Why PR isn't dead

Why PR isn't dead
They seem to believe keyword stuffing is out the door and only drops search engine results page (SERP) rankings. The truth is that just a few years ago, Google preferred SEO tactics centered on keywords. But updates to its algorithm for producing SERPs …
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How to get the most from RankBrain, Google's new ranking-robot
Google unveiled the latest update to its SERP ranking algorithm. Here's how to keep your content high in search results. On October 26, Google unveiled its newest ranking signal, RankBrain, which has been working in conjunction with Google algorithms …
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The Dark Web isn't as revolutionary as you'd think

The Dark Web isn't as revolutionary as you'd think
When the United States Naval Research Laboratory began development of The Onion Router (TOR) in the mid-1990's they meant well. How could they have known it would eventually become a popular habitat for hackers, child pornographers and criminals?
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How To Find The Most Popular Show: As TV Ratings Decline, Nielsen Plays
At NYC Television Week in New York, some media executives said Nielsen has been too slow to innovate in the wake of changes in TV-viewing habits. However, Nielsen said it is preparing to unveil an audience-measurement tool that will account for viewing …
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Ben Oren: How to Avoid the Most Common Marketing Mistakes SMB Commit
While he does not follow many individuals in the field, he regularly checks out professional websites that publish the most cutting edge content from various experts, including comprehensive guides and important Google updates. "Namely, I find I stay …
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Pittsburgh Steelers fans rank 14th; why that list isn't good | PennLive.com

Pittsburgh Steelers fans rank 14th; why that list isn't good | PennLive.com
"And these teams will do better when we switch to non-financial metrics such as social media following," Tripathi wrote. "But for the current 'revenue premium' model these teams just don't price high enough. In a way, these teams with massive season …
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Penn State recruit Sean Clifford has linebacker mentality; Christian
Today's Penn State football news features comments from 2017 quarterback recruit Sean Clifford's high school coach and a remark from Christian Hackenberg that suggests his NFL future is far from decided. St. Xavier (Ohio) High School coach Steve Specht …
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The Four E's–Part One | Invest or Die | Steve Levy | Palo Alto Online |
Similarly, I hope Palo Alto can develop a high level of service shuttle system but I have no idea whether the ridership is there. I would try a pilot program. My concern with high speed rail ore El Camino BRT, on the other hand, was that in the absence …
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13 tell-tale signs your business isn't optimised for search

13 tell-tale signs your business isn't optimised for search
If your website needs more, or better, search engine optimisation, it will always struggle to gain visibility on Google, Bing and other search engines and will not easily attract customers. Below, experts share some clear signs that you need to revisit …
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All for Love
100 years from now you'll remember what you did that day, where you were, and whom you were with. Integrate the new alignment into your cells. … YouGov is not only extremely accurate with its predictive forecasts, but is also the only top performing …
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FIFA Officials Arrested on Corruption Charges; Blatter Isn't Among Them

FIFA Officials Arrested on Corruption Charges; Blatter Isn't Among Them
The arrests were a startling blow to FIFA, a multibillion-dollar organization that governs the world's most popular sport but has been plagued by accusations of bribery for decades. The inquiry is also a major threat to Sepp Blatter, FIFA's longtime …
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UK to ban laughing gas
LONDON: Britain has decided to ban laughing gas – the second most popular recreational drug in Britain. … The web giants must do more to crack down on this – they cannot simply sit on their hands and ignore what is happening on their own sites. We …
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The Other FIFA Scandal: Slave Labor
Soccer is the world's most popular sport, and fans everywhere were shocked Wednesday when the U.S. Department of Justice announced it had arrested 14 high-ranking soccer officials on corruption charges. The widespread bribery and greed within the …
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Why Your SEO Strategy Isn't Working: Searches You Need To Optimize For

Why Your SEO Strategy Isn't Working: Searches You Need To Optimize For
The google algorithm determines that the user – from these terms – wants to make a purchase, so it providesthem with relevant informatin on search engine results pages (SERP) to helpl them make that purchase. Unfortunately, winning at transactional …
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Twitter Partners With Google: What You Need to Know
I sat down with Search Engine Optimization Strategist Brynna Baldauf, and she explained that her team is “excited to see the ever changing SERP and the form it will take, but we fear that it may be additionally hard to segment out each channel's …
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How to Make Sure Your Link Dev Isn't Working Against All Your Other Marketing

How to Make Sure Your Link Dev Isn't Working Against All Your Other Marketing
Link-building is something that seems to be outsourced frequently, as it's time-consuming and tricky to do well while minimizing risk. That's great news for companies that specialize in link development of course, but from my experience, it means that …
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SEMPO Opens 10th Annual State Of Search & Digital Marketing Survey
For the 10th annual edition, SEMPO has partnered with Third Door Media (publisher of Search Engine Land and our sister site, Marketing Land) to field the survey and report the results. The survey includes a range of questions to help the industry …
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FDA Cracks Down on Companies Using Search Engine Promotion Tactics
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are cracking down on three alleged marketers of unproven Ebola treatments by using an unusual tactic: Cracking down on their use of search engine marketing tactics.
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Up-vote all you want, but the Internet isn't a democracy

Up-vote all you want, but the Internet isn't a democracy
In late summer, after one of his animations hit Reddit's front page, Schneider devised a bit of code to help figure out exactly how that happened. For six weeks, his script logged the top 100 posts on Reddit every five minutes, dumping the data into a …
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FTSE 100 hits new five-week high
Britain's top share index advanced to a five-week high on Monday as investors bought into the consumer staples and retail sectors, with supermarket group Tesco leading the gainers. The stand-out mover of the day however was mid-cap services outsourcer …
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Study: Amazon, Microsoft Continue IaaS Battle
… the best option, especially when market research conflicts. Even Talkin' Cloud's own research confirms a difference in results among respondents. According to the 2014 Talkin' Cloud 100 — which ranks the world's top cloud service providers …
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Maybe Digital Marketing Isn't For You?

Maybe Digital Marketing Isn't For You?
When it comes to digital marketing, overnight success is a myth that many businesses get entrapped into believing. They put on their rose-tinted glasses and go about trying every trick in the book – they want to tie paid, owned, earned, and shared …
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The Importance of User Experience for Digital Marketing: 5 Key Tips
In my work as a user experience designer, we often work closely with digital marketers. Although the budgets for both types of work often come under the broad heading of "marketing money," the responsibilities of each and the outcomes they deliver vary …
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'Yes to the Dress'? This bride isn't so sure

'Yes to the Dress'? This bride isn't so sure
Even if you do not buy the idea that a wedding dress is the most important piece of clothing a woman will ever purchase, it is certainly likely to be among the most expensive. So why is every facet of the traditional … Neither store had the actual …
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Surge in people piecing together family history
According to a Time magazine report earlier this year, genealogy is so popular in the United States that it's the second-most visited category of websites (yes, porn is No 1). And there's really no reason to expect the results in Australia would be any …
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Economy minister visits Mochovce
Piano is online subscription network where you immediately get access to premium content of the most important Slovak websites for a single payment €3.90 per month. No matter where you perform the payment, your access to all the other websites in the …
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