Making the Most of Social Media for your Business (Hereford)

Making the Most of Social Media for your Business (Hereford)
Event on 2017-07-03 18:00:00
Everyone seems to talking about social media these days, but how can Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn actually help your business? The potential to reach new customers through social media has never been greater and is constantly growing. With £5.67 billion attributed to online purchases annually and website visitors being ten times more likely to make a purchase if they are directed from social media, you could be missing out on valuable promotion and sales. This short introduction workshop will cover using Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. Find out more about: The ethics, dynamics and best practices of social media Techniques to enhance your business brand How to acquire vital customer analytics How to keep customers engaged and loyal and get new customers How to raise your business profile Use your social media networks to improve your SEO The workshop will be £49 for the 3 hour session and you also benefit from good practice sharing of ideas with/from other attendees, a networking opportunity as well as a relaxed learning experience allowing you to make the most of the session.  No need for note taking as there will be plenty of hand outs and information to go away with including ideas for formalising a social media strategy. The workshop is aimed at new / small businesses and will provide opportunites for lots of questions from what is a hashtag to how do I multiply my post reach with lots of practical demonstrations, tips and tricks.  This will be delivered by Darren Milward, who has already shared his knowledge with over 480 small businesses to date. If you have any further questions beforehand, please email

at Wye Learn
2 Bridge Street
Hereford, United Kingdom

Making Sense of Today’s Digital Marketing Jungle

Making Sense of Today’s Digital Marketing Jungle
Event on 2017-06-21 19:00:00
Ever wonder how some businesses manage to keep getting new clients and other businesses have a hard time? Well come and find out when Plusnineseventwo founder Morielle Lotan hosts a meet up with Omer Menahse, founder of eMojo Digital Marketing. Omer will talk about the different methods of digital marketing available to companies and entrepreneurs today. He'll tell us how you can also get exposure for your product and/or service. Let's figure out the way to find a little calm in the crazy of today's digital marketing jungle. Can't wait to see you there. ! The topics for this meetup will be: Understanding what a customer journey is, and how to leverage yours. The fundamentals of online marketing strategies.  Selecting the right type of online marketing to maximize results for your specific business. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) VS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Why you keep seeing the same damn ad over and over after you've visited certain websites (and how to stop it!).

at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue
30 West 68th Street
New York, United States

Making Money With Mobile Apps

Making Money With Mobile Apps
Event on 2016-08-23 19:30:00
The 3 Most Important Things You Must Know To Start Making Money From Mobile Apps In The Next 10 Days. ***FREE BOOK FOR ATTENDEES*** APPSOLUTELY: How Anyone Can Appsolutely Create a Money-Making App in 10 Days or Less Are you looking to make more passive income for yourself, or increase sales to your business? If you would like to stand out from your competitors, or start a new source of income (while keeping your day job), join us on this special workshop. We're going to show you: How to make another ,000-,000 every month on autopilot. Our top tools that will help you 'Hack' your way to beautiful and professional looking mobile apps in minutes even if you have no technical knowledge. How to get your app to be ranked #1 in the Appstore so that you get truckloads of free traffic every single day. Making money money with mobile apps can be done without being an expert, and we're going to show you how! WHO SHOULD ATTEND? – Full Time Employees – Business Owners – Startups  – Funding Seekers – Learners See you there! Lim TianyiMD, Appsolutely Technologies Pte Ltd. ABOUT THE SPEAKER With over 11 years in the Internet marketing business, Tian started making a passive income online when he was 19 years old, serving full time in the national service years. He has experience in article marketing, search engine optimization, Adsense and Adwords advertising, list building, blogging, video marketing and many other marketing strategies. He authored his first healthy recipe book which became the best seller for its topic at 22 years of age while still a full time student at Singapore’s Management University. In 2010, Tian met a horrific car accident which nearly costed his life. His mentor told him "when you are driving, you cannot just look at the car directly in front of you, you must look at the car in front of the car in front of you.” He learned that in business, we cannot just look at the current methods of growing your business and overcoming current challenges, we need to also look at the market trends 5 years or 10 years down the road. From this new life experience and revelation, Tian has been studying intensively about the future of marketing and discovered the wonderful world of mobile apps and its business potential. He is now devoted to sharing the message of mobile apps and entrepreneurship with people all over the world.   Now he’s a mentor to numerous business and non-profit organizations in various industries such as accounting, dating, investments, real estates, food, laundry, coffee, photography, events, kickboxing, music, education, marketing, fashion, insurance, fitness, healthcare, dance, elderly, community services and many more. He cares deeply about people and is passionate about what he does.    Tian is now a a full time speaker, trainer and consultant. On June 1st, 2014, Tian shared the stage with Gerry Robert and spoke at the National Achiever’s Congress, Singapore’s most premier business conference, with approximately 7,000 people in attendance. Tian has also been invited to speak to people of different countries outside of Singapore, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Romania.   Lim Tianyi is also the co-founder and managing director of Appsolutely Technologies Pte Ltd, which helps businesses integrate their websites and mobile apps together to market and grow their business. He is also an Internet marketing and mobile app marketing consultant helping individuals start their own Internet and mobile app business, as well as helping existing business owners grow their sales and profits.   He actively participates in community and missionary work. His main objective of being an entrepreneur and speaking is to help more people achieve greater successes in life by creating more passive income, have more free time, and let technology work for them. He believes that entrepreneurship is a skill that can be learned and achieved with diligence and determination. Follow Lim Tianyi at or contact him at

at International Plaza #33-07
10 Anson Road
Singapore, Singapore


Event on 2016-04-22 07:30:00
THE NEW FRONTIER OF FUNDING, INVESTING & DEAL MAKING The “rules” for raising capital, investing in companies, and M&A have all changed in the last couple of years. How? All of it can now be done online on web platforms for much smaller amounts of investor capital. Not only can investors put in as little as or as much as ,000 on these deals, businesses can take advantage of Texas’ investor crowdfunding deals to raise up to million per project – again, all of it done online by letting investors come to you. When it comes to M&A – whether buying or selling – for private equity, real estate development, investment banking, broker-dealer, independent investment advisor, venture capitalist, or family office, every deal can now be done through a web portal – and the deals can be public or private. How does all of this work? Join us to learn how investor crowdfunding, alternative investing and M&A can be streamlined allowing CEOs to stay focused on growing their business. SPEAKERS Bobby Katoli, Co-founder, Managing Partner MassCatalyst Bobby co-founded MassCatalyst in 2014. Mass Catalyst is an alternative asset funding platform that works with private equity, broker-dealers, and investment banks to syndicate and transact on deals on the platform. The platforms technology handles payment processing, escrow services, accreditation, AML, OFAC checks, and gives full investor relations support with post-transaction portfolio management to keep investors up to date on performance and changes pertaining to their investment. MassCatalyst is automating investment banking. Bobby graduated from TCU with a major in finance and minors in accounting & chemistry. Danny Kelman, CEO CrowdBoarders Danny has built the first social investing network for tech startups needing to raise capital. Crowdboarders works with both investors and tech companies in Texas looking to raise capital with equity deals. Since the start of the crowdfunding industry, Danny contends in order for the industry to succeed, it must go social and it must be free for everyone to use. With these values, he has built a tech community of entrepreneurs and investors which has become CrowdBoarders. Prior to launching CrowdBoarders, Danny has worked as an Internet marketing specialist, a UI/UX Designer and is a self-proclaimed  social media addict.     Thank you to our 2016 Enlightened Speaker Series Sponsors:    

at Park City Club
5956 Sherry Lane Seventeenth Floor
Dallas, United States

CNE Workshop: Video Making 101 with Two-Head Video

CNE Workshop: Video Making 101 with Two-Head Video
Event on 2016-04-07 15:00:00
When: April 7th 2016 from 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm Where: Community Foundation of North Central Florida  3919 West University Ave, Suite #3 Gainesville FL, 32607 Cost: Free for members/ for non-members This CNE Workshop featuring Two Head Video will explore the topic of Video Making 101. The workshop will be held in the Foundation's training room.  With 1 billion videos viewed on Facebook alone each day, video content production is a rapidly evolving segment of online marketing. Consequentially, video production is key to starting a conversation, which can captivate donors at rates higher than other forms of media content.  This workshop will teach the basics of creating video content that will grab the attention of past, current, and future donors.   Presented by Two Head Video:  Marybeth Head- Writer, Director, and Editor As Producer/Director, MaryBeth is the key contact with clients. She oversees all phases of production and monitors budget concerns and deadlines. She is intimately involved in creative collaboration, shooting and editing. She applies her marketing background and experience to each project and with over 30 years in the industry, she has a reputation for finishing projects on time and on budget. DJ Head, Jr.- Director of Photography  With over 30 years in the business as Director of Photography and Production Supervisor, DJ oversees each shoot, and all other technical aspects of the production process. His knowledge and experience in a variety of challenging shooting applications contributes to his ability to foresee problems before they occur and efficiently troubleshoot those that happen on set and in the field.

at Community Foundation of North Central Florida
3919 West Newberry Road
Gainesville, United States

Decisive Communication Skills for Improved Productivity and Decision Making – By AtoZ Compliance.

Decisive Communication Skills for Improved Productivity and Decision Making – By AtoZ Compliance.
Event on 2016-03-23 13:00:00
Speaker: Chris DeVany

Key Take Away:

Get practical techniques for making structured decisions, even under pressure, to earn buy-in from bosses, coworkers and customers and become more decisive and productive in your approach.


This highly interactive seminar offers you and your team an array of practical tools to help you get things done in today's chaotic and constantly changing work environment. You’ll learn practical techniques for making structured decisions—even under pressure—to earn buy-in from bosses, coworkers and customers. In a workshop environment, you will participate in valuable exercises utilizing real-world case studies. You'll emerge with an action plan you can use right away to master expanding workloads and complex decisions.

Why Should You Attend:

• Become more productive by prioritizing work and maintaining focus
• Become a stronger communicator with techniques that enable you to question and clarify priorities
• Make better decisions based on consistently good analysis
• Become more decisive and make better decisions by gleaning the right information and appraising the situation more effectively
• Gain the cooperation of others by communicating the risks and gains of decisions
• Learn stress survival techniques to help you balance work and life when you must make tough choices you face every day

Areas Covered In This Webinar:

Managing Escalating Work Pressures

• Develop Answers to Vital Questions on Managing Work Pressures
• Use New Tools to Control Stress, Reduce Backlogs, and Redistribute Work Overloads
• Adopt Visual Maps That Help You Stay Calm under Pressure, While Rebuilding Confidence and Energy
• Collaborate with Coworkers to Invent Shortcuts
• Juggle Multiple Projects without Dropping the Ball

Gain Certainty about Priorities

• Prioritize by Validity, Not by Urgency
• Apply Three New Rules to Prioritize Your Projects
• Make Your Priorities Visible to Requesters
• Rank Your Priorities with the PAR Chart
• Apportion Your Time between Strategic and Tactical Work
• Start Priority Negotiations Early with Requesters

Prevent Collisions among Customers, Internal and External

• Replace Three Outmoded "Rules" of Time Management
• Adopt Two New Rules for Today’s Chaotic Conditions
• Learn Four Strategies to Avoid Calendar Collisions
• Design Tools That:

1. Educate Requesters on "Blind Risks" in Their Requests
2. Help Requesters Arrive at Your Door Better Prepared
3. Create a Selective Daily Action Plan
4. Match Assigned Deadlines with Actual Estimates

Manage Traffic While Meeting Needs

• Outline for a One-Page Business Case: Convince Others
• New "To-Do List": Help Everyone Face Reality
• The "Dot Chart": Re-channel Interruptions
• Work Request Validation Card: Help Requesters Make a Case When Seeking Your OK
• Quick Interim Review: Correct Employee Performance Shortfalls before They Escalate
• Smart Subject Lines: Eliminate the Need to Open e-Mails
• "On the Wall" Meetings: Shorten Meeting Time—Upgrade Involvement and Improve Joint Decisions

Communicate Powerfully Despite Pressure

• Employ Assertive Responses No Matter How Manipulated or Provoked You Feel
• Determine the Rare Occasions When Non-Assertive or Aggressive Responses May Be Advisable
• Decline a Request Successfully, Whether from Above, from Peers, or from Customers
• Use a Risk Reduction Card to Encourage Requesters to Assume Their Half of Any Negotiation
• Select Final Commitments and Refine Applications for Tools Introduced Today

See How Your Values and Thinking Styles Drive Decisions

• Learn How Your Values and Thinking Style Drive Your Decisions
• Apply Three Survival Steps to Decisions
• Detect Your Preferred Thinking Patterns

Learn the Decision Guide

• Come to See That Decision Making Is a Learned Skill
• Understand the Decision Guide Format through a Demonstration Case
• Learn the Decision Orbit Format to Generate Options for a Case

Apply the Decision Guide to Your Own Case

• Form a Team to Assemble a Real-Life Case Using the Decision Guide
• Complete the Decision Guide and Orbit, Step by Step
• Demonstrate Your Case for Fellow Attendees; Collaborate on Refining Your Decisions

See Others on Options

• Use Verbal and Visual Tools to Overcome Stakeholder Resistance
• Take Part in Role-Plays to Demonstrate a Choice of Verbal Tools
• Create Risk Clocks, Calendars, or Bar Charts to Educate Others about Risk Escalation
• Learn New Processes to Gain Internal Team Commitment

Fast Focus Analysis

• Try Out Fast Focus Analysis, a Tool for Making Complex Decisions with Multiple Issues and Opposing Stakeholders
• Work on a Prepared Case to Confirm That Needs or Attractions—Not Offers—Should Form Your Decision Criteria
• Create Attractions Lists for Two Opposing Options; Then Select "Quick Picks"
• Run a Fast Focus Analysis; Make Your Decision; Weigh It against Your "Quick Pick"
• Select Some Work-Life Dilemmas for Your Next Fast Focus Analysis

Learning Objectives:

• Become More Productive by Prioritizing Work and Maintaining Your Focus
• Become a Stronger Communicator with Techniques That Increase Your Ability to Question and Clarify Priorities
• Make Better Decisions Gleaning the Right Information and Appraising the Situation More Effectively
• Gain the Cooperation of Others by Communicating the Risks and Gains of Decisions
• Learn Stress Survival Techniques to Help You Balance the Tough Choices You’re Faced with Every Day

Who Will Benefit:

• Executives
• Managers
• Teams
• Sales & Marketing Personnel
• Business Development



For more information, please visit
Toll Free: +1- 844-414-1400
Tel: +1-516-900-5509

at Online Webinar
2754 80th Avenue
New Hyde Park, United States

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Making the Internet Work for Your Organization

Making the Internet Work for Your Organization
Event on 2015-10-28 09:00:00
MAKING THE INTERNET WORK FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION This half-day workshop will focus on the strategic use of Internet-based tools by nonprofits. New technologies can be overwhelming, and we're often drawn to the latest trend or buzzword. But by defining and prioritizing business goals, an organization can make appropriate choices and leverage Internet technologies for success. In this workshop we'll explore a planning process that an organization can use to make the most of the Internet, including ways to evaluate their existing Internet infrastructure. We'll discuss: The basic web presence – the website Managing content updates Mobile Social media presence and sharing Search engine optimization Fundraising and constituent relationship management  Internal business tools (Intranet) Wednesday, October 28 from 9am to 12pm Berkshire South Regional Community Center, 15 Crissey Road, Great Barrington, MA PRESENTER BIO Jim Jasper has been crafting Internet experiences since he built Audubon's first website in 1994. His company, Jasper Design, has served many of the world's leading nonprofits, including American Diabetes Association, American Jewish World Service, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the Henry Luce Foundation. Thanks to the Dyson Foundation, New York State Nonprofit employees and board members are eligible to receive 50% off of their ticket price.  

at Berkshire South Regional Community Center
15 Crissey Road
Great Barrington, United States