Understanding Google Analytics September 2016

Understanding Google Analytics September 2016
Event on 2017-08-02 09:00:00
Are you measuring how well your website is performing? Do you have Google Analytics installed but don't understand the information it provides? Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools that website owners use to understand how their website is performing whilst the Webmaster Toolkit gives website owners an insight into what Google actually thinks of their site and whether there are any problems with the site that will hold it back in the search results and yet many people don't understand how vital the information is and how Analytics and Webmaster Tools can be used to understand how visitors are using your website and the impact that any changes are having. This workshop will Show you how to set up a Google Analytics Account and set up Google Analytics on your website Explain all of the key data that Google Analytics provides and how you can use it to improve your website Show you how to create customised reports that focus on the information you really need Demonstrate how Analytics can link to Google Ads to provide really valuable information about visitors to your website Show you how to set up the Google Search Console Explain the key information that the Search Console provides

at Whitehill Industrial Estate
Whitehill Lane
Wootton Bassett, United Kingdom

Google Workshop: Understanding Google Analytics

Google Workshop: Understanding Google Analytics
Event on 2016-05-03 10:00:00
Understanding Google Analytics Presenter: Ben Theis, Skol Marketing You have a website, but now, how can you tell how it's performing? Enter Google Analytics! Track your website traffic, SEO, blogging, and social media efforts using Google Analytics. You can see which keywords and phrases people are using to find you online, which pages are most interesting to them, how much time they’re spending on your site. Join Ben Theis, Skol Marketing's Google guru as he teaches you the basics of Google Analytics and how you can read and analyze your site traffic to better grow your business.  Workshop Topics: -Navigate Google Analytics -Learn what the different metrics mean -Focus on the important metrics for your website -Strategy on how to use your analytics to help your web presence grow Event Tags: Ben Theis, Skol Marketing, Google Analytics, reports, online markeitng, digital marketing, seo, metrics, website SPEAKER: Ben Theis, Google Expert, helped hundreds of Businesses and Nonprofits get and grow their organizations online working for Google. When the Twin Cities office closed, Ben opened Skol Marketing and continues to focus on educating owners and directors, helping them enhance and grow through an online presence.  

at Park Officenter
5775 Wayzata
Saint Louis, United States

Understanding SEO – The Basics of Search Engine Optimisation

Understanding SEO – The Basics of Search Engine Optimisation
Event on 2016-03-23 10:00:00
This half day  'Understanding Search Engine Optimisation Course: The Basics', will give you a better understanding of how search engines rank your web pages, how to research the best keywords to target customers and how to implement a Search Engine Optimisation action plan using a range of on-page and off-page SEO techniques.   This course is suitable for anyone who wants to know how to raise the ranking of a website in Google's search engine results pages but has limited or no previous experience of Search Engine Optimisation.  It is ideal if you are a business owner or have responsibility for a website, and want to ensure you understand the essential SEO techniques used to raise the ranking of websites in Google search. Our SEO course in Liverpool focuses primarily on Google, which represents over 85% of searches in the UK but the techniques will also raise your rankings in other search engines. search engine optimisation course structure: Introduction Introduction to Search Engines How search engines rank websites How users use and view search engine results pages Keyword research Google Tools and other free tools Analysis session Selecting target keywords for your organisation / brand Creating an SEO Action Plan During the process of looking at the SEO process we will analyse your selected website and review good and bad examples of SEO Setting Objectives On Page SEO – HTML components – Content – Technical issues such as redirection On Site SEO – Domains and URLs – Taxonomy (structure) / site maps Off Page SEO Techniques (building popularity, traffic and authority) – Links – Social Media – Blogging and other tools – PR Our Understanding SEO Course is part funded by The Women’s Organisation, and we can offer this course to you at a subsidised rate of £25*   Please note, to cancel your place and request a refund you must contact The Women's Organisation at least 2 working days before the course is due to take place.  Failure to cancel will mean full payment cannot be refunded.   If you are interested in The Women’s Organisation running this course for your business or your staff, please contact us for further details and prices.  * Please note that due to changes in funding, the criteria and prices for all courses at The Women's Organisation are subject to change.  Contact The Women’s Organisation on hello@thewo.org.uk or 0151 706 8111

at The Women’s Organisation
54 St James Street
Liverpool, United Kingdom

Understanding your website like a Pro – Session 1

Understanding your website like a Pro – Session 1
Event on 2015-11-10 17:30:00
TUESDAY NIGHT WORKSHOP SESSION PART 1 of a 2 PART SESSION Improve your websites performance Understand Internet Marketing is more than just Ranking for your Keyword Develop a Traffic and Conversion Strategy Increasing Your Company’s Bottom Line During this first workshop session this will be a light hearted and informal evening that begins by exploring how all businesses can improve their websites through a better understanding of how websites work. We will cover how your site should be laid out, how your site can get found by your potential customers, and how you can create for them a Customer Experience as to how your visitors will interact with your website pages. Lastly and most importantly we will cover how you can convert your Traffic into Sales! Business owners who attend can put forward their website for a mini diagnostic during session and for those wanting a the experts to take a more detailed look, then you can participate in that too and in the second workshop we will present the results to you and the workshop audience as everyone will be guaranteed to learn something. DON’T MISS OUT If you're like us you'll work hard on your business 365 days a year getting new clients and building your revenues. Taking just a few hours to come this these 2 events will make your work more effective, and you might even be able to spend a bit more time with your family and enjoying leisure activities. These are the 2 MUST ATTEND EVENTS, don't miss out! Please register for session 2 on Thursday same time, same place, here http://www.eventbrite.com/e/understanding-your-website-like-a-pro-session-2-tickets-19387555701 YOUR WORKSHOP HOSTS FOR THE EVENING Google Engage and Help Out Partners Brian Mathers, John Taylor and Alan Tomkins who are also all Expert Help Advisors working across Scotland and the UK. Between them they have 60 years’ experience with website design and online marketing and this is yours to tap into FREE OF CHARGE so don't waste this opportunity.  We will talk about traffic volumes, number of enquiries you are getting, Analytics, Google, Bing, paid for advertising, links to your site, links from your site, errors, page load speed, and more.  Come armed with any questions you have as you can ask our 3 industry experts anything and we will try and answer. FREE WEBSITE AUDIT Anyone attending both sessions will receive a completely free website audit. The audit will look at all aspects of your websites performance and give recommendation on any improvements that can be made. The cost of this is £299 +VAT so it's a very genuine offer and is extremely detailed. Your audit will be emailed to you as an interactive report that you can read at your leisure or send to your web developer for action, you can even download CSV files on issues from spelling mistakes through to page tags. FAQs Who is this event for? Any business owner, marketing person or anyone responsible for increasing their businesses sales. What will I get from the 3 hour session? You'll leave with a list of actions you should be taking now to grow your business. What are my parking options getting to the event? Parking is free and plentiful Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? Contact Brian Mathers at brian.mathers@ictadvisor.com  

at Dean Park Hotel
Chapel Level
Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

Free Class: Understanding Social Media Marketing

Free Class: Understanding Social Media Marketing
Event on 2015-11-04 18:30:00
Never before in the history of the Internet has the average business owner had so much control over their marketing – and it can be overwhelming! This class will help you seek how it all works and what you need to learn to make it happen for your business. There are dozens of free tools to help you promote your business and get your message out to your target market. You just have to learn how to properly use them to get the results that you want. In this class we’ll cover: How Google changed the way we market (Google now has 93% of all global searches) What is content and inbound marketing? An overview of the major social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Foursquare. How content marketing works with social media to get you search engine optimization (SEO) The steps to a successful inbound marketing strategy   FAQs What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? By car: The training center is located on the SW corner of Greenway Rd and 32nd Street in Suite 305; in the NW strip of the center between With Child and the Thrift Store next to the Animal Hospital. If you get lost, call Giselle, 602-738-1700 What can/can't I bring to the event? You don't need to bring anything – maybe a notepad to take notes. Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? Email: giselle@azsocialmediawiz.com Cell: 602-738-1700 Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes. You can send a co-worker or partner in your place. Please let the organizer know the name of the person attending. Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? No. The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay? Yes. Will this class be given again? Yes. Every First Wednesday, same time. Please visit our website: http://azsocialmediawiz.com for other classes.

at AZ Social Media Training Center
3121 E Greenway Rd , Suite 305
Phoenix, United States

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Understanding online marketing analytics
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Social Media Glossary – Understanding Social Media from A to Z

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Senior Life Insurance – Understanding The Basics Is Essential!

(PRWEB) April 16, 2015

Affordablelifeinsurances.net has released a new blog post announcing that auto insurance quotes can help clients discover important coverage options.

Senior citizens can apply and qualify for life insurance, but they have to know some basics. A policys premiums are calculated based on the applicant’s age and medical condition. This means that senior citizens will most likely get higher premiums, but a life insurance plan can still be affordable.

Comparing online life insurance quotes helps many customers find low cost coverage. There are many agencies that sell life insurance and comparing plans can help seniors find the best offers in their area.

In order to compare rates, customers have to visit an insurance brokerage website like: http://www.affordablelifeinsurances.net/ . Here, they can find advantageous policies in a safe and comfortable way.

Affordablelifeinsurances.net is an online provider of life, home, health, and auto insurance quotes. This website is unique because it does not simply stick to one kind of insurance provider, but brings the clients the best deals from many different online insurance carriers. In this way, clients have access to offers from multiple carriers all in one place: this website. On this site, customers have access to quotes for insurance plans from various agencies, such as local or nationwide agencies, brand names insurance companies, etc.

Affordablelifeinsurances.net is owned by Internet Marketing Company.

For more information, please visit: http://www.affordablelifeinsurances.net/ .