Web Design Workshop For Syrian Newcomers

Web Design Workshop For Syrian Newcomers
Event on 2017-07-15 13:00:00
This July, Toronto-based firm Rosaline Digital Marketing will open the first of its intensive courses on web design for young newcomers to the city from the Syrian diaspora. Classes will introduce youth of ages 16-24 to the basics of website design, including setting up domains and hosting, installing WordPress and plugins, using themes and templates, creating pages and posts, among other fundamentals. The courses will be intensive, but accessible, with instruction in bilingual English and Arabic. The company’s unique vision combines business development, web design, social media and client SEO Toronto services with community building and education. Applications must be submitted before 30 June. Classes run each Saturday at the Mississauga Central Library 15 July to 5 August. More details are available at the Rosaline website.

at Mississauga Valley Community Centre
Mississauga, Canada

Syrian TV says insurgents killed civilians after capturing town

Syrian TV says insurgents killed civilians after capturing town
BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syrian television said on Sunday that Islamist insurgents who seized a key northwestern town had since slaughtered civilians, but monitors of the war said only government supporters had been detained and no one killed.
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Westwood overcomes late wobble for Indonesia hat-trick
Jakarta (AFP) – Lee Westwood battled back from a late putting collapse in the final round to win his third Indonesian Masters title Sunday in a dramatic sudden-death playoff with Thailand's Chapchai Nirat.
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Syrian Expatriates Organization (SEO) Demands the Release of Kidnapped 16-Year-Old Rawan Qadah and Sarah Khaled Alawo

Washington DC (PRWEB) October 07, 2013

According to a Sept 28 Al-Arabiya report, 16-year-old Rawan Qadah’s family claims she was kidnapped by Syrian security forces from a checkpoint in Deraa last November . She later surfaced on Syrian State TV where she was forced to record a confession that she was allegedly sold by her father to rebel factions and raped repeatedly.

SEE: Kidnapped Syrian Women Forced to Make Sexual Jihad Claims on State TV http://english.alarabiya.net/en/variety/2013/09/28/Kidnapped-Syrian-women-forced-to-make-sexual-jihad-claims-on-state-TV.html

Rawan is not the only female forced to undergo this type of humiliation. Sarah Khaled Alawo from Deir Ezzor province was arrested in Damascus after she expressed support of the revolution against the Assad regime, according to her family and the Al-Arabiya report. Alawo was also forced to appear on Syrian State TV confessing to being a sexual jihadist according to the report.

Unedited versions of the video obtained by the media show mens voices in the background giving directions on how to read the statements, according to the Al-Arabiya report. Qadahs mother has spoken to the media appealing for her release and stating that Rawan was kidnapped in November on her way home from school.

The Syrian State TV video is part of a media campaign by the Assad regime to paint the opposition as extremists and criminals. They have consistently used the tactic of forced TV confessions since the beginning of the revolution, said SEO Board Member Malaz Sebai. What makes Rawans story so disturbing is that she is an underage minor who was taken from her family and made to confess to being raped on international television. This is a crime by the Assad regime, who is not only using a kidnapped girl to spread lies, but is damaging her psychologically on the world stage, said Sebai. The regime is using kidnapped women like Rawan and Sarah as propaganda tools, at the expense of their rights and dignity. This is criminal and unacceptable, and we demand the immediate release of these women and girls, and all female prisoners of conscience.

Car bomb kills 30 in town north of Syrian capital

Car bomb kills 30 in town north of Syrian capital
In Damascus, the United Nations said its team of weapons experts currently in Syria will investigate seven sites of alleged chemical attacks in the country, four more than previously known. The announcement came a day after the five permanent members …
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Maker of dangerous pain pills is 'ghost' that can't be found
"We've made more than eight visits to addresses for which we've had intelligence and we've not located the business," Alvaro Perez Vega, commissioner of health operations at Mexico's federal commission for the protection against sanitary risk (Cofepris …
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The Buzz On Wall Street: Social Media On The Rise
In its short history, Twitter has managed to accumulated more than 555 million active registered users, who on average tweet 58 million times a day or roughly 9,100 tweets per second. The site boasts a ranking of one of the 10 most-visited websites …
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Syrian FM: Arming rebels is dangerous decision

Syrian FM: Arming rebels is dangerous decision
DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — The decision by the United States and its allies to arm rebel groups in Syria is "very dangerous" and will prolong the violence and killing on the ground, Syria's foreign minister said Monday. Walid al-Moallem said sending more …
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Ancient Egyptian Statue Mysteriously Rotates at Museum
An ancient Egyptian statue in a British museum has sparked debate after it was captured on video seemingly rotating on its own. The 10-inch tall statue of Neb-senu has been on display at the Manchester Museum in Manchester, England, for 80 years but it …
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Stars sign pair to 1-year, 2-way contracts
Fraser scored his first NHL goal this season and finished with three points in 12 games with Dallas. The 23-year-old was second in scoring for the Texas Stars of the AHL with 46 points (33 goals, 13 assists) in 62 games. He had two goals in the AHL …
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Syrian Expatriates Organization (SEO) Mourns the Death of 14 Year-Old Syrian Citizen Journalist, Omar Qatifaan

Washington DC (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

The Syrian Expatriates Organization was deeply saddened to receive news of the death of 14 year old Syrian citizen journalist, Omar Qatifaan. He was shot while documenting events in Deraa, Syria on May 21 2013.

Known as the Spirit of Syria, Qatifaan worked with the Deraa Media Union, a group that documents atrocities surrounding the Southern Syrian city of Deraa. According to colleagues, he was known as one of the bravest, frequently refusing to abandon filming despite being surrounded by danger. Citizen journalists play an integral role in documenting events in Syria. As free press is not allowed in Syria, citizen journalists have assumed a key role in the collection and dissemination of news.

SEE: 14 Year-Old Citizen Journalist Killed Covering Clashes in Syria, Global Voices, 23 May, 2013; http://advocacy.globalvoicesonline.org/2013/05/23/14-year-old-citizen-journalist-killed-covering-clashes-in-syria/

Omar is one of many examples of the bravery of our Syrian youth, forced to abandon their childhoods and risk their lives for freedom and survival, said SEO Chairman, Dr. Mazen Hasan. Unfortunately, Syrias best and brightest are being ripped away from us. Their potential as future builders of society is limitless, and we will forever mourn the deaths of our young generation of Syrians. Omar will be remembered for his courage, and a symbol of the tenacity and resilience of our youth. His contributions to the revolution will not be forgotten. We extend our deepest condolences to Omars family, and all Syrian families who have lost their loved ones to violence.

Assad Issues a Worldwide Plea as a Top Syrian General Defects

Assad Issues a Worldwide Plea as a Top Syrian General Defects
Antigovernment activists said that while his high rank was notable among defectors, his departure would not change things for the government, which could easily replace him. As the conflict continues, the Syrian government has increased its use of …
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Statoil Continues High Impact Finds
The block is estimated to hold above 250 million barrels of oil equivalent or 100 million barrels net to Statoil that qualifies the high-impact stature. Statoil operates Block 2 with a 65% … Statoil holds a Zacks Rank #2 (short-term Buy rating). In …
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Ranking Top NHL Free Agents in 2013 Class After Corey Perry's New Contract
After losing veteran defensemen Nicklas Lidstrom and Brad Stuart last summer, many fans expected Detroit to be a much weaker team defensively in 2013, but the Red Wings currently rank 10th in goals against, and Howard's consistently strong play is the …
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US to aid Syrian groups that support al Qaeda's affiliate

US to aid Syrian groups that support al Qaeda's affiliate
The push to back the Syrian Opposition Coalition and the Free Syrian Army came after newly appointed US Secretary of State John Kerry met with the SOC's president, Ahmed Moaz al Khatib, in Italy. Al Khatib is a Syrian opposition leader, who, just one …
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Our favorite mobile apps (and a tablet) launching at SXSW 2013
… then you can have your mutual friend introduce the two of you in hopes of eventually friending one another – or more. Your rating remains anonymous until the person you're interested in expresses similar feelings, so you're free to rate without …
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API Spotlight: OneId, Quandl, and Surveys with the SurveyMonkey API
Upon submission, the site reviews the material to see if its legitimate and suitable to be uploaded onto the website. … Momondo.com Is a free travel site that provides users with the best prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals to help users …
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The Syrian Expatriates Organization (SEO) Condemns Bomb Attack that Killed 50 people Damascus, and Other Attacks on Civilians Throughout Syria

Washington DC (PRWEB) February 21, 2013

The Syrian Expatriates Organization (SEO) strongly condemns the car bombings that took place in Damascus today, killing at least 50 people. According to Reuters, the target was likely meant to be the Baath Party headquarters and the Russian Embassy in the Mazraa area of the city. Activists said that the people killed were largely innocent civilians, including children.

SEE: Car Bomb Kills 53 near Damascus Ruling Party Building http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/21/us-syria-crisis-blast-idUSBRE91K09W20130221

SEO condemns any attacks that target innocents, including Assad regime attacks with scud missiles on civilian areas in Aleppo on Feb.20, which killed 20 people, and today’s aerial bombardment of the city of Deraa by the Assad regime, which has resulted in the deaths of 18 people.

SEE: Syria Scud-Type Missile Said to Kill 20 in Aleppo http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/19/us-syria-crisis-idUSBRE91I0GK20130219

The targeting of civilians by any entity is unacceptable and constitutes a war crime, said SEO Board Member Dr. Iyad Azrak. We also cannot discount the scenario that the Syrian regime orchestrated the car bombings in the Mazraa area, as they have done in the past. The Mezraa area of Damascus is secured by a myriad of government checkpoints. It is highly suspicious that a car laden with explosives would be able to penetrate such tight security,” said Azrak.

“Ultimately, the Assad regime is responsible for the deaths of over 70,000 people in Syria. We hold the regime accountable for deterioration of security in Syria, and continue to condemn their blatant attacks on Syrian civilians with bombs, heavy weaponry, and aircraft, said Azrak.

Syrian Expatriates Organization Issues an Urgent Plea to UNHCR and the International Relief Organization to Provide Winter Supplies and Aid to Syrian Refugees Camp in Atma – Turkey

Washington DC (PRWEB) December 24, 2012

Pure Misery this is how the BBC report described the situation in Syrian Refugee camp of Atma, directing the attention to the daily suffering of Syrian refugees, who, according to the same report, had fled from village to village, and came to the final stop of Atma, many have experienced terrible ordeals in Northern Syria where some of the worst atrocities of the war crimes took place. The report delineated the unbearable situation, Women were scooping up handfuls of earth, making little damns to stop water from running into their tents. People struggled uphill, slipping and sliding in mud mixed with sewage.


Dr, Abdalmajid Katranji, SEO PR committee and SAMSs board member, said; I am in Atma, trying to extend my help to our people in dire need. I would like to convey my message: the situation requires the attention of aid agencies to provide support. There are numerous refugee camps dotting the countryside. The area has had steady rainfall and near freezing temperatures for about five days straight. No international aid agency present. The support of these refugees and victims has been purely through the donations of private Syrian individuals and Syrian charity groups with some Turkish assistance. Literally a tent city has sprung up in a matter of week right along the border with several thousand individuals. I met with some of them who told me they are not only looking for safety from the brutal regime but they are desperately looking for food. The regime has been specifically targeting bakeries and grain storage facilities. We urge all Media outlets to cover this crisis.

SEO appeals to UNHCR and all international humanitarian organization to immediately provide Syrian refugees in Atma camp -Turkey with winter supplies and aid, and to organize sustainable humanitarian efforts to reduce the daily strain on Syrian refugees, who are striving to survive the harsh winter and the daily atrocities by Assad forces.

The Syrian Expatriates Organization is a leading nonprofit organization of Syrian Americans and Syrian Canadians. Its mission is to support the establishment of a free and democratic Syria. he SEO provides humanitarian relief to those in need and works to promote the social, political and economic development of Syria.