Canada's union top brass fetes Prime Minister Trudeau

Canada's union top brass fetes Prime Minister Trudeau
The top brass of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), the country's principal union federation, held a closed-door meeting Tuesday with newly installed Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The 45-minute gathering was the first time in 57 years that a …
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'Explosions, Gunfire, Screams': At Least 89 Dead in Attack at SoCal Band's
At least 129 people were killed in total in the shootings and explosions, at the nightclub and five other sites, that effectively shut the city down Friday night, officials said. Americans were among the 352 wounded, the State Department said. French …
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Comptroller to examine daily fantasy sports websites
Now Maryland's top financial official said he is going to investigate if companies like Draft Kings and FanDuel, already under fire in New York, are playing by the rules. Ardy Kamali has played Draft Kings and FanDuel and said it is … The online …
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Union Metrics Helps Social Marketers Achieve Multi-Channel Clarity With Upgraded Social Suite

Union Metrics today announced powerful new updates to the Union Metrics Social Suite, the companys multi-channel social analytics platform, amid growing demand for an all-in-one solution that reduces the complexity of social media marketing. New features, including the addition of significant new multi-channel social media reporting capabilities and all new Facebook analytics, enable digital marketers to optimize their messaging, grow their audience, deepen engagement and benchmark their competition across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Union Metrics has seen tremendous growth in its multi-channel social analytics offering, which was first released last spring. Union Metrics Social Suite revenue has grown more than 650 percent in the past year and counts a number of the world’s largest brands and agencies among its users. The company, which has never taken outside capital, now has more than 1,000 active, paying subscribers and more than 100,000 registered users utilizing its social analytics tools including 60% of Interbrands global top 100 brands and more than 75 percent of the largest PR firms in the United States. The company also processes more than 2.5B social activities monthly.

When done right, social media is a powerful tool for connecting people and businesses. But, the growing complexity of social marketing makes it difficult for marketers to rise above the noise and determine what’s working and what isnt, said Union Metrics CEO Hayes Davis. With powerful multi-channel metrics and support for Facebook, we built the latest version of the Social Suite to bring clarity to social marketersgiving them the tools they need to develop effective messaging, content and engagement strategies on the social platforms that matter most. We don’t try to deliver every metric possible; instead we focus on delivering the right answer at the right time to help brands succeed.

Comprehensive Multi-Channel Reporting and Facebook Analytics

The Union Metrics Social Suite enables some of the world’s largest brands, agencies and media companies to measure their impact and listen to the conversations that matter most to them on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and now Facebook. With this announcement, Union Metrics has added a new multi-channel dashboard to its Social Suite that enables digital marketers to view and act upon trending metrics for all their social activities. In particular, the new multi-channel dashboard delivers immediate answers to key questions about content, audience and competitors across social channels.

Brands spend an estimated 75-80% of their digital marketing budgets on Facebook–with the channel acting as a central social hub for the majority of brand marketers.Union Metrics’ new Facebook analytics provide detailed insight into brand pages, and will be available to all Union Metrics Social Suite subscribers at no extra charge. With the new Facebook reporting, customers can:

Take a deep dive into content performance to see exactly what’s working and why
Understand the impact of paid and organic activity
Analyze fan growth and audience demographics
Create content that reaches more people and generates more engagement

The new Social Suite capabilities are available now, and pricing starts at $ 500 per month. More information can be found at

About Union Metrics

With the goal of bringing clarity to social media marketing, Union Metrics has been delivering social media answers to brands and marketers since the 2009 launch of TweetReach Twitter analytics. Today, Union Metrics powerful multi-channel social analytics are used by thousands of digital marketers at the worlds most innovative brands to optimize their social media strategies across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. Union Metrics is based in San Francisco with an office in Austin, Texas. Visit Union Metrics at and @unionmetrics across social media.

Jelastic Trinity Release 3.3: Seamless Union of Hybrid Cloud with Public and Private Cloud Options

Malaga, Spain (PRWEB) June 09, 2015

Jelastic, Inc., the cloud company that provides a platform for container orchestration with entire freedom of choice from technology to vendor and an advanced level of DevOps workload mobility, today launched the new 3.3 version of the platform, aptly named Trinity to represent the union of three cloud options supported from this release. With multi-region support within different data centers and clouds, the company now officially offers a Hybrid Cloud solution alongside Public and Private. The intended outcome is the ability to distribute various companies workloads in a variety of regions, within one Hybrid Cloud.

In response to the words of Trinity from The Matrix: The answer is out there, Neo, and it’s looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to. Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO, said, We consider each of our customers to be the Chosen One, and provide them with answers to the issues they face while developing applications, offering cloud services and building businesses. And in this release, our clients and partners found the answer on how to use multiple data centers within just one multi-cloud platform. The hardware equipment as well as cloud resources may differ in parameters, or belong to another data center, located in another country, and that opens the doors to new markets and more business opportunities.

Hybrid Cloud with Multiple Regions

The basic premise of the multi-region feature is in the provided ability to use various types of hardware, any IaaS or cloud services, either due to variety of parameters or distant geographical location. It produces the biggest benefits for hosting service providers, systems integrators and enterprises by allowing them to:

-Conquer a new market or cooperate with various hosting providers from different countries by creating a region in a remote location

-Significantly improve the response time for users closer to the data center, providing geo distribution of applications/data

-Keep sensitive data on a more expensive private cloud and insensitive data/apps can be stored on a lower-priced public cloud

-Use additional regions from external clouds in case of temporary burst, with no need to invest in hardware for variable loads

-Reach lower TCO and higher ROI by providing a combination of regions with hardware of different capacity – critical workloads can be hosted on stable, security-enhanced and as a result, more expensive clouds. Non critical workloads can be hosted on cheaper inferior clouds

-Gain disaster recovery and high availability across multiple data centers

-Implement complex access policies and manage hardware usage permissions, for example, providing separate regions for particular team groups like coders, QA, ops that are involved in DevOps workflows, as well as creating dedicated regions for important customers

-Provide the ability to add cloud resources from public clouds like Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, Google Cloud and AWS

Simultaneously, end users and developers will be able to benefit from the following possibilities:

-Choose between higher quality or more cost affordable hardware

-Easily relocate the projects to the superior hardware with the help of environment migration

-Host applications in a trusted local data center of the preferable hosting service provider

-Achieve higher availability through geo-distribution by locating the applications on several data centers around the world

Today, Jelastic is available as a public cloud solution via 36 public cloud hosting service providers across the world. A seamless Hybrid Cloud integration with the help of the multi-region feature is advantageous for these partners who have their own data centers, but who want to offer cloud services from several locations for their customers. It is also ideal if they have customers with temporary needs for a large burst during the load spikes and they do not want to invest in extra hardware.

Jelastic Trinity is a milestone release, pulling the two public and private cloud threads of Jelastic’s offering together, forming that important third platform capability – hybrid cloud. Opening new markets and exciting collaboration opportunities for Layershift as the UK’s leading Jelastic partner, said Damien Ransome, Service Director at Layershift. I’m expecting to see greater collaboration between Jelastic hosting partners and also between hosting partners and ISVs. Jelastic Trinity will unlock the potential of each partner’s individual success story – through strengthening the value proposition of collaborating hosting partners, whilst ensuring that end users benefit from the increased flexibility and reduced lock-in uniquely offered by the Jelastic ecosystem.

In addition, the multi-region feature doubles efficiency by positively affecting systems integrators and enterprises who actively use private clouds and can now reach more workload mobility, by adding new regions in different clouds. This allows them to further expand the variety of existing possibilities and achieve even more high-availability for their applications.

“We are very happy that Jelastic has released a hybrid cloud option with support for multiple regions,” said Miguel Hormigo, South Regional Manager at GMV. “GMV is currently using Jelastic private cloud for our internal development and testing processes and as an offering to our customers who are looking for a secure and cost efficient alternative. The biggest benefit that we foresee from the Trinity release is the ability to provide our clients with a hybrid cloud solution, gaining more control over portability of their applications and data.”

Such a Hybrid Cloud represents an advanced extension to the private cloud-in-a-box solution actively offered by Jelastic to enterprise customers. As a result, they can seamlessly combine the hardware of Dell, IBM, HP and other vendors within one cloud platform, using each region for specific demands of their business.

Jelastics unique private cloud-in-a-box solution, based on Dells PowerEdge VRTX, enables rapid application development and deployment through the cloud, said Juergen Domnik, service provider director, Dell EMEA. Weve seen, and been surprised, by the different ways customers are getting value from the Dell PowerEdge VRTX. Its versatility means that small to medium businesses or franchises can optimise office IT environments, or in this instance serve as an ideal platform for DevOps. Were delighted to provide this solution to Jelastic to better enable their customers.

Jelastic in a Hybrid Cloud with Azure

As the first practical step in providing Hybrid Cloud, Jelastic has already integrated with Azure for ISVs, hosting providers or enterprise customers enabling them to allocate extra regions using Azure Marketplace. As a result, Jelastic Hybrid Cloud will be available for enterprises and existing Jelastic hosting providers with the following benefits:

-Expand hosting business to more countries by selling resources from many data centers (19 compute regions of Azure)

-Burst to Azure in case of temporary applications load spikes or in the case additional computing power is needed

-Disaster recovery using Azure

-Backup to Azure

Were excited to be working closely with Jelastic to deliver their Hybrid Cloud to our customers, said Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management at Microsoft Azure. As strong hybrid cloud offerings are the cornerstone for Microsofts cloud differentiation, we are thrilled to bring additional cloud infrastructure options and offerings to our customers through Jelastics inclusion in the Azure marketplace.

About Jelastic

Jelastic, Inc. is one of the first companies that introduced a new degree of freedom in the cloud with containeriz

Three from Fork Union Military Academy Receive Appointments to West Point in the Fall

Fork Union, Virginia (PRWEB) May 22, 2015

Three cadets from Fork Union Military Academy have received appointments to attend the US Military Academy at West Point this coming fall. Seth Jackson of Dillwyn, Virginia, Mark Cavazos of Williamsburg, Virginia, and Nicholas Schrage of Bristow, Virginia, will join the incoming class of plebes at the US Army’s prestigious college.

Although Fork Union Military Academy is well-known for preparing young men for acceptance to our nation’s service academies, this is the first year in recent memory that three cadets will all be headed to West Point in the same year. It is not uncommon for multiple students to receive appointments to the various service academies (including the US Naval Academy, US Air Force Academy, US Merchant Marine Academy, and the US Coast Guard Academy), In one recent graduating class, seven cadets received appointments to service academies, but those appointments were spread across the different service academies with only two cadets accepting appointments to West Point that year.

Seth Jackson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Jackson of Dillwyn, Virginia, and has attended Fork Union for three years. He was selected as the Battalion Commander of the Upper School this academic year, the highest-ranking officer in the Corps of Cadets. Jackson was recently promoted to the rank of Cadet Colonel by the school’s president, RADM J. Scott Burhoe, becoming only the third cadet leader in the past twenty years to achieve this distinction. Jackson’s interest in attending West Point grew after he participated in a week-long Summer Leaders Experience event at the US Military Academy last year. He then went through the rigorous application process and successfully received the nomination of the member of the US House of Representatives serving his district, Congressman Robert Hurt.

Mark Cavazos of Williamsburg, Virginia, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cavazos. He has attended Fork Union Military Academy for four years. Cavazos describes himself as a competitive individual and he has enjoyed the atmosphere at Fork Union where he is driven by himself and others to excel and achieve. He is looking for that competitive drive to help him survive and succeed at the US Military Academy, known as one of the most rigorous institutions a college student can face. Cavazos leaves Fork Union as a state champion wrestler, having competed at the 220-pound weight class and placed first in the 2014 Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association state championship, after finishing in third place the year before. He competed in Nationals, and achieved wins in his initial rounds, and is hoping to be able to wrestle for Army at West Point.

Nicholas Schrage, son of Mrs. Magda Schrage of Bristow, Virginia, achieved All-American status as a punter/kicker on this year’s postgraduate football team. He was highly recruited to play football in college and received offers from many top Division I university programs, including the University of Miami in the hometown where he was born. But Schrage recognized that attending the US Military Academy at West Point would be the best choice to help him achieve the things he wanted to do in his life, so the Miami native turned down very attractive scholarship offers from the Hurricanes and other top national football programs, to play for Army this fall. He hopes to compete for a starting job on the football team as soon as he arrives and his dream is to kick the winning field goal in the closing seconds of the game to beat Navy in that great national rivalry game.

The national service academies, such as West Point, are recognized as being among the most selective universities in the world, with an acceptance rate as low as 8 to 12% of applicants. The US Military Academy at West Point awards a Bachelor of Science degree and is known as one of the country’s leading engineering schools. Most graduates are commissioned into the Army at the rank of second lieutenant and must serve an active duty commitment in return for their tuition-free education.

O Bee Credit Union Has 11% Increase in Branch Staff Productivity with FMSIs Omnix Staff Scheduler and Performance Analytics

Alpharetta, GA (PRWEB) April 30, 2015

FMSI, a leading workforce optimization vendor for banks and credit unions, announced today O Bee Credit Union has achieved an 11 percent increase in staff productivity with the help of FMSIs Omnix Staff Scheduler, Omnix Interactive Dashboard and Omnix Performance Analytics solutions. The $ 186 million Washington State-based financial institution initially implemented FMSIs software to automate their staffing process and improve reporting across its five retail branch locations.

The dated staffing method we were relying on was not sufficiently aligning our staff with the declining transaction trend in the branches, says Melanie Ransom, VP of Human Resources at O Bee Credit Union. We would do our best to minimize staffing during slower periods, but when traffic surges would occur our Branch Managers would immediately call for more staff, regardless of the ongoing need. FMSIs smart software has provided us with hourly forecasted transactions per branch, helping us to be more precise in staffing our locations with the fluctuating demand.

FMSIs Omnix Suite of Products addresses the concerns of todays financial institutions: keeping down expenses while improving service levels and sales in the branches. Through the collection and then preparation of front-line staff interaction data, FMSIs system quickly empowers management teams with easy-to-read and actionable business intelligence.

Along with reducing our personnel costa reduction of over ten percent in staff processing hourswe have also expereinced having more productive and happier employees as a result of the FMSI solutions, adds Ransom. Our employees are more satisfied when their days are filled with consistent work. By having the FMSI solution help us get the right number of staff at the right time and place, our staff is consistenly busy throughout the day. One way we have accomplished this is by increasing our part-time teller utilization by six percent since rolling out FMSIs system.

Maintaining teller staffing at the ideal level to ensure customer satisfaction can sometimes be a very credit union specific decision, says W. Michael Scott, President/CEO of FMSI. “Without accurate information, most financial institutions are not equipped to make a proper evaluation. With more than 25 years of experience helping banks and credit unions improve the productivity of their staff, our unique solutions for measuring and forecasting transaction volumes regularly reveal areas for better service, more sales and increased productivity.”

About O Bee Credit Union

Today, anyone living or working in Washington State can join O Bee Credit Union. They are proud of their rich history and unique capacity to meet the varied financial needs of their members. Through solid roots, dedication and continued hard work they continue to evolve into one of the most modern financial institutions in the country. Learn more at

About FMSI

Located in Atlanta, GA and established in 1990, FMSI provides easy-to-use, yet sophisticated, software-as-a-service solutions, including: Omnix Staff Scheduler, Omnix Interactive Dashboard, Omnix Performance Analytics, and Omnix Lobby Tracker. FMSIs smart scheduling application gives banks and credit unions the ability to optimally schedule their team throughout the branch network and to manage staff through easy to read color graphics, online interactive dashboards, and succinct management reports. FMSI provides performance management information exclusively to financial institutions of all sizes, including a workforce optimization comparative data benchmarking report that allows clients to see where they rank amongst their industry peers. Visit the company’s website at or call 877.887.3022 to schedule a complimentary online demonstration of any of our products. You can also quickly estimate your savings with FMSIs Efficiency Calculator at

Farmer’s Union Insurance Sponsors Spring Extracurricular Activities for North Dakota High Schools

Jamestown, ND (PRWEB) April 21, 2015

Farmer’s Union Insurance of Jamestown, ND, is proud to be a Premiere Sponsor for the North Dakota High School Activities Association and is gearing up for another great spring sports and activities season right now. To help support high school athletics and extracurricular activities, the company will be sending an agents and managers to the statewide events planned for the spring.

Farmer’s Union Insurance has been a sponsor of the NDHSAA for the past decade. The company had started off as a supporting sponsor, but they found that the community response to their affiliation with the NDHSAA was overwhelmingly positive and decided to become more involved with the organization by becoming the Premiere Sponsor.

The sponsorship has also created a wonderful activity for Farmer’s Union Insurance agents to participate in within their communities. The company has approximately 80 locations throughout the many rural areas of North Dakota, so an agent or company employee is always present at each statewide high school event, including both sports and music and art events.

Agents fill a variety of different roles at these events, says sales and marketing manager Kevin Ressler. Assisting in state tournaments, passing out awards and sponsoring broadcasts, which reach thousands of viewers, are just some of the responsibilities that Farmer’s Union Insurance agents have handled.

Right now, high schools are transitioning to spring and summer sports from the winter activities, which is often the biggest season. Winter sports that just finished up include wrestling, basketball, swimming and hockey.

As spring begins, Ressler says the company will be present at soccer, softball and baseball games and tournaments, as well as other high school activities.

Ressler says that Farmer’s Union Insurance employees attend these events to display this commitment to rural American and youth as well as develop strong bonds within these communities. They also receive the chance to promote their products, which include farm and homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, health insurance and other related services.

“We’re a lot different from some of the other urban markets in the country,” Ressler says. “We don’t have pro sports, so high school sports is a lifeblood for communities we represent. People are actively engaged in high school sports here, and it’s a big part of our culture.”

This, says Ressler, is one of the reasons that Farmer’s Union Insurance renewed their sponsorship late last year. Because the mission statement for Farmer’s Union Insurance emphasizes building strong communities, being a premier sponsor helps them stay engaged throughout the state.

“Our goal is to make sure our communities remain viable,” Ressler explains. “We view this as a corporate responsibility and it helps keep our agencies and agents in places where they are needed most — it’s a win for everyone.”

About Farmer’s Union Insurance

Farmers Union Insurance, with the motto “simply different,” offers numerous insurance services, including farm and ranch, health, life/annuity, agri-business, homeowners and more. As a mutual company, Farmers Union Mutual Insurance is both owned and governed by policyholders. Not all products are underwriting by Farmers Union Insurance. To learn more, visit

Union Built PC Announces the New UB-1018 Android Tablet to Meet the Mobile Needs of Union Members and Organizations

Copiague, NY (PRWEB) April 21, 2015

Union Built PC, a fully unionized company specializing in custom computer equipment, hardware, software and other IT solutions specifically for Labor Unions, today announced a new addition to their Android family of tablets; The Union Built PC UB-1018 – The Organizer. Like all Union Built PC hardware, the UB-1018 is available with custom configuration and form factors to match consumer needs for both an ultra-portable work and multimedia device.

The UB-1018 features a 10.1 inch 1280 x 800 high definition screen and is designed for optimal mobility while still packing a performance punch. Union Built PCs first 3G enabled tablet boasts WiFi and Bluetooth for all consumers digital connections and is powered by the most recent version of the Android operating system; 4.4 KitKat and the MediaTek MT8382 Quad-Core Processor for speedy performance whether for App usage in the workplace, email, web browsing, multimedia or gaming.

In todays connected world, the UB-1018 is a perfect solution to enhance mobile workplace efficiency and productivity. Users can download any of the 1 million+ Apps found in the built-in Google Play store that can enrich business capabilities and heighten multimedia features. And customers can have their tablets custom configured so key Apps and Union Built PCs popular softwares – such as Grievance Manager a fast-becoming Industry Standard for grievance and arbitration management – are built-in and right on the users 5 point touch screen.

Union Built PC has launched the UB-1018 to meet the evolving and varying needs of our Union clients. As our customers become increasingly active users of our custom configured computers, we are now responding to the needs of the majority who have adopted smart and mobile technologies. With the latest addition to our tablet portfolio, weve sought to offer a custom configured device that meets our customers on-the-go needs as well as the increased demands of todays multimedia user, says Pete Marchese, Director of Sales and Operations.

We believe that our new UB-1018 Android Tablet will appeal to customers across the Union marketplace as weve aligned The Organizer to be highly accessible and flexible to serve multiple applications and budgets, continues Marchese.

The UB-1018 is also a sleek and powerful option for Unions looking for a device that switches seamlessly from work to entertainment to social media and beyond. The slim and elegant UB-1018 sports dual cameras – 2MP on the front and 5MP with flash on the rear – as well as dual speakers on the back perfect for picture taking, uploading and storing photos, video chatting and listening to music. The large and vibrant screen, viewable from all angles, makes for an ideal television and movie viewing experience and is perfection for gamers. The UB-1018 media capabilities are bolstered by BlueRay, 3D and all Android supported audio and video formats as well as a built-in eBook Reader. The UB-1018 also offers a number of additions to optimize its performance as a connectivity tool including an IEEEE802.11 b/g/n wireless network and a substantial 3.7V 6000mAh battery that allows for more than 6 continuous hours of on or off-line work or play.

The UB-1018 is unlocked and supports all of the major frequencies in the United States, Europe and Asia 850, 1900, 2100mhz and like all Union Built PC products feature a 1 year factory warranty.

Union Built PCs new UB-1018 The Organizer Android Tablet is available now for purchase and custom configuration at a special introductory price of $ 279.00. Discounts on large orders and packages are also available.

You can shop the UB-1018 and inquire about customization by visiting , emailing or calling (877) 728-6466.



The UB-1018 The Organizer Android Tablet:

The UB-1018 The Organizer Brochure:

The UB-1018 Sales, Customization and Quantity Discount Information:


Union Built PC on Facebook:

Union Built PC on Twitter:


Union Built PC Inc. has been serving the IT needs of Labor since 2001. Union Built PCs mission is to organize Labor and help them excel in everything they do. Union Built PC believes their success is based on products and services that have been developed by Union Members and customized to meet the specific needs of their Union clientele. Thats why every member of the Union Built PC team is a Union Member.

Offering the most innovative technologies such as their new UB-1018 The Organizer Android Tablet, their new UB-7102 Small Footprint PC and their popular and powerful Grievance Manager Application, custom software that allows Labor Unions to manage the grievance process from start through arbitration; Union Built PC has singularly provided cutting edge IT innovations for Labor which focuses on the unique needs of International and Local Unions and the organizations affiliated with them.

Texas Trust Credit Union Gift to Help Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation Transport Replica Plane

Arlington, Texas (PRWEB) April 20, 2015

Texas Trust Credit Union has donated a truck to the Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation that the group will use to transport a restored half-scale F4U Corsair, a plane that it exhibits for educational purposes.

The Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation oversees some of the aerospace industry’s most prized historical artifacts. The gift from Texas Trust will help facilitate the foundation’s educational program connected with the Corsair, which Chance Vought Aircraft originally manufactured during World War II.

The Dodge Ram 1500 dual-cab truck being donated will enable the Foundation to transport the plane to events such as air shows and parades and educate the public about the history of the Corsair and about Vought’s role in the aerospace industry.

The presentation of the truck was made to more than 200 Texas-based Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation members at the foundation’s annual meeting in Grand Prairie, Texas. The keys to the truck were presented to Jim Ross, the Corsair’s caretaker and curator.

“The Corsair was one of the most impressive fighter planes ever built,” said Ross. “The foundation is thankful to Texas Trust for providing us with the means to transport the Corsair and enable us to continue educating the public about the historical significance of this great plane.”

Texas Trust Credit Union is closely aligned with the Vought Heritage Foundation. The credit union was started by Chance Vought Aircraft employees in 1936. Many of its original members had a role in manufacturing the Corsair.


-Chance Vought Aircraft is the second oldest aviation company in the industry, founded in 1917

-Chance Vought Aircraft was acquired by Northrop Grumman in 1995 with continuous operations in DFW

-Jim Ross is the curator and caretaker of the half-scale Corsair owned by the Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation

-The Corsair was the first American fighter plane to top 400 miles an hour and the first to house a 2,000 horsepower engine

-The Corsair was a major challenger to the Japanese during WWII, with 2,140 enemy aircraft destroyed in air combat

Corsairs were flown in combat by the U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy, the British Royal Navy and the New Zealand Air Force.

-Famous Corsair pilots include Lt. Col. Gregory (Pappy) Boyington, Lt. Ken Walsh, Lt. Bob Hansen, CDR Tommy Blackburn, Lt. Ira (ike) Kepford, and Col. Charles A. Lindbergh.

-Corsairs were still in active service with foreign nations 38 years after the prototype first flew in 1940

-The Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation oversees the restoration and care of a number of military aircraft, which are on display at museums throughout the country.

The Half-scale Corsair

-The replica of the F4U Corsair is half of the plane’s original size, with full instrumentation; it is 16.5 feet long with a 21-foot wingspan

-With its 100 HP Continental engine, it can be flown

-The half-scale Corsair is smaller than a Cessna or Piper Cub. It was built after the war and was never involved in combat

-The half-scale Corsair weighs approximately 840 pounds, compared to the full-scale plane that weighed 17,000 pounds

About Texas Trust Credit Union

Texas Trust, one of the largest credit unions in North Texas and the 17st largest in Texas, provides financial services that enable members to build brighter financial futures. As a full-service financial institution, Texas Trust offers checking, savings, mortgages, credit cards, CDs, Money Market accounts, IRAs, and investment and insurance services. Its business services include SBA and conventional loans, electronic payment cards, checking and money market accounts, merchant card processing, online banking, insurance and the Employee Solutions Network. With assets of $ 880 million, Texas Trust operates in Dallas, Tarrant, and Henderson counties, as well as parts of Ellis and Johnson counties. It has 15 branches in Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Hurst and Athens. Texas Trust is a federally insured financial institution. Deposits up to $ 250,000 are insured by the full faith of the federal government through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). For more information, visit

NY union boss leading revolt against mayor faces own rebellion

NY union boss leading revolt against mayor faces own rebellion
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Hours after two New York policemen were shot dead in their patrol car last month, police union boss Pat Lynch accused the mayor of having "blood on his hands." Lynch's attack was prompted by what many police officers saw as the …
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Already 4 down, West Asian contenders dropping in Australia
CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — With 10 out of 16 teams at the 2015 Asian Cup coming from the western side of the continent, the region was never going to have a better chance to dominate the tournament. Already, though, four teams are out of contention …
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Virginia governor envisions economy for state's 'new reality'
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The Kelly Companies Signs Partnership with Global eTraining, Set to Resell the Autodesk, Microsoft and over 1500 Industry & Professional Courses to Union Customers

Edmonton, AB (PRWEB) December 12, 2014

The Kelly Companies, a comprehensive service provider of printing, fulfillment, marketing, convention services, and eLearning, recently signed a partnership agreement with Global eTraining (GeT), a market-leading online training provider, to become an authorized reseller of GeTs Autodesk and Microsoft Courses as well as over 1500 Industry and Professional courses provided by RedVector.

The Kelly Companies now offers turn-key solutions for branded, preloaded Learning Management Systems, providing relevant content for each union and its members and including robust reporting capabilities. Our innovative knowledge management technology has been extremely helpful in delivering client-specific content to The Kelly Companies customers without sacrificing our proven learning methodology, remarked Susan Brattberg, CEO of Global eTraining, we are happy to be a one-stop-shop training solution for the one-stop-shop union service provider! Global eTrainings exclusive GeT Interactive technology was the 2014 SIIA CODiE Award winner for Best Corporate Learning/Workforce Development Solution.

The Kelly Companies also offers union-specific, prepackaged libraries for todays labor unions and continues to work closely with International Unions, locals, members and their affiliates to customize content for each union’s specific needs. The company was the first to bring eLearning to the unions and continues to work with unions to build custom training programs. We have created custom libraries that include union-specific content, said Danny Kelly, president of The Kelly Companies, Global eTraining has helped us ease into the role of delivering certified and up-to-date eLearning libraries to union members using the most effective, cutting-edge technology available. Course bundles range from Safety, OSHA, Project Management, Software (including Microsoft and Autodesk), to Professional Development, Building Codes and more. The courses are recognized for professional development and continued education credit by the relevant certifying bodies in North America.

The Kelly Companies has always been the ‘one stop union shop’ and is now expanding its reach further in the eLearning space to meet the demand for online, on-demand training. The Kelly Companies has been working with unions as a training provider for 40 years and is furthering its commitment to the unions training initiatives through this new partnership.

The Kelly Companies vetted the content provided by GeT and RedVector and is confident no other provider can offer anything near the same quantity of relevant content or quality of delivery and support.

Global eTraining Autodesk courses are recognized by Autodesk as equivalent to instructor-led training and can offer the Autodesk ATC (Authorized Training Center) certificate of completion. Global eTraining and its parent company, Digital School, an Autodesk Authorized Training Center has been an Autodesk partner for 18 years.

About The Kelly Companies

The Kelly Companies are a full-service, 100-percent-union shop that takes care of all your companys or organizations needs. They are leaders in the printing, fulfillment, marketing, eLearning, and convention industries. The future of the print industry is changing at a rapid pace, much faster than that of other industries. The Kelly Companies has adapted to this ever-changing world by becoming an industry leader in knowledge distribution and by opening up the digital market and online training to todays working men and women.

About Global eTraining

Global eTraining is an award-winning Canadian-based provider of comprehensive, integrated online learning solutions with over 25 years of experience in developing and delivering exceptional computer-based learning. We are a strategic training partner to some of the worlds largest and most diverse multinational design, construction and software organizations, government bodies and educational institutions, and the global leader in developing and designing training for the 21st Century. Learn skills faster. Retain knowledge longer. Apply to real-world projects better. More about Global eTraining at

About RedVector

RedVector sets the standard for excellence in online continuing education and training for the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), industrial and facility management industries and holds more than 100 state and national accreditations. RedVector offers individual courses as well as large-scale corporate training solutions. With an online library exceeding 1,500 courses authored by more than 100 subject matter experts, RedVector serves more than 200,000 AEC professionals in all 50 states. The recipient of numerous community honors and industry awards, RedVector was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.