Facebook, Google's Silicon Valley campuses face flood risk: Report

Facebook, Google's Silicon Valley campuses face flood risk: Report
LONDON: At a time when global warming is threatening a rise in sea levels across the world, Silicon Valley giants Facebook, Google and Cisco may be more concerned as their campuses are now at the risk of being flooded. A fresh forecast by a team of …
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Google Doodle celebrates Shakespeare and St George's Day – but can you name
But rather than running through all the mentions of the saint in Shakespeare's plays, why not look at the celebratory image used by Google to mark their shared day. Saint George and his dragon appear at the far left and right, with the playwright in …
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Europe should forget Google and investigate its own shortcomings
Instead, the commission has chosen to launch a new investigation into one of its bête-noires — Google. This new witch-hunt, seeking to uncover skulduggery and anti-competitive practices in the way that Google has licensed its Android operating system …
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SEO: How to Combat Google's Ad Increase

SEO: How to Combat Google's Ad Increase
In the wake of Google's move to increase ads at the top of the search results pages while removing side-rail ads, many are focusing on the impact on paid advertising — rising cost per click, increased competition, and the like. However, organic search …
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SEO Success Stories: Ecommerce Magento Website Success Story
Through SEO, many companies have been bestowed with wings to fly to greater economic heights; thanks to effective and responsive SEO campaigns. Many have testified the greater works of professional SEO services with this Magento E-commerce website …
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The Effects of Machine Learning on Rankings and SEO
For a long time search engines relied on static ranking factors. Those webmasters and SEOs who knew what to pay attention for were able to reach the best positions on Google's SERPs. This has changed recently and will be changing in the future: The …
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Appeals court reopens Google's fight with MPAA-backed attorney general

Appeals court reopens Google's fight with MPAA-backed attorney general
A new appeals court ruling has reopened the fight between Google and Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood. Filed this morning by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the core of the ruling is procedural, vacating an earlier injunction against a …
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Tomatoes and Google connect a Canadian farmer to new Syrian neighbour
Then the man opened Google Translate, an app that provides two-way speech translation. "I am a tomato farmer from Syria," the man said, through his phone. "I was stoked and I said, 'oh, you like tomatoes?'" said Stone, who invited his new neighbour …
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What could Google possibly want with an armless robot?
Seven weeks ago, Google made waves in the robotics world with a human-like robot that could walk on uneven terrain, lift boxes and get back up after falling. Such abilities hadn't been seen in one robot. Now Google (formally known as Alphabet) is at it …
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Google's Paul Haahr On Patents For Learning SEO

Google's Paul Haahr On Patents For Learning SEO
Google's Paul Haahr, a lead ranking engineer at Google for 14+ years, had a nice conversation with the SEO community yesterday on Twitter. It all started with a tweet from @Tony_DWM and it went into how sometimes trying to learn SEO tips from Google …
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13 Times Seo Dae Young and Yoon Myung Joo Gave Us Some Serious Relationship Goals
The hype surrounding KBS 2TV's drama 'Descendants of the Sun' is not going to weaken any time soon and it comes as no surprise. One of the reasons of its undeniable popularity is the relationship between the second-lead romantic couple Seo Dae Young …
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Marketing expert from Portsmouth writes his first book on SEO
Lee Wilson, from Horndean, has secured a deal with Kogan Page publishers to release his guide to search engine optimisation – Tactical SEO. The book, which will be released on August 3, will equip businesses with the information they need to increase …
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How Will Google's AMP Pages Affect SEO | SEJ – Search Engine Journal

How Will Google's AMP Pages Affect SEO | SEJ – Search Engine Journal
You would login to your site and start walking through these steps, of course. That's exactly what I did. On February 23, 2016, Google introduced AMP listings into its mobile search results. So, what is Google's AMP, anyway? According to the …
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How advertisers should respond to fewer ads showing on Google
After a quiet start to the year with few notable changes in AdWords, the last month has seen a lot of interesting things happening, most notably the change to the layout of ads on the search results pages. I've shared my initial thoughts about this …
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Digital marketing expert speaks to local business leaders
Schust's address Tuesday covered everything from dominating local search engine optimization, to social media marketing, to website analytics, to organic search rankings, and much more. The devil can most certainly be in the details and the approach to …
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Google's Parent Company (Probably) Wants to Build a City From Scratch

Google's Parent Company (Probably) Wants to Build a City From Scratch
Rumors are swirling that Alphabet, the parent company formerly known as Google, wants to build its own techno-utopian town. But the size and feasibility of a town “built from the internet up” remains in question. Sidewalk Labs, a company under the …
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He created Google Alerts. Now he's an almond farmer
The Google founders tested it right away, said Kataru. In fact, the first keywords ever used to test Google Alerts were '"Google" and "Larry Page," he said. "They both loved it," said Kataru, who is listed on three patents for Google Alerts. Google …
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How companies really choose between Amazon, Microsoft, or Google in the cloud wars
That's why customers are largely choosing which cloud to go to by their own "business logic," not the underlying technology, says James Watters, Vice President and General Manager at Pivotal — a Dell/EMC company and a partner to Google, Microsoft, and …
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Google's Analytics 360 Suite just changed the game

Google's Analytics 360 Suite just changed the game
For the past 48 hours, all marketers have been talking about is the launch of Google's Analytics 360 Suite, six products designed to help large brands better unify and syndicate marketing and advertising data across all channels. But while the launch …
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Apple turns to Google for help storing some iCloud accounts
Apple Inc. and Google Inc. have publicly fought each other over patents, privacy protections and the attention of app-makers. But they've also colluded in the past to not poach each others' workers, shared revenue from Google searches on iPhones, and …
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Google's 'Chief Evangelist' Gives Unusual Talk to Cubans
A legendary computer scientist known as Google's chief Internet evangelist has delivered an unusual talk to Cuban officials in a sign of warming relations between the U.S. technology giant and the Cuban government days before President Barack Obama …
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Google's New SERP Layout: The Biggest Winners & Losers

Google's New SERP Layout: The Biggest Winners & Losers
But wait. You also must remember that AdWords ads will continue to show at the bottom of the SERPs. So, now we're talking much less than 7.3 percent of clicks being impacted by the change. Really, with the addition of the fourth ad spot, and up to …
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The New Google SERP: 3 Changes & 3 Things That Haven't Changed…Yet
And while we were all enjoying our peaceful weeks, Google decided to start rolling out the biggest change to the SERP we've seen in years by removing the PPC ads along the right side of the SERP. Moz first noticed the changes early on Thursday (Feb 18) …
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Comment étudier la typologie des SERP pour se positionner plus facilement
Une des solutions pour optimiser son positionnement et se démarquer est d'étudier la typologie des pages de résultats de recherche (aussi appelées SERP pour Search Engine Results Page). Concrètement, il s'agit d'analyser les types de sites présents en …
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Steve Bell on Google's tax repayment – cartoon

Steve Bell on Google's tax repayment – cartoon
Lets just clarify how much tax Google paid under Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown. With 100% confidence I can tell you it was nothing, zilcho, nada! This is public domain knowledge skillfully glossed over here. So why are Brown & Darling not portrayed …
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Formation Data Systems Created To Enable 'Google-Like' Storage Capabilities
The company was launched by a team led by Chairman and CEO Mark Lewis to offer software that provides hyper-scale enterprise storage solutions in much the way Google or Facebook enable massive storage capabilities through their own home grown …
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Matt Cutts: Google Core Updates Were So Drastic Due To End Of Year Code Freeze
Matt Cutts of Google who is still on leave as far as we know, was on TWIG #336 and he spent about 15 minutes going through the core updates, Penguin, the webmaster team and more. It starts at the one hour and three minute and forty-five second mark and …
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The SEO Implications of Google's Search Quality Raters Guidelines

The SEO Implications of Google's Search Quality Raters Guidelines
Although it doesn't reveal the “secret sauce” to ranking number one on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), the guidelines do provide valuable insight into what Google values, or finds undesirable, when evaluating a website or web pages. It should …
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An important digital marketing tactic
According to Quirk "It is the practice of optimizing a website to achieve the highest possible ranking on a search engine results page (SERPs)." An SEO professional is called an SEO (search engine optimizer). Although many search engines do not …
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Even small businesses' websites need good search engine optimization
Search engine optimization, aka SEO, for your small business is the key to being found on the Internet. Grant Kantsios of the Charlotte-based SEO … And, organic and well-planned SEO takes time to implement, and it can take up to six months to see …
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