Why you Should be Worried about HIPAA 2017

Why you Should be Worried about HIPAA 2017
Event on 2017-12-07 09:00:00

This seminar will be addressing how practice/business managers (or compliance offers) need to get their HIPAA house in order before the imminent audits or (even worse) litigation occurs against your organization under state laws of negligence.
It will also address major changes under the Omnibus Rule and any other applicable updates for 2017. Areas covered will be texting, email, encryption, medical messaging, voice data and risk factors as they relate to IT.
The primary goal is to ensure everyone is well educated on what is myth and what is reality with this law, there is so much misleading information all over regarding the do's and don'ts with HIPAA – I want to add clarity for compliance officers
I will uncover myths versus reality as it relates to this very enigmatic law based on over 1000 risk assessments performed as well as years of experience in dealing directly with the Office of Civil Rights HIPAA auditors.
I will also speak to real life audits conducted by the Federal government (I've been on both sides of these audits) what your highest risks are for being fined (some of the risk factors may surprise you).
In addition, this course will cover the highest risk factors for being sued for wrongful disclosures of PHI and the manner in which patients are now using state laws to sue for wrongful disclosures.
Don't always believe what you read online about HIPAA, especially as it relates to encryption and IT, there are a lot of groups selling more than is necessarily required.

Why you should attend:

There are major changes to HIPAA set forth by the Federal government whereby patients can receive remedies for HIPAA violations and business associates (i.e. law firms) must now comply directly with HIPAA.
Omnibus has changed the HIPAA landscape for good!
State laws are now in place increasing liability for patient remedies!
This once rarely enforced law has changed and you need to know what's going on!
Protect your practice or business!
Why are the Feds enforcing after all these years?
We will be discussing some of the changes taking place in Washington with the Health and Human Services in regards to the enforcement of the HIPAA laws already on the books.
I will also thoroughly go through multiple litigated cases I have been a part of involving patients suing for HIPAA violations – THIS IS A MUST TO UNDERSTAND!!
Changes affecting law firms dealing with protected health information
I will also be discussing factors might cause an unwanted visit or letter from the Office of Civil Rights and how to prepare for the audit and deal with the Feds.

Areas Covered in the Session:

• History of HIPAA
• HIPAA Omnibus Rule
• How to perform a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
• What is involved in a Federal audit and how is it conducted
• Risk factors for a federal audit
• Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning
• Business Associates and HIPAA
• In depth discussions on IT down to the nuts and bolts
• Risk factors that can cause an audit (low hanging fruit)
• New rules which grant states ability to sue citing HIPAA on behalf of a patient
• New funding measures
• …much, much more.

Who Will Benefit:

• Practice Managers
• Compliance Officers, and any Business Associates Privy to Private Health Information and Under the Auspices of this Law.


Day 1 Schedule

Lecture 1: HIPAA -History
Lecture 2: HIPAA Privacy Rule vs HIPAA Security Rule
Lecture 3: HITECH Act
Lecture 4: Information Technology
Lecture 5: Breach Notification Rule
Lecture 6: Omnibus Rule
Lecture 7:Business Associates
Lecture 8: Current Court Cases (precedence)
Lecture 9: Paper Based PHI Concerns
Lecture 10: Disaster Recovery Concerns (Paper)
Lecture 11: Psych and Infectious Disease

Day 2 Schedule

Lecture 1: Choosing a HIPAA Consultant
Lecture 2: Choosing an IT Group
Lecture 3: Disaster Recovery Concerns (Electronic)
Lecture 4: Physical Setup
Lecture 5: Overseas Outsourcing
Lecture 6: BYOD
Lecture 7: Texting and Emailing
Lecture 8: What the Feds are Looking For (low hanging fruit)
Lecture 9: What are Factors That Can Get Your Practice Audited
Lecture 10: State Laws and Patient Ability to Sue
Lecture 11: How to Conduct a Risk Assessment
Lecture 12: How to Write Policies and Procedures

Brian L Tuttle
Sr Compliance Consultant & IT Manager, InGauge Healthcare Solutions

Brian Tuttle is a Certified Professional in Health IT (CPHIT), Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP), Certified HIPAA Administrator (CHA), Certified Business Resilience Auditor (CBRA), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) with over 17 years' experience in Health IT and Compliance Consulting.
With vast experience in health IT systems (i.e. practice management, EHR systems, imaging, transcription, medical messaging, etc.) as well as over 17 years' experience in standard Health IT with multiple certifications and hands-on knowledge, Brian serves as compliance consultant and has conducted onsite and remote risk assessments for over 1000 medical practices, hospitals, health departments, insurance plans, and business associates throughout the United States.
In addition, Mr Tuttle has served in multiple litigated court cases serving as an expert witness offering input related to best practices and requirements for securing and providing patient access to protected health information. Mr. Tuttle has also worked directly with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) both in defending covered entities and business associates as well as being asked by the Federal government to audit covered entities and business associates on behalf of the OCR.
Almost all of Brian's clients are earned by referral with little or no advertising.
Brian is well known and highly regarded in medical circles throughout the United States for his quality work and down home southern charm.
Mr. Tuttle has a Master's Degree in Health Sciences from Georgia State University.

Location: Orlando, FL Date: December 7th & 8th, 2017 and Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Venue: Courtyard Orlando Airport 7155 North Frontage Road – Orlando, Florida 32812 USA

Price: ,295.00 (Seminar Fee for One Delegate)
Register for 5 attendees Price: ,885.00 ,475.00 You Save: ,590.00 (40%)*
Register for 10 attendees Price: ,122.00 ,950.00 You Save: ,828.00 (45%)*
Register now and save 0. (Early Bird)
Until October 20, Early Bird Price: ,295.00 From October 21 to December 05, Regular Price: ,495.00
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