Sarah and Beth Anne interview Mom entrepreneurs who are succeeding in online business. Mom bloggers, etsy shop owners, photographers, and designers are just a few of the brilliant business moms featured here. – Brilliant Business Moms with Sarah Korhnak and Beth Anne Schwamberger

Sarah and Beth Anne interview Mom entrepreneurs who are succeeding in online business. Mom bloggers, etsy shop owners, photographers, and designers are just a few of the brilliant business moms featured here. – Brilliant Business Moms with Sarah Korhnak and Beth Anne Schwamberger
from Brilliant Business Moms with Sarah Korhnak and Beth Anne Schwamberger
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View Details about Sarah and Beth Anne interview Mom entrepreneurs who are succeeding in online business. Mom bloggers, etsy shop owners, photographers, and designers are just a few of the brilliant business moms featured here.

Brand Fever Perfects Collaboration Between Designers and Developers

Atlanta, Ga. (PRWEB) April 10, 2015

As a brand and marketing agency with a hybrid team that strives to create engaging experiences both online and off, Brand Fever understands the value of collaboration, particularly when it comes to the nitty-gritty execution of a creative vision. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the creation of websites when developers translate a static design into a functional, interactive experience.

Through a process of trial and error, Brand Fever has arrived at a collaboration process that enables everyone involved in the execution of a project designers, developers, and account managers to collectively produce work of the highest caliber in order to move the needle for our clients.

Access the helpful list of dos and don’ts for successful collaboration in the website creation process here:

First, development and design decisions should be grounded in research that clearly identifies the target, current client pain points, and how to address those. Establishing the criteria for success early on lays the foundation for honest communication and feedback along the way and that extends to setting realistic expectations, both in terms of capabilities and timelines.

To combat inefficient project management a surefire way to create animosity between designer, developer, and account management camps Brand Fever embraces an agile workflow to connect designers and developers and to prevent unexpected holdups that occur in a more isolated, sequential approach.

These tactics, in tandem with a commitment to practicing flexibility and a lack of territorialism are essential in fostering effective relationships among designers and developers.

About Brand Fever

Since 1997, Brand Fever has worked at a fever pitch to become a source of bold ideas, visionary talent, and fearless leadership. A brand and digital marketing firm that thrives on a culture of collaboration and innovation. Our team transforms intelligence into brand strategy, and creates well-executed brands across all media platforms, positioning them for long-term success. Based in Atlanta, Brand Fever executes with creative excellence online, offline, and mobile. For more information visit:

New WordPress Digital Content Service Helps Web Designers Grow Their Business – PremiumWP.Services

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) March 02, 2015

As more web service-related businesses compete online to find new clients and sell WordPress services, things are only going to get tougher for newer and smaller web design firms and individuals starting out, especially those low on time and financial resources.

A newly launched and highly affordable “done for you” service called PremiumWP.Services helps web designers, web developers and content markets struggling to grow their business online with a unique competitive edge that provides them with leverage in the form of expertly-written, publish-ready WordPress content for their websites and blogs.

“20 years ago, Bill Gates said that ‘Content is King’ and then 8 years ago, internet marketing pioneer Seth Godin declared that ‘Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left.’ Content marketing is the most effective way to market and promote a business online, but everyone is just ‘too busy’ nowadays to write their own web content,” says Martin Aranovitch, the owner and main content publisher of PremiumWP.Services.

“Outsourcing the creation of content about WordPress to writing services and freelance writers typically leads to disappointing results. Often, you end up with poorly-written ‘blog filler’ articles that offer readers little to no substance and need to be completely rewritten. What’s the point of outsourcing to save time if you then have to rewrite all of the content again? It just defeats the entire purpose of outsourcing,” says Martin, who has spent years educating businesses about using WordPress to grow their business online and has written a number of comprehensive WordPress training guides for non-technical users as well as authoring a WordPress training plugin.

PremiumWP.Services provides web designers, web developers and even web content managers with very high quality, expertly-written WordPress content every month that is not only unique, original and ‘publish-ready’ to free them from having to write and publish web content on a regular basis for their own sites, but the detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials and comprehensive articles are actually cheaper to buy than if you outsource work to cheap freelance writers, where you still have to manage the entire content writing process.

With PremiumWP.Services exclusive WordPress content membership service, all of the work of planning, researching, writing, editing and creating content each month that engages readers and is also optimized for search engines is completely done for you.

Almost half of all the world’s CMS-driven websites and blogs are currently powered by WordPress. This is largely due to an active and thriving WordPress developer community that makes thousands of apps (called ‘plugins’) and web templates (called ‘themes’) available to WordPress users and people who start businesses selling WordPress services.

Although WordPress is taking over the CMS world, Martin recognized an underlying problem that lies at the heart of the growth and sustainability of WordPress itself.

“The target audience for tens of thousands of technical-minded web developers and service providers comprises mostly of non-technical users and businesses who don’t care about all the technical stuff, they just want a website that will get them results online,” says Martin. As a WordPress educator and trainer for many years, Martin has seen first hand that the more you educate potential clients about the benefits of using and choosing WordPress, the more WordPress products and services they will want to use and buy from you. Businesses that continually provide content to educate and train prospective clients and non-technical users about WordPress, therefore, are bound to capture a greater share of the WordPress services market.

Martin then provides further insight into this problem by stating that “although there are many tutorials and articles about WordPress online, these are mostly targeted towards technical people and ‘do-it-yourself’ website owners who don’t really need to buy WordPress services. To make things worse, whatever content is available online to educate and train non-technical users and beginners about WordPress is there to promote someone else’s business, not yours. Every WordPress service provider still has to write and publish their own content to grow their business. PremiumWP.Services is an ideal service for WordPress-related businesses because it provides you with a complete ‘done for you’ WordPress content strategy that will educate your potential clients to choose your services instead of someone else’s, and then helps you train your new clients afterwards, so they will continue to use your services, not someone else’s, because of their ongoing relationship with you. Without continually publishing new content about WordPress that educates non-technical users to do business with you, you have no sustainable way to compete against companies that employ web content writers to gain a greater share of the web services market online using content marketing.”

According to its owner, PremiumWP.Services has developed a highly effective method that combines WordPress expertise with manually adding hundreds of unique variations to the content, thus ensuring that no two versions of the tutorials and articles that members receive is the same. This provides users with comprehensive expert-quality content that does not require rewriting to make it unique for search engines. In addition, content that is written exclusively for members of PremiumWP.Services comes with private label rights, allowing users to completely edit the content to suit their needs and even claim authorship of the content.

“I have spent years developing our unique ‘done for you’ and ‘publish-ready’ system,” says Martin of his newly-launched WordPress content service. “All the hard work has been done for you. You can literally just copy, paste and schedule an entire month’s worth of great WordPress content to publish on your website or blog. This then frees you up from having to create content for the rest of the month, and lets you focus your time more productively on other areas of your business, like finding and servicing new and existing clients. While you’re busy doing other things, your SEO-optimized content is working for you 24/7, getting indexed on search engines, helping to drive new traffic organically and keeping visitors engaged on your website and looking at your services, instead of going to your competition for information that can help them grow their business online.”

If content marketing is the only type of marketing left, then somewhere along the line, someone has to do the time-consuming work of writing great quality content for your business. That’s where PremiumWP.Services can give you the unique leverage that you need for expertly-written content at a price that no other content writing service can match.

PremiumWP.Services is an exclusive membership site with only limited spots available. If you need expertly-written WordPress content to grow your web services business, visit Challenges 3D Designers to Create 50 Shades of Future Worlds

Vilnius, Lithuania (PRWEB) February 23, 2015

Having caused a considerable stir last year, the 3D modeling contest dedicated to triggering and exploring the themes of alternative universe, parallel planets, time travel and dystopian and utopian worlds strives to offer 3D designers an opportunity to work on imagination-powered projects that require both exceptional skill and creativity.

When it comes to realizing extraordinary ideas, our experience shows that it always starts with the same question what if?. We want our designers to unleash their creative geniuses and come up with never-imagined sci-fi concepts. Its an opportunity to work without a brief and develop your own ideas, said Marius Kalytis, founder and CEO of CGTrader.

The most outstanding sci-fi designs are often based on mind-bending technological inventions, so the fusion of spaceship, character, vehicle, building and gun 3D models promises to devise a complex new world of science fiction. Designers are encouraged to take an original and fresh approach to land some valuable prizes from many sponsors including Allegorithmic, 3D Artist Online, Rayvision,, Daz3D and Nextlimit.

The challenge runs until 20th of April, 2015.


A community-backed 3D model marketplace was founded in 2011 with a mission to democratize the 3D modelling and 3D design market. With more than 100 000 registered users, the company unites 3D modelling professionals from all around the world. There are more than 95 000 3D models uploaded to the digital library. CGTrader is backed by Practica Capital, a seed and venture funds based in Vilnius, Lithuania, which is financed from the Operational Programme for Economic Growth 2007-2013 under the JEREMIE initiative in Lithuania, by the European Regional Development Fund. The company has also raised funding from Intel Capital to strengthen community and its position in 3D printing market.

Utah Sites Web Designers Offering Complimentary WordPress Class to Celebrate New Office in Layton

Ogden, Utah (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

Utah Sites isn’t the typical web design company in Utah. Their office is quaint with vibrant splashes of orange. And a “splash” is exactly what they’re setting out to do in Utah’s web design industry by opening their latest Layton office location. To celebrate, they recently announced WordPress web design classes for companies and business owners… at no cost.

Utah Sites lead designer, Damon Burton, comments on the WordPress classes. “It may seem counter intuitive for a business like us to offer web development classes for free. So, why do we do it?” He continues. “The best customer for us to work with is one that is educated in what we do. Once a business owner is able to see first hand the amazing things that can be done with WordPress websites, we’re confident that when they want to take their website to the next level that they’ll happily come back to Utah Sites web design company.”

Utah Sites’ next WordPress web design class is tentatively scheduled for Friday, November 14th. The course will be taught at their Layton web design company office – 195 E. Gentile, Layton, Utah. Seating is limited. To reserve your spot call 1-801-774-9999 or register online:

With nearly 20% of all websites running on WordPress it is globally recognized as one of the most powerful website tools in the world. Utah Sites’ complimentar course will show small business owners how to install WordPress, change the template designs, and add website pages at any time. The Utah company will also cover bonus material that shows companies how to enhance their website with search engine optimization.

Utah Sites is recognized as a leading design firm in Utah. They have built websites or optimized websites for some of Utah’s most loved companies.

Leatherbys Ice Cream
Zarbees Cough Syrup
Flirty Aprons
Spoonful of Comfort
and hundreds of others

To learn more about Utah Sites’ services, or to inquire about further class details, visit or call 1-801-774-9999. Nominated Imaginovation As Top 50 Web Designers In Raleigh

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) June 25, 2014

Imaginovation, an innovative custom web design and application development firm in Raleigh, North Carolina was recently voted as one of the best in the area for their services. This nomination drastically raised the companys brand recognition and awareness because of UpCity.coms credibility that it offers to the digital world. Michael Georgiou, the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder stated, the tribute was an important moment for the company as our hard work, creativity, and dedication in providing top notch web development services paid off.

UpCity made their selection from the rigorous competition of hundreds upon hundreds of web design companies based on a certain criteria such as their social media presence, prominence in Google and Yahoo search results, website user experience, and how well they represented themselves on the Internet. The city of Raleigh was not a place that took lightly in terms of voting for the best, they saw Raleigh as becoming one of the booming tech hubs on the east coast, which made them choose very wisely during the selection process.

With having a remarkable social media presence in just three years of being in the market with over 3,000 Facebook likes, 7,000 plus Twitter followers, ranked top four on Google for several competitive keywords, and displaying a very impressive portfolio, it was not a shock why they became recognized.

To learn more about Imaginovation and what they offer, you can visit their website, and to read the article of who else got selected in Raleigh and why, visit Announces New Services for Independent Fashion Designers

Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 19, 2014

Independent fashion designers will benefit from the new service that offers. In addition to current services, teamed up with fashion experts to help designers sell their clothing and accessories online.

Nowhere other than can a designer promote their brand, gain publicity tools and connect with fashion influencers and shoppers all in one place! serves as a central hub where designers can have all the necessary tools they need to design, develop a brand, and market their creation. Designers can have the latitude to create their portfolio and their own blog as an extension in assisting to establishing professional search engine optimization. It’s not only a place to unleash designers’ creativity, but the website is also loaded with the right business tools to assist talents create a successful fashion brand and grow their bottom line.

Reginalde Messac and her team are dedicated to exclusively helping independent fashion designers. By doing so, they are able to truly fulfill their company’s mission and vision of helping independent designers flourish. It also provides consumers choices of original designs to express their own personal style, instead of mass produced items seen at stores. FashionLabel designers create the buzz and set trends.

About is a thriving virtual design studio and e-commerce store that showcases and sells the hottest designs by emerging fashion talent. The site provides marketing, sales and public relations tools to empower designers to build their brand, connect with shoppers, and manage inventory. In addition, the site also connects independent designers with top fashion influencers who provide commentary, blog and share on social media their favorite fashions on the site. is the place for designers to ignite the next fashion trend.

Designers of Things 2014

Designers of Things 2014
Event on 2014-09-23 07:00:00
Designers of Things is an all-new conference & showcase dedicated to accelerating the design, development and business of Wearable Tech, 3D Printing and Internet of Things, empowering the inventive people behind these technologies to take their skills and products to the next level.

Featuring keynote Gadi Amit, Founder & Principal Designer of NewDealDesign and Design Lead of FitBit & Google's 3D Printed Ara Phone, DoT 2014 brings together the designers, developers, entrepreneurs, project funders and business leaders behind these technologies for two days of expert insights, practical education and technical training around: how these technologies intersect and work together, the unique challenges in developing these technologies, taking projects from concept to reality, the business of bringing innovations successfully to market, the latest industry developments and where we’re headed in the future.

Registration is open at!

at UCSF Mission Bay Mission Bay Community Center
1675 Owens Street
San Francisco, United States

International Clothing Line Shares Strategies with Aspiring Designers; Gives Tips on Creating Apparel with Universal Appeal

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 03, 2014

This week, i.CTZN’s co-founders, Sheena Gao and Laura Krusemark, shared their insight on how they developed and created an apparel line with universal appeal and tapped into foreign markets abroad. After 15 years of working in Apparel and Product Development with some of the leading retailers in the U.S., as well as mentoring many talented designers from Europe, Asia, and within the U.S, Gao felt that there was a need to develop a stylishly unique clothing line that would drive home the message of attaining universal oneness & embrace all cultures globally. Gao partnered with long-time colleague Krusemark to create this apparel line, stemming from their passion and love for travel; thus, their vision for the international traveler with International Citizen, also known as i.CTZN was conceived and came to life. The idea of having an edgy apparel line for the avid traveler to dress with a sense of ease, incorporating design detail and patchwork symbolic to the many different countries around the world would be their underlying theme to drive home this message of a united front with their brand.

“From our world travels, said Gao and Krusemark, we’ve realized there is a niche market for our unique style that blends cultural details into garments. We incorporate these cultures and countries by showing their flags or patches of screen-print calligraphy in different languages, but with a universal style that is comfortable to wear and easy for travel.”

Currently, i.CTZN is housed in Asian markets abroad such as Tokyo, and have garnered a lot of interest in other countries such as Germany, Spain, and France, as well as Canada. Some of the best strategies for i.CTZN to be introduced to these markets is having done trade shows such as participating as exhibitors at Las Vegas’ Magic Marketweek. They feel this is the best way to not only provide their brand exposure, on market levels locally and internationally, but has also been the best approach to help them promote and drive sales. It has proven to be a great way to build relationships with various buyers, depending on what trade shows they decide to participate in. Some ways they test the markets abroad is by doing social media campaigns through utilizing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and their fashion blog to gain consumer feedback on their garments before investing their time in a particular destination. This could be as simple as posting certain items from their new collection and reviewing the comments and responses from a geographic location they are trying to target abroad. They do a lot of online marketing, or “guerrilla marketing” which consists of low-cost unconventional methods to create a buzz about their brand in order to stimulate more brand awareness. This can include short video posts, vining, online competitions, videos of their fashion shows, and behind-the scenes footage of their events to keep their audience & social network engaged. Rather than spending money on costly advertising campaigns, Gao and Krusemark feel this is a great way to start for new designers.

Through Gao and Krusemark’s personal journey of creating i.CTZN they have learned the strategies that are effective in building their brand locally and internationally. They hope to soon expand in having a line of shoes, bags, accessories and travel gear to include within the family of i.CTZN. International Citizen will be having their next fashion show with RAW Artists on April 13th in LA. Those interested can stay connected at

Indie Source makes premium apparel for clothing brands, then ensures those products make a big impact in the market. Learn more about how they support fashion brands with garment development, apparel manufacturing, fashion sales and marketing at