest marketing strategies in order to be successful. The …
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10 Small Digital Marketing Strategy Hacks That Move The Needle
Keep your digital marketing strategy on point by checking in with your systems and assets every quarter to every six months and performing a thorough test. See if anything can be updated, streamlined, or improved. Often, even small changes can make a …
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St. Louis Digital Marketing Agency SteadyRain Announces Partnership with
SteadyRain, a St. Louis digital strategy, web development and digital marketing agency has partnered with Williams Patent Crusher and Pulverizer Co, Inc., a leading manufacturer of industrial pulverizers, hammer mills and other crushing equipment to …
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Ranking 8 Republican Presidential Campaign Websites, Because Candidates Sure

Ranking 8 Republican Presidential Campaign Websites, Because Candidates Sure
It was a contentious couple of hours, but at long last, it's all over. The fourth Republic presidential debate has come to an end, meaning we've heard everything about cutting taxes and draconian immigration policy that we have to for the night. But …
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Winning at Local Search: How Your Company Can Boost Local Search Ranking
Commonly called NAP in our industry, your company's name, address and phone number need to be listed on your website. If you're using an 800- number, consider listing a local number on your website to ensure that search engines recognize and rank …
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Bengals fans ranked 'most sober' in website study
If you've been to a game at Paul Brown Stadium then you know Bengals fans like to throw back a cold beer or two. But Cincinnatians are relatively sober compared to the rest of the NFL fan bases, according to a 'study' ranking the drunkest fans in the …
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Is It Too Late For Your Business To Start An SEO Campaign?

Is It Too Late For Your Business To Start An SEO Campaign?
SEO is a strategy full of constant changes, ambiguities, and misconceptions. That makes it hard for the average business owner to make heads or tails of it, and even harder to try and figure it out all on his/her own. Despite SEO being a high-ROI …
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Is a Website Complete Without SEO?
After the booming success of digital marketing and SEO in recent years, should every web dev think about SEO when creating a website? Many web devs don't think about SEO at all, which is fine, but when Google penalises a site for some reason everyone …
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8 Red Flags to Look for When Hiring an SEO Company
Because the ability to generate traffic can consume a great deal of time and effort, many turn to service providers to help them—primarily when it comes to search engine optimization, or SEO. But, how can you be sure to hire a reliable SEO agency that …
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5 Methods For Integrating Playlisting Into Your Digital Marketing Campaign

5 Methods For Integrating Playlisting Into Your Digital Marketing Campaign
When compared to other methods of promoting new music, Playlisting is in many ways the Wild West of digital marketing. That said, it is still an important and, potentially, highly beneficial tool for any indie musician, as Jørn Haanæs explains in his …
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Madwire Media providing digital marketing and more
Mad stands for marketing and design. The Kelloggs started the company because “they saw a huge need for digital marketing services,” said Farra Larimore, public relations director for Madwire. “There was a big up-and-coming trend of advertising through …
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How To Measure Your Digital Marketing Efforts [Infographic]
Digital marketing has a powerful ability to boost your bottom line. But how do you track a new blog subscriber to the sharp end of your sales funnel? And what about Twitter and Facebook? Knowing how to link your social media activities to your P&L isn …
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