SEO 101: How I tripled my website traffic in 90 days without spending money

SEO 101: How I tripled my website traffic in 90 days without spending money
Event on 2016-08-24 09:30:00
About this training So you’ve got an amazing new product or service and a pretty snazzy looking website. Awesome! So why aren’t people knocking down your door to buy it? Why aren’t people swarming to your site? Where are they all? Perhaps you’ve given Google Adwords and Social Media ‘experts’  a lot of your money; or you’re spending a lot of time creating beautiful pictures and compelling ads, posting them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snap-chat but feel like it’s not getting you what you ultimately want – more online sales or leads!   In this 1-day interactive course, I’ll guide you through the 4 step process I used to triple my website traffic and sales in 3 months. You’ll walk away with a clear roadmap for your site,  tools and templates to use, and your own prioritised ‘Action/To-do’ list to replicate my success.   I am so confident this will work, that if you follow these steps and don’t improve website traffic in 3 months, I’ll give you your money back. It’s like ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ – when you phone a friend who knows the answer is ‘A’, just choose ‘A’. It really is that simple once you know how. This workshop will show you the answers. Is this workshop for me? If you are a beginner to E-commerce or SEO and want to know how to get more traffic to your website without paying for advertising, this workshop is for you. Or if you answer ‘yes’ to any (or all) of the questions below, and you want to drive more quality traffic to your site to get more sales without spending any money, this workshop is for you.  I will guide you through the simple 4 step process I used to triple my online traffic and sales in 90 days. Are your online sales struggling because there’s not enough traffic coming to your site? Have you got a great product or service and feel you'd be more successful if only you could get the message out to more people? Have you wasted money on Google Adwords and so-called experts who promise to drive quality traffic to your site with no guarantees? Are you a SEO beginner or confused by the worlds of SEO and Content Marketing and how you can most effectively use them to drive traffic to your site? Would you like to get more traffic and sales through your website? Does Google Analytics feel completely foreign to you? Have you thought of trying one of those off-shore spammers who sends you emails about how terrible your site is for SEO and Google ranking? Are you frustrated at being told by Social Media experts that it will take a year to see results from all your hard work and you won't get anywhere unless you pay for Ads? Answered 'yes' to any of the above? This course is for you. What will I get? You will get a workbook and tools and templates to take home with you. By the end of this interactive workshop where you will learn by doing, you will have: An understanding of what SEO is and the techniques I used to triple traffic in 90 days An understanding of content marketing and how it can help you drive quality traffic to your site A baseline of your current website performance  (score / 100) An understanding of Google Analytics – what to look out for and what to measure and how to make Google love you A list of the most popular keywords (and intent) for your website A targeted list of the basic tweaks to make to your website pages for the best results An understanding of what blogging is and the SEO ‘must haves’ for every blog Where to blog A list of 10 topics to blog about for your business Templates and tools to help you at home  A prioritised action list of next steps personalised to your website You will learn this by going through the 4 step process I used to increase traffic and sales. The 4 steps are: Set up your platforms – we will talk you through the basic understanding you need to get started Baseline, test and measure – we will show you how to use Google Analytics and what to look out for Getting the basics right – we will show you the top 5 things to do that will have the biggest impact when updating your website content and structure  Making some noise! – we will show you how (and when) to effectively blog so Google loves you Is there anything I need to do / bring to the event? Yes! To get the most out of this workshop, we recommend you:  Already have a website or are about to set one up Have Google Analytics set up for your website (this is free – follow these steps if you do not yet have this) Have access to be able to update content on your website (we will do this live in the workshop to begin optimising your content). This is preferred but not mandatory. Please bring your own laptop and power cord so we can work through this interactive content together and you can get the most out of the day FAQs  What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?  You will get special parking permits for the Aquatics centre, so parking will be free What do I need to bring to the event? Please bring your own laptop and power cord as we will work through exercises on your website as we go. Will food be provided? We will provide morning and afternoon tea but not lunch. Lunch can be purchased at the nearby Catalina Cafe. You can also bring your own food if you would like to Where can I contact the organiser with any questions? Please contact for any questions prior to the event. Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Tickets can be transferred to later sessions of this event.

at Gold Coast Aquatic Centre
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Discover how to profit from targeted web traffic!

Discover how to profit from targeted web traffic!
Event on 2016-06-23 19:00:00
Discover how to profit from on-demand targeted web traffic  which you can send to ANY website of your choice! Social marketing is simply the easiest way to venture into online entrepreneurship – because it does not require you to have prior knowledge about online marketing or computer programming. So it is perfect for beginners who are especially not computer savvy and know nothing about HTML.  The exciting thing about this system is that it shows you step-by-step how to capitalise on the social media activities that you are already familiar with i.e. LIKING & SHARING GREAT CONTENT! TERENCE TAN Asia's Top Social Marketing Entrepreneur After just one year working as an Engineer, Terence realized that being an Employee was not his calling and quit to begin his Entrepreneurial Journey. His ability to create profitable online ventures was evident when he came in within the top 3 positions in a Global Affiliate Competition, beating 98,000 other affiliates from around the world.  His ability to simplify complicated concepts into very clear and concise step-by-step blueprints has resulted in many students seeking him out as their mentor. He is also regularly a featured speaker for Internet Marketing Conferences in the region.  His passion for learning and self-improvement also led him to develop and hone his skills as a speaker and trainer. With his strong belief in touching lives, Terence was a featured speaker that has changed the lives of more than 10,000 people from all over the world. At this CONTENT-PACKED 2.5 hour workshop, you will also be learning: Learn how to model after the massively profitable business models of Multi-Billion Dollar Internet Companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Bing Discover how you too could be able to profit from on-demand targeted web traffic  which you can send to ANYwebsite of your choice … Even if you don't have any database of your own Learn how to monetise traffic VERY EASILY to make commissions and sales Gain the ability to generate MASSIVE, Targeted and Superior traffic ON DEMAND Tap into the VERY SAME secret that made Facebook and Google so rich  Uncover a 'top-secret' business model that allows you to profit from the millions of followers that celebrities and influencers have on Social Media  (This WILL be one of  the easiest and most profitable methods of making money online you have EVER come across) Gain access to valuable software that will allow you to build your own Social Traffic Profits Machine   For more info, please visit to:

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Website Traffic Secret

Website Traffic Secret
Event on 2016-06-18 14:30:00
Why Web Traffic!   If you are into online buinsess , you probably already aware that attracting visitors is much more difficult than creating a website. Website is only created once but website traffc is a continuous effort. This is why most websites struggle to make sales online. You can have the greatest looking site in the world, but without traffic, is there any point? Come and find out how you can increase your web traffice instantly! What Will You Learn? 1. How to get 1st page in Search Engine like Google 2. What popular product to sell in 2016 3. How to get more sales and profit in 2016 4. Mobile Marketing Trend 5. Social Media Marketing 6. Paid Ads vs Free Ads 7. WeChat Marketing  and many more……… Testimonial : My Website Traffic increase 180% instantly! Amazing result by Evita Othman   About the Speaker: Bernard Hay, an aeronautical Engineer profession turns full time Internet coach and consultant. He has been marketing online since 2005 and is founder of Asia Internet Marketing Academy (AIM) Academy, Asia’s fastest growing internet academy. AIM Academy was founded with the strong belief that everyone can success online regardless you have little or no computer knowledge online. He specializes in Web Design, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Product Creation, Blogging and Traffic Conversion.  AIM Academy have taught many people of students in Asia on how to start an e-biz with little or no cost and achieve financial success via internet. AIM Academy “SIMPLE” step by step “Proven Internet Marketing Strategy” has help ordinary people, University graduate and SME or SMI to expand business online and turning visitor into cash paying clients-Real Profit. Visit for more info.

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How to Increase Online Visibility and Search Traffic to your Web Site: SEO Basics. Part I

How to Increase Online Visibility and Search Traffic to your Web Site: SEO Basics. Part I
Event on 2016-06-13 18:00:00
Get Your Web Site Ranking Higher in Google
To increase online visibility and visitors to your Web site, you have to think like Google. Part I of this free, interactive seminar will teach you real-world Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to improve Web site rankings and get the high quality search traffic you deserve. Bring your SEO questions to this live interactive seminar.

About The Presenter: Barry Zuber
Barry Zuber has been getting clients onto page one of the search results for over a decade. Barry is passionate about SEO because it combines a deep understanding of marketing and sales with technical know-how. His practical experience teaches others how to take control of their Google rankings by incorporating proven search engine optimization techniques that produce results.

Mr. Zuber is Vice President of Egeland Wood & Zuber, Inc., a Canton, Georgia digital marketing agency that helps clients increase revenue through a strong online presence.

at RT Jones Memorial Library
116 Brown Industrial Parkway
Canton, United States

Neil Brown covers topics related to inbound marketing, social media, marketing automation and more! – Inbound Marketing Today with Neil Brown. Get more traffic, leads and sales online.

Neil Brown covers topics related to inbound marketing, social media, marketing automation and more! – Inbound Marketing Today with Neil Brown. Get more traffic, leads and sales online.
from Inbound Marketing Today with Neil Brown. Get more traffic, leads and sales online.
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View Details about Neil Brown covers topics related to inbound marketing, social media, marketing automation and more!

Insta Traffic Secrets, 9 June 2016

Insta Traffic Secrets, 9 June 2016
Event on 2016-06-09 20:00:00
It Was A Secret Code That Only “They” Knew About… Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin discovered it in Stanford University… Yahoo founders Jerry Yang and David Filo discovered it in Stanford University… Facebook founder Mark Zuckerbergdiscovered it from his Harvard dorm room… Now It’s Your Turn! Dear Fellow Internet Wealth Seeker, I’m not sure if you can recall how Einstein spent his entire life searching for the Unified Field. The truth is, he never found it. Now, obviously, I don’t have the answer to Einstein’s elusive secret of the universe. But after a long arduous search, I may have independently stumbled upon what I refer to as the “Secret Code”. It’s such a revelation. It changes everything. Literally how you think about your business, products, what you talk about. Stated differently, it’s one of the most potent ideas I’ve ever learned. With your permission… I’d like to personally invite you to a FREE 2 hour workshop where I not only reveal exactly what this “Secret Code” is, but also equip you from A-Z with the power to profit from this code.And I believe it’ll have a major, profound impact on your thinking, on business, and on the size and frequency of your bank deposits. You see, the “Secret Code” is actually simple, as all great things are. Once ‘unlocked’ , you will naturally understand: What separates successful from struggling Internet entrepreneurs How to not just survive but thrive regardless of the economy How to recognize the opportunities in front of your nose How money is created from scratch How to make money without any products or customers of your own How to build a highly profitable business with zero assets The secret behind the vast Internet fortunes How to turn on your money gusher And WAY too much to list over here! FAQs   Is this an Internet Marketing course? It’s a step-by-step Internet Marketing Blueprint on how to make money without selling any products or services. I know nothing about IT, is it possible for me to learn? Yes. It’s a step-by-step hands on workshop. So you don’t need IT knowledge. Just need to be able to follow instructions and surf to websites given. I don’t have any product to sell, is this workshop suitable for me? Don’t need to have your own products. This system doesn’t need you to have a product and you will still be able to make money from the system.

at Wealth Mastery Academy Training Center
59 Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Focus on the Details: Web Traffic Hacks That Work

Focus on the Details: Web Traffic Hacks That Work
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Updated dashboard shows agency-specific website traffic

Updated dashboard shows agency-specific website traffic
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Flipkart claims to be on top of mobile traffic, ahead of Amazon and Snapdeal

Flipkart claims to be on top of mobile traffic, ahead of Amazon and Snapdeal
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FREE BASIC SEO WORKSHOP ( 2 Hours ) – How to increase traffic and get more sales

FREE BASIC SEO WORKSHOP ( 2 Hours ) – How to increase traffic and get more sales
Event on 2016-01-13 19:00:00
FREE BASIC SEO WORKSHOP ( 2 Hours ) By OOJO SEO EXPERT TRAINER Mr Steven Lu Cong How to increase traffic and get more sales In this foundational SEO course, you will learn about the Three Pillars of Powerful SEO: Keyword Research: How to find keywords that attract visitors who want to buy On Page Optimisation: How to increase your site visibility in the search engines Off page optimisation: How to build authority on your site using links so Google knows you have the best content for it's users. This course is for website owners, bloggers, business owners or anyone who wants to improve their proficiency and knowledge in this vital online skill. SEO For SEO Beginners : Get up to speed with the fundamentals concepts of SEO Discover how to find the best keywords for your website (keyword research) Find out how to increase your sites visibility in the search engine results (on page optimisation) Learn how to build more authority in your niche than competitors so Google puts your at the top of the search results (Off Page Optimisation) About Our SEO Expert Trainer Mr Steven Lu Cong SEO/SEM, Social Media and Internet Marketing Specialist at OOJO       Steven graduated in July 2009 at University of Science and Technology of Suzhou (China). His passion with SEO and Internet Marketing was ignited at Google Wuxi Service Center where he learned about Search Engine Marketing (Google AdWords).    In 2009, Steven joined NCS (Suzhou) Co. Ltd, and in 2010 was assigned to lead an application support team in Singapore Headquarters. The role was to support the Citibank data processing system for 16 Asia Pacific countries including Australia, Brunei, China, and Singapore.   On June 2013 he started an E-Commerce company named Dolce2Dolce Wedding that increased their fanbase (through Social Media Marketing strategy and efforts) to over 10,000 fans within 3 months and over 100,000 fans within 2 years. Using SEO, he ranked the site at the top 3 positions on the 1st Pages of search engines such as Google for keywords like evening gown rental, evening gown Singapore, evening dress rental, evening dress Singapore, ROM dresses, ROM package, wedding package Singapore, and more. Since then, traffic to the website has grown to 200 per day, and still increasing.   Steven continued to provide SEO & Internet Marketing for other businesses, and recorded more successful results such as driving traffic to a curtain business website that increased from zero to more than 40 per day, boosting another wedding company’s online presence such that they are now receiving at least 1 enquiry per day via their website’s enquiry system. Today, he is with OOJO as a Specialist in SEO/SEM, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce and many other Internet Marketing strategies, and he passionately shares his expertise and experience. Steven blogs regularly on topics about SEO and Internet Marketing, and he is reachable at  

at Paya Lebar Square
60 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Square #11-05 Singapore
Singapore, Singapore