Miami Startup Tech Company Lang BridgeApp, Inc. Launches New Translation Messenger App and Online Store with Plans to Take the Lead in the Digital Market in 2015.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) March 31, 2015

Miami startup tech company, Lang BridgeApp Inc., launches social networking messenger with real-time automatic language translation and its online store, ‘Lang BridgeApp Store.’ The project is designed to catapult artists’ first week sales and make fans millionaires. Up until now, entertainers and fans of different languages were unable to have a direct ‘fluent’ communication stream; moreover, the opportunity to get rich together. With this new platform, the company is looking to outdo its competitors.

“To speak about what has never been done, gives the world the option to doubt; to accomplish what has never been done, is to gain their respect,” said Terry Moss, Founder and CEO of Lang BridgeApp Inc. “Lang BridgeApp has the highest form of consumers attraction; fans are going to love the experience of getting rich with their favorite artists: our competitors do not provide this well deserved opportunity for them.”

Today, the digital music industry is unstable and is ‘unclear’ about the future for music consumption: Music streaming companies have yet to make a profit in the unsettled market, nor found a solution to fairly compensate artists for their streams.

Lang BridgeApp features video and picture messaging, emojis, and ‘Huddle Messaging’ which allow users to chat in groups while languages translate in real-time. Also, it features a banner-link that leads users to the Lang BridgeApp Store to make purchases without exiting the app. If successful, the company would be the first of its kind to combine a distinctive revenue model and social networking platform all in one.

Lang BridgeApp is now available Android on the Google Play Store and is set to release its iOS version in early May.

Media Contact:

Gregory Williams

(786) 531-7937


17a-4s DataParser Now Supports Thompson Reuters Eikon Messenger

Millbrook, NY (PRWEB) February 26, 2014

17a-4 has released the latest version of their DataParser for Reuters Eikon software to support Thompson Reuters Eikon Messenger product. Messenger connects financial professionals and allows them to share messages, live data, charts and analytics via a highly secure network. 17a-4s DataParser software is used to manage various sources of data (Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Lync, Bloomberg etc.) in order to apply formatting that corresponds with an email archive. This allows clients to leverage the archive already in place and create a single point of compliance management, discovery and supervisory procedures.

This latest release of the DataParser for Reuters Eikon module supports Messenger. The DataParser downloads the external feed from Messenger and integrates the chat data, with attachments, into an email format for archival ingestion. Messengers captured data includes all types of user-generated content including; chat rooms, intra- and inter- company messages, files, forms, images and screenshots. Messenger works across multiple chat platforms (Yahoo, AOL, Google) and, in conjunction with Markit technology, that includes chat platforms (Microsoft Lync, IBM Sametime). The DataParser tracks and validates downloaded data, as well as archives transcripts of source data. The export to an archive system can be in standard EML file format or in the Microsoft Envelope Journal format, and delivered via Exchange Web Services or SMTP.

The DataParser is a lightweight, middle-ware product that integrates easily into many different archive architectures and configurations. Clients can leverage the DataParser in conjunction with their archive, whether in house or hosted, to become compliant with SEC, FINRA or corporate policy and procedure.

Having developed many of these type interfaces for our clients, offers Curt Robinson, Chief Technology Officer, we have an architecture that allows us to very quickly create a new module customized for the data source, while creating a consistent email or XML record that may be ingested into any archive. In addition, we know the unique requirements of the major archive vendors so that the type / sub-type of a message (i.e. Lync / Groupchat or SharePoint / blog post) can be incorporated into the metadata of the message for easy search and production. Both large financial institutions and archive vendors have asked us to develop interfaces which are necessary for a client from both a compliance and an information governance perspective.

For more information on the DataParser for Reuters Eikon, please contact sales(at)17a-4(dot)com , call (212) 949-1724 or visit

About 17a-4 llc:

17a-4 is a compliance services and software company with a focus on e-messaging and software solutions to meet regulatory and e-Discovery needs of institutional clients. Clients that are required to adhere to SEC, FINRA and CFTC regulations leverage 17a-4s expertise to ensure their information infrastructure is in compliance. 17a-4s architecture provides for a single-point in which all e-messaging content may be managed for retention, legal and regulatory holds and e-Discovery productions. E-discovery services are handled by 17a-4s division. 17a-4 and are based in New York City but operate remote offices nationwide.

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.

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