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Frequently Asked Question on the Need for Local Optimization

Frequently Asked Question on the Need for Local Optimization
This is because they use SERB (search engine rank building) practices, designed to increase SERP (search engines result pages) rankings. The better the SERB the higher the SERP, the more people will be able to find you. And the people who will find you …
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How to Get Your First 50 Insurance Leads Via the Web
Serp IQ ran a test of articles/pages that ranked in the top 10 in Google and found out that the average article contains more than 2,000 words, with the average article ranking No. 1 containing more than 2,400 words. Here are some ideas you can write …
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B2B Sales and Marketing Trends for 2016
And Google, not to be outdone, is promoting its video ads inside search engine results pages (SERP). Trend 6 – Growth of Predictive Analytics. Predictive intelligence/analytics has been a hot topic because of the number of new startups in the industry …
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Google's E-Commerce Plans Are in Question as Executive Departures Mount

Google's E-Commerce Plans Are in Question as Executive Departures Mount
A year ago, Google's commerce initiatives finally seemed to be clicking. Its same-day delivery service, Google Express, was a hit with consumers in San Francisco and its business selling paid product ads in search was, by most accounts, a big success …
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Google's Tone Chrome extension transmits between computers via sound
The appropriately named Tone is a new Google Chrome extension that can transmit URLs from a tab on one computer to another computer within hearing range. It's a little like Apple's Airdrop in concept — the idea that machines can exchange information …
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Hillary Clinton Never Responded To Direct Question About Personal E-Mail

Hillary Clinton Never Responded To Direct Question About Personal E-Mail
YouGov is not only extremely accurate with its predictive forecasts, but is also the only top performing research firm that utilizes online polling exclusively to predict election results. … Except as set forth in this Privacy Policy or as …
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​Want fancy Firefox features? Secure your website
Only 45 percent of the Web's top million sites offer encryption, according to a 2014 analysis, but browser makers hold a lot of power to change that. It's hard to get the average person to embrace security measures like dual-factor authentication and …
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How to get around gov't curbs on the Internet
Government curbs on websites happen all the time across the globe, but there's a simple workaround for most blocks. (Tweet this story.) Last week Turkish government became the latest to try to limit what its citizens can see online. Turkey temporarily …
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Fannit Answers the Confusing Question of What is Inbound Marketing in Their Recently Released Article

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 20, 2014

Inbound Marketing has rapidly become one of the biggest buzzwords in the world of internet marketing. Marketing teams toss the term around, while CEOs and business owners blink confusedly, hoping that they fully understand what is being said. Fannit hopes to clear up the confusion with their newly released article.

Inbound has been called a variety of different things in the past in reference to its various sub disciplines, Fannit says, SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, and a host of other marketing tactics have each called it a different thing. Only recently has it coalesced into a concrete definition, something we can all agree on. What is this agreed upon definition?

According to Fannit, inbound marketing is now defined as, … the promotion of a company by attracting, converting, closing, and delighting customers with your product or service.

The article explains each of these actions that inbound marketing uses to bring in more customers for businesses.

While they make it clear that inbound marketing can certainly include SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, and many other marketing tactics, the underlying message is that inbound marketing is a strategy that incorporates various marketing tactics that are specifically tailored to an individual business and demographic.

To learn more about Fannits inbound marketing strategies, take a look at their website:

Inbound Marketing isnt a process- its a cycle, Fannit explains, Everything that weve talked about is part of an iterative cycle that improves and refines as time goes on. The more you iterate, the more you improve, and the better your marketing and sales become.

About Fannit is a full service internet marketing agency that helps companies increase their revenue by online growth through Inbound Marketing. They service Seattle area and U.S. based companies with content development, SEO, PPC, E-mail, Press Release, and Website Conversion Optimization.


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Study Will Make You Question Prices on Travel Websites

Study Will Make You Question Prices on Travel Websites
“Overall, we find numerous instances of price steering and discrimination on a variety of top e-​​commerce sites,” the study authors wrote, while also noting that most of the experiments on the 16 sites did not find price steering or price discrimination.
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Golden Flashes Top Broncos in Four Sets
KENT, Ohio – The Western Michigan volleyball team produced a strong second set to tie the overall match, but it was not enough to overcome the home team as the Broncos fell on the road 3-1 (18-25, 25-20, 19-25, 21-25) to Kent State on Saturday. With …

Icann, Regulators Clash Over Illegal Online Drug Sales
Twenty years after the Internet went mainstream, there is no such thing as a top Internet cop. Ask the Food and Drug Administration why that matters. In July, the FDA teamed with Interpol and dozens of countries to try to shut down more than 1,300 …
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GetUWired Answers the Question “What is Brand Journalism?” in Recently Released Educational Blog

(PRWEB) August 27, 2014

GetUWired, an Internet marketing firm specializing in marketing automation, has just released an informative blog that answers the question, “What is brand journalism?” The full blog can be found here.

What is brand journalism?

Brand journalism is a type of content marketing that tells the story of a brand through copy that reads like journalism. Brand journalism can be found in blogs, press releases, educational articles, and on social media.

How does brand journalism work?

Larry Light, McDonalds chief marketing officer, revealed in 2004 that McDonalds was adopting brand journalism as its new marketing strategy. He said his company was going after a more content stream approach to marketing with several different media channels and messages that, over time, would tell the whole story of the brand. He likened it to the editorial approach of a magazine: with several different types of content that appeal to a variety of interests. (Source:

Why brand journalism just makes sense

Human beings have been using storytelling to communicate with each other since the dawn of time. Telling stories is how humans connect with each other. It makes sense for brands to tell their own stories using brand journalism. Brand journalism makes it easier for companies to make a personal connection to their target audiences.

What makes brand journalism different from regular advertising copy?

Make no mistake, brand journalism is meant to sell. But unlike traditional advertising copy, brand journalism isnt packed with bullet points and calls to action. Brand journalism reads like news stories either hard news or feature articles or both. Customers today are so inundated with ads that they tune them out. Brand journalism comes across as stories they can get interested in, and they do.

How can I put brand journalism to work for my small business?

Brand journalism is another form of content marketing, so any place that a company publishes content, it can publish brand journalism. Blogs, articles on the company website, press releases, email marketing campaigns, and social media posts are all ways to reach customers with brand journalism. With platforms like Infusionsoft, small businesses have more ability to reach out directly to their customers than ever before.

GetUWired’s seasoned copywriter is a former journalist

GetUWired provides its clients with cohesive brand journalism content every day. From blogs and press releases to email marketing and more, GetUWireds seasoned copywriter is a former journalist that specializes in converting content. To discover how brand journalism can help any business, call GetUWired at 877-236-9094 or visit today.

Wired Conveniently Forgot to Ask Edward Snowden a Single Tough Question

Wired Conveniently Forgot to Ask Edward Snowden a Single Tough Question
The profile reads like a release from a Snowden PR press office, replete with fawning asides and subject-serving mischaracterizations. Unwittingly, Bamford demonstrates one of the central problems with the new push for relentless advocacy journalism …
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Former Relativity Exec Ella Robinson Named SVP of DKC Public Relations
Ella Robinson, Relativity Media's former vice president of national publicity, has joined DKC Public Relations as the senior vice president of the company's entertainment group, TheWrap has learned. Based out of DKC's New York City office, Robinson …
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UPDATE 2-Media executives question Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal

UPDATE 2-Media executives question Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal
March 11 (Reuters) – One of the top executives of Twenty-First Century Fox Inc has raised questions about Comcast's potential dominance of the U.S. broadband Internet market if regulators allow its $ 45.2 billion merger with Time Warner Cable to be …
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40% of FTSE 100 Companies Only Have Their Website Available in English
The most popular languages for FTSE 100 company websites to be translated into are Chinese and French, with 46% of companies having websites available in these languages. These are closely followed by German and Spanish, with 45% and 44% of …
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Crack the Code on Wikipedia
One of the Internet's most popular websites is the free online encyclopedia called Wikipedia. The site is viewed as an objective source of information and contains entries and listings on the world's most common subjects as well as mundane and little …
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