MacroPoints Newest Patent Highlights Ongoing Innovation

MacroPoint, creators of patented freight tracking software designed to give 3rd party visibility into load status by tracking the location of a drivers mobile phone, including flip phones, or existing in-cab ELD/GPS devices, today announced it has been issued a new patent. The latest United States Patent issued to the company (US 9,070,295) is for MacroPoints systems and methods of monitoring the location of freight carried by a vehicle.

Patents are proof that the technology we are selling is invented and owned by MacroPoint, said Bennett Adelson, president of MacroPoint. They give our customers security and peace of mind that the technology they are deploying throughout their business is properly licensed to them from MacroPoint who owns the underlying methods and intellectual property.

MacroPoint technology is protected by United States Patents for Systems and Methods for Monitoring Location of a Vehicle (US 8,330,626) and for Systems and Methods for Monitoring Location of Freight Carried by a Vehicle (US 8,604,943). The patents verify the exclusivity of its technology for automated tracking of third party carriers utilizing a variety of mobile communication devices.

Used with a drivers mobile phone, including flip phones, or existing in-cab ELD/GPS devices, MacroPoints patented location tracking software gives third parties load status and location visibility on their shipments. With MacroPoint, brokers, 3PLs and shippers have real-time location tracking, on-time delivery monitoring, and arrival and departure notifications that enhance the efficiency and profitability of their operations.

About MacroPoint

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, MacroPoint designs freight tracking solutions for shippers, brokers and 3PLs. Founded in 2009, MacroPoints patented, automated load tracking software provides load location visibility to third parties. The pay per use solution works on any cell phone, not just smart phones, and with existing in-cab ELD/GPS tracking devices to provide real-time location tracking, on-time delivery monitoring, and arrival and departure notifications to third parties. Integrated with a wide range of TMS systems, MacroPoint automates the entire process, eliminating the need for drivers to check in with dispatchers, and for shippers and brokers to check in with carriers. To date, nearly 300,000 drivers supporting thousands of brokers, shippers and trucking companies are MacroPoint enabled. To learn more about MacroPoints go-to solution for third party shipment tracking, call 866-960-0328 or visit

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Susan Fall

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ERISA Case Highlights Importance of Written Releases at Termination of

ERISA Case Highlights Importance of Written Releases at Termination of
Sullivan was also a participant in two Stanadyne plans, a tax qualified pension plan (“the pension plan”) and a non-qualified, unfunded supplemental retirement plan for a select group of highly compensated employees (“the SERP”). While at Stanadyne …
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Families enjoy road safety event in South Woodham Ferrers
Partners from the Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP), including Essex Highways and Essex Air Ambulance were on hand to talk about road safety, from advising about blind spots to visitors taking part in activities on how your concentration is affected …
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New Study Highlights Wise Companys Commitment To Long-Term Food Protection

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) June 03, 2015

Wise Company, a leading supplier of reliable, easy-to-make and extremely affordable dehydrated and freeze-dried foods for emergency, long-term storage and camping usage, recently released results of a study conducted by Silliker Labs, on the Metallyte barriers used in Wise products. The results highlighted that Metallyte provides an unprecedented amount of protection against moisture and oxygen, ensuring that Wise products maintain some of the highest standards in the long-term food packaging industry.

In order to prevent a food item from spoiling during storage, it is vital that the items packaging provide adequate protection against moisture, heat or air exposure. If a food item is exposed, its shelf life will rapidly decline, therefore increasing the chance for spoiling to occur. Many long-term food competitors utilize inferior metallic foils as a barrier to protect against air or moisture exposure. It is vital that the barrier is puncture and flex-crack resistant in order to prevent any unfortunate breaches. Wise utilizes Metallyte barriers, supplied by Wise Companys packaging partner ExxonMobil, which are performance-enhanced and environmentally safe metalized-oriented polypropylene films. According to ExxonMobil, when Metallyte is used in place of standard aluminum foil the benefits include an overall weight reduction of 15 percent, as well as a general reduction in solid waste, GHG emission and energy consumption.

Wise Company partnered with Silliker Labs to further test their pouch packages that use Metallyte. Silliker examined a number of Wise Companys products, testing for oxygen levels within each package: the tests revealed that most of the products had an average oxygen level of 0.28 percent. In comparison, Mountain House, another provider of long-term storage foods, published test results that showcased average oxygen levels of 1.42 percent inside their sealed products. Wise Companys products, which are made with high-quality ingredients sourced in the U.S.A., maintain some of the highest standards within the food storage industry concerning moisture, heat and oxygen exposure.

For more information about Wise Company, or to learn more about the companys products or its usage of Metallyte, please contact Mike Malmrose, director of digital marketing, at 801-383-1353 or by emailing him at

About The Wise Company

The Wise Company, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, is a leading provider of high-quality, long-term food kits, emergency food kits, dehydrated or freeze-dried food items for camping, long-term-storage or emergency purposes. Many of the companys prepared foods can last for up to 25 years and Wise Companys products have been featured on a number of television channels, including The Weather Channel, the Outdoor Channel and the American Heroes Channel (formerly the Military Channel). For more information please visit

Eurecom Highlights Apps That Ping Tracking Websites Without User Knowledge

Eurecom Highlights Apps That Ping Tracking Websites Without User Knowledge
Sometimes the apps that users download can be sneaky though, and those ads can also be linked with multiple different types of websites including ad-related sites, tracking websites and in some cases even with websites that at some point were related …
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Your online guide to Ben Carson
The candidate Ben Carson's Web site does not list his favorite activities. As recently as last year, Ben Ivan Carson still controlled the domain. By now, Ben Ivan was a student at Langley High School in McLean and a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He …
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When disgusting goes viral: Strong negative emotions can push social sharing
The results showed that people were far more likely to share the most disgusting account of a story, even if the tale was truly repulsive. The researchers found similar results when they looked at the most popular stories on websites that specialized …
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Mark Ways Shares Highlights From His Ultimate Vocabulary 2015 Software Review, eReflect Reveals

New York City, NY (PRWEB) May 01, 2015

eReflect is a company that provides Ed Tech resources to individuals, businesses, and schools around the world. Following the release of their vocabulary-building program Ultimate Vocabulary2015,the company has announced that Mark Ways of Speed Reading Lounge has provided a detailed positive evaluation of the program, highlighting its ability to broaden a user’s vocabulary with minimum effort and in little time.

Ultimate Vocabulary 2015 has been released in two editions, notes eReflect, one for individual users and one tailored for the classroom. The latter version offers an extensive set of customized and user-friendly tools for easy administration and student tracking, as well as the familiar fun games and activities the program is known for.

For Ways, the main benefit of Ultimate Vocabulary is its usability and user-friendliness. He explains that the program offers the most extensive word database available, and how the user can access that database to get a wealth of linguistic information , from synonyms and antonyms to pronunciation and real life usage examples.

One of the most important features of the program is the variety of learning approaches the user gets access to. Learning takes place through video tutorials, vocabulary games, and quizzes. Using a blend of new and traditional-but-reinvented activities means the program offers each use multiple ways to increase vocabulary, in a way that doesnt feel intimidating.

The progress tracking feature of Ultimate Vocabulary is another aspect of the system that Ways describes. This feature ensures the effort invested in vocabulary practice is measurable on an individual level, in real time. Whats even more important, Ways notes, is the fact that it helps the learner pinpoint their progress on a timeline and set new goals for themselves. Vocabulary building becomes an open-ended process of constant improvement and growth. For Mark Ways, Ultimate Vocabulary sets the bar high for its competitors, saying,

But as time has frequently shown, the reality can be far from the ideal and Ultimate Vocabulary is seemingly here to lay down the standards every vocabulary-based program should try to achieve.

In his professional review, Ways also explains the importance of a new feature that enables group learning for home edition users of the program. The user can share his or her success with friends and family on Facebook, and invite other users to practice vocabulary together. Both the home edition and the vocabulary program for schools are cloud-based and enable Facebook sharing for users.


For more information on how you can benefit from Ultimate Vocabulary, please visit its official website,

About Ultimate Vocabulary

Ultimate Vocabulary provides a proven and powerful platform, built to improve anyones vocabulary.

The interactive self-improvement system provides more learning tools than any other program on the market, as well as more information on words.

The Ultimate Vocabulary software provides each and every user with a personal computer tutor. Providing a step-by-step guide to learning a powerful vocabulary, Ultimate Vocabulary is the learning tool everyone can benefit from.

Of course, the software is also backed by eReflects iron-clad money back guarantee.

Clutch Highlights Leaders in Local SEO

Clutch Highlights Leaders in Local SEO
WASHINGTON, April 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Today Clutch published the first edition of its research identifying leading Local SEO companies. The research leverages the proprietary Leaders Matrix methodology, mapping each firm's focus on search engine …
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Carolina Liquid Chemistries Webinar Highlights the Evolution of Addiction Medicine

Yorba Linda, CA (PRWEB) April 28, 2015

Carolina Liquid Chemistries is sponsoring a new educational webinar, The Evolution of Addiction Medicine – Survive or Thrive? featuring discussions from Franco Sicuro MD and Carlos Himpler.

Franco Sicuro MD, reflecting on 30 years as board certified psychiatrist, will describe the journey of how Addiction Medicine has evolved over the last three decades; highlighting the expectations of physicians and treatment centers. Dr. Sicuro will discuss some of the challenges facing addiction practices and treatment centers and identify ways to evolve and thrive in its ever changing environment.

Carlos Himpler is a successful business development strategist and will discuss the process of implementing a clinical laboratory, along with its pitfalls and promise.

Dr. Sicuro is a board certified psychiatrist practicing for over 30 years. His private practice is located in Creve Coeur Missouri. He is the founder and Principal Investigator of Millennium Psychiatric Associates, a clinical research company conducting clinical trials in Alzheimers, Schizophrenia, Depression and Bipolar illness. He is Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at KCUMB in Kansas City. Dr. Sicuro founded The Heron Fund a charitable organization very active in supporting clean water projects and medical missions in third world countries. He has been serving as president of the organization since 2007.

Carlos Himpler specializes in Service Operations, Business Strategy and Corporate Development. Mr. Himpler is an Executive Level Strategist with extensive experience leading new business development and service operations. He has helped organizations reorganize and simplify business processes to maximize market share and customer delivery performance, as well as executing business development strategies to penetrate and expand key markets. Mr. Himpler has orchestrated joint ventures, business start-ups, reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, and integration’s to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. He has had P&L responsibility over multi-million dollar businesses and is currently a healthcare consultant for physician practices and hospitals across the country. Mr. Himpler has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to set up a clinical laboratory and has set up a number of laboratories for his clients.

The complimentary webinar, hosted by LabRoots, will be presented on April 29, 2015, at 11:00 am PST/2:00 pm EST/8:00 pm CET.

For full details and free registration, click here.

About Carolina Liquid Chemistries:

Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp. is a manufacturer, distributor, re packager, and re labeler of chemistry instruments and reagents for use in the clinical chemistry laboratory. Laboratories today are looking to cut costs and retain quality. Carolina Liquid Chemistries helps clinical laboratories accomplish both with reagents for use on a variety of chemistry instruments and attractive service contracts.

About LabRoots:

LabRoots is the leading professional networking website designed to connect all science verticals. Founded in March 2008, LabRoots vision was to connect the scientific world leveraging a myriad of unique features and tools, discovering meaningful collaborations across geographic boundaries and fields of expertise. LabRoots is the owner and producer of BioConference Live which has grown into the worlds largest series of virtual events within the Life Sciences and Clinical Diagnostics community.

IPL 2015 CSK vs KXIP Match Highlights: Watch Brutal McCullum and Ashwin

IPL 2015 CSK vs KXIP Match Highlights: Watch Brutal McCullum and Ashwin
Earlier, McCullum did what he does best – which is tonk bowlers for fun – with Dwayne Smith also joining him for a while at the top of the innings as the IPL's best opening partnership made merry again. The fearsome duo put on 50 runs together in just …
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Top 5 Bitcoin Paid-to-Click Websites
These websites, which can be used to earn Bitcoin, are usually much more profitable than faucets, and are a great way for website owners to get more visitors. But what are paid-to-click websites? On PTC (paid-to-click) … Here is a list of some of the …
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With Apple Watch Release, MBLM Highlights Its Brand Intimacy Study Ranking Apple as Most Intimate Brand

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 24, 2015

MBLM, the Brand Intimacy Agency focused on strategy, design, creative and technology, defines brand intimacy as an essential relationship between a person and a brand, that when achieved has been proven to result in improved business performance and lasting value. Apple Watch, described by Apple itself as its most intimate device, epitomizes this new paradigm.

MBLMs annual flagship Brand Intimacy Study, which examines how to create, sustain and measure ultimate brand relationships, in 2014 ranked Apple as the gold standard in brand intimacy and 10 times more intimate than the number two ranked brands. Additionally, with the release of the Apple Watch, MBLM expects Apple to further its lead as the worlds most intimate brand.

Our company was founded on the promise that personal devices such as the Apple Watch, will usher in an era of pervasive, integrated and intimate technology, says Mario Natarelli, MBLMs managing partner. We look forward to seeing the impact of such innovative technologies on companies and the way they approach marketing in general. We strongly believe that brand intimacy is about to enter its next phase of evolution.

To further MBLMs commitment towards understanding brand intimacy, the company is launching Dearly in May 2015, an Apple Watch app enabling users to remain in constant touch with loved ones near and far, as well as fielding an ethnographic study of real users of Apple Watch. MBLM will also launch its next Brand Intimacy Study in September 2015. To download the 2014 Brand Intimacy Study visit this link.

About MBLM: MBLM is the Brand Intimacy Agency, dedicated to creating greater intimacy between people, brands and technology. With offices in 7 countries, our multidisciplinary teams help clients deliver stronger marketing outcomes and returns for the long term. To learn more about how we can help you create and sustain ultimate brand relationships, visit the company website.