Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa in Florida to Install SemaConnect Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Washington, DC (PRWEB) June 09, 2014

More vacationers are choosing destinations within driving distance from their homes and for electric vehicle (EV) drivers, this provides the unique challenge of finding a convenient place to charge their electric vehicles. SemaConnect, Inc. announced that they were chosen by Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa to install two electric vehicle charging stations at their location in Jupiter.

We are excited to offer visitors to the beautiful beaches of the Palm Beach area another convenient place to charge their vehicle, said Mark Pastrone, VP of Business Development at SemaConnect. SemaConnect is committed to building the best electric vehicle charging stations on the market and we look forward to partnering with more vacation destinations to keep up with the growing demand.

SemaConnects networked electric vehicle charging stations and web-based management software makes it easy for station owners to deploy at their properties. The stations are sophisticated networked Level II (240Volts, 30Amps) commercial grade and comes bundled with web-based management software that station owners can:

Manage time-of-use pricing with built-in payment gateway
Run sustainability reports on fossil fuel and CO2 emissions
See real-time electricity metering
Manage electric vehicle driver usage

For EV drivers, SemaConnect has an iPhone and Android smart phone app that allows them to manage charging sessions, search for stations, and to manage their account. SemaConnect has also partnered with Recargo on their PlugShare app, the most widely used application for electric vehicle drivers, which allows them to start a charging session right from the PlugShare app for more convenience.

To download the iPhone app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/semaconnect/id471861561?mt=8.

To download the Android app: http://android.downloadatoz.com/apps/com.semaconnect,445945.

About SemaConnect

SemaConnect is the leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions and sophisticated software for station owners and electric vehicle drivers. SemaConnects ChargePro charging stations are wirelessly networked and offer advanced features such as smart-grid integration, RFID card authentication, sustainability reporting and more. ChargePro stations can be found at municipal, parking, multifamily, office, hotel and retail locations nationwide. Visit http://www.semaconnect.com to learn more about owning, managing or using a ChargePro.

About Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa

Situated along 1,000 feet of secluded Atlantic shoreline, Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa is an award-winning retreat that embodies barefoot elegance. Every guest is greeted with the gracious hospitality and exceptional resort amenities that has distinguished us as one of the top-ranked Palm Beach resorts in the Florida area. Learn more at http://www.jupiterbeachresort.com.

SemaConnect Contact:

Amber Perry – Marketing Specialist


301-352-3730, ext. 224

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