Accelerate Digital test

Accelerate Digital test
Event on 2016-08-17 15:00:00
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at The Hive at Bleinhem Chalcot
One Hammersmith Broadway
London, United Kingdom

India regain No.1 spot in ICC Test rankings

India regain No.1 spot in ICC Test rankings
(Source: File). Indian Test team led by Virat Kohli climbed to the top of the ICC's Test Rankings after South Africa crashed to a 0-2 series defeat against England in Johannesburg. India, who lost their top ranking to England after their 0-4 whitewash …
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Ranking the NFL head-coaching hires from 1 to 6
Adam Gase, Miami Dolphins: A case could be made for Gase ranking ahead of Jackson and Kelly, but his youth (youngest head coach in the league at 37) and relative inexperience render him a bit more of a gamble. The positives? Gase helped guide an …
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Ranking the best and worst NFL stadiums: Five of the top 10 house playoff teams
We're in the thick of the exciting NFL playoffs, so there's no better time to rewrite the stadium power rankings. Scroll through the gallery above and find the old, the new, the unique, the boring. There was a lot of back and forth — especially about …
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Digital marketing incubation: How to develop a test & learn culture

Digital marketing incubation: How to develop a test & learn culture
Learn how the concept of Incubation can equip you with the information – and the evidence – you need in order to drive meaningful digital transformation at scale. In this unapologetically-long post, we'll discuss data-driven marketing, testing …
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3 Digital Marketing Trends For 2016
I want to discuss the New Year, and what we, as digital marketers, should come to expect. Of course, you can never fully predict what is going to happen with digital marketing in 2016, but you can make an educated guess, and that's what I am going to …
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How to Create Digital Storefronts
AutoNation recently announced the creation of its first digital storefront that allows its website to transition from purely informational to transactional. It will let customers do the majority of their auto sales transactions from the comfort of …
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WP Test Free

WP Test Free
Event on 2015-12-22 19:00:00
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at Samys Camera Santa Barbara
530 State Street
Santa Barbara, United States

The Cowboys face their biggest test yet in the unbeaten Panthers

The Cowboys face their biggest test yet in the unbeaten Panthers
For this week's Thursday night preview, we decided to do something a little different. Rather than a deep dive into one team on one side of the ball, I traded emails with fellow NFL writer Will Brinson about the Panthers-Cowboys game in Dallas. Enjoy.

Laremy Tunsil's return boosts Ole Miss' offense
Cooper uses Tunsil's performance as motivation to finish blocks and not allow himself to get beat by defenders in an effort to earn a high grade. It's a friendly competition that has developed between the two offensive linemen and is … While Auburn …
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Major Update On Tool's 2016 Touring Plans
In a Alternative Nation exclusive, we can provide an update regarding Tool and their 2016 tour plans. We can announce and confirm via a high ranking source that there doesn't appear to be plans to release any new Tool tour dates and the dates that …
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Book An Appointment Right From The Search Results With Google's Latest Test

Book An Appointment Right From The Search Results With Google's Latest Test
Google has started testing a new feature this month that lets you book an appointment with a local service provider right from the search results. Intuit's small business marketing platform Demandforce is among the partners involved in the test. Here's …
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The 5 Elements of a Strong Inbound Marketing Strategy
SEO (search engine optimization) is a hard-to-control, waste-of-time tactic, right? Wrong: SEO is the process of optimizing your website's content and structure for search in order to receive organic placements on the search engine results pages or SERPS.
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Anmol Tukrel: Meet the 10th grader who claims high school project is 47% more
Tukrel claims his algorithm solves the other side of the equation: It understands what a user would like before it serves up the results by dwelling deep into the content of the text, understanding the underlying meaning, before matching it to a user's …
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Merchants get to test Facebook's Buy button

Merchants get to test Facebook's Buy button
B2B E-Commerce · Consumers · E-Retailers · Internet · Marketing · Mobile Commerce · Sales · Technology. About Charts. View the latest trends and charts in the 8 e-commerce categories listed below. B2B e-commerce is larger than retail e-commerce in …
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Atlanta Internet Marketing Consultants at the IMAA Now Offering Comprehensive
Atlanta Internet marketing consultants at the Internet Marketing Academy of America (IMAA) are ready to help Georgia businesses build highly visible and profitable online marketing campaigns for long-term growth and success. Every business needs a …
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Test ARise Event

Test ARise Event
Event on 2015-06-04 19:00:00

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Nunc vel ante mollis lorem pulvinar cursus vitae et risus. Proin fringilla felis et turpis scelerisque, ut congue lacus egestas. Fusce luctus a magna vitae vulputate. Etiam lacus sapien, luctus ac cursus vel, dapibus ac mauris. Sed semper magna leo, nec dignissim leo aliquet sit amet. Phasellus in maximus lacus. Sed rhoncus mattis nisi hendrerit pretium. 

== Preliminary Agenda == Time

at Fira de Barcelona
Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina, 1
Barcelona, Spain

Consolidated Credit Helps Consumers Test Their Financial Literacy During Social Surfing Time

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) April 30, 2015

Even as National Financial Literacy Month comes to a close, the need for free resources that help build financial literacy are still essential so consumers can continue to build their financial literacy level throughout the year. With that in mind, Consolidated Credit has launched a new social media initiative to help consumers test their financial literacy level for a chance to win a cash prize.

The campaign, How well do you know Financial Literacy? is currently being run through the companys Facebook platform. Social media users can take the test for free, answering seven basic financial literacy questions. Once they have completed the test, they are given the options to enter a drawing for a $ 100 gift card. The winner will be selected once 1,000 entries have been received.

Financial literacy is key to being successful managing money, but its not something people usually devote time to when theyre surfing online, says April Lewis-Parks, Community and Public Relations Director for Consolidated Credit. By putting this kind of information on a social platform like Facebook, we hope to reach more people with free financial education they can use to improve their lives.

An extended 20-question version of the test is also available on the companys website, along with a range of Financial Literacy Resources. These resources have been designed to work for consumers interested in building their financial literacy throughout the year, rather than just focusing on the topic for a single month during National Financial Literacy Month in April.

April is a great opportunity to bring awareness to the topic of financial literacy to consumers who may not be familiar with the concept, Lewis-Parks continues, but improving your personal financial literacy should be an ongoing effort.

Consolidated Credit also offers a national hotline number that consumers can use to ask any financial literacy questions they may have directly to a certified credit counselor. The hotline number is 1-888-696-9292 and counselors are available for questions year-round.

About Consolidated Credit: Consolidated Credit is one of the nations largest credit counseling agencies. In over 20 years, they have helped over 5 million people overcome challenges with debt and other financial issues. Their mission is to assist families throughout the United States to end financial crises and solve money management issues through education and professional counseling. Visit for more information.